VS·work received a pre-A round of tens of millions of RMB investment, to be a virtual space provider in the Metaverse

VS·work, the Metaverse Engine Company, recently announced the completion of the pre-A round of tens of millions of RMB financing. The lead investor is Jinyu Bogor Investment Management, and Yiwei Capital serves as the long-term exclusive financial advisor. After this round of financing, the funds will be mainly used for marketing and product iteration.

Affected by the epidemic, the risk of cancellation of offline events such as industry exhibitions has increased. Many people have begun to choose online live broadcasts and online connections to replace the introduction and linking role of exhibitions. However, there is still a gap in effect between this method and offline exhibitions.

Among them, the Metaverse Engine Company VS·work has made a new solution to solve the problem of presence of online exhibitions, so that online exhibitions can replace offline exhibitions to a certain extent.

It is understood that VS·work has developed alternative virtual spaces and collaboration tools for different offline scenarios, in preparation for the creation of a virtual universe.

In terms of specific business, VS·work is positioned as a virtual space provider, and its services to customers mainly lie in virtual space leasing.

Taking the offline exhibition scene as an example, VS·work will work with the team transformed from the offline exhibition organizer to serve the exhibition organizer and maintain the overall operation of the exhibition.

When visiting the exhibition, the virtual space can carry an unlimited number of people, and users can access the exhibition site through a computer, mobile phone or VR device.

In the current version, when visiting the exhibition, the user can see people close by, and as the user moves, the people he can meet will also change based on geographic location, just like visiting the exhibition in real life. In addition, users can also enter different floors and small exhibition halls on the spot to learn about different exhibitors, including listening to the explanations of the staff in the exhibition hall, communicating with people around them, and watching the company’s introduction videos, pictures and videos on the “wall” by themselves. PDFs, and actions like exchanging business cards with different people.

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