Vitalik shows the final form after the 5 major stages of Ethereum’s latest route

On July 21st, Buterin attended the Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) in Paris and delivered a speech on the progress of the Ethereum merger and the future roadmap of Ethereum. Blockchain development tools provider Biconomy CTO Sachin Tomar and crypto researcher Miles Deutscher concluded the speech on social networking sites. BlockBeats organizes the translation as follows.

Buterin said that Ethereum can achieve 100,000 TPS after completing 5 key stages. The 5 stages are:

The Merge;

The Surge;

The Verge;

The Purge;

The Splurge。

Vitalik shows the final form after the 5 major stages of Ethereum's latest route

The Merge

The merger refers to the merger of the Ethereum execution layer (the current mainnet) and the beacon chain (the new POS layer).

For Ethereum, this means:

1. Becoming a deflationary asset (reduced issuance);

2. Reduced energy consumption by 99%.

This upgrade is currently tentatively scheduled for September 19, 2022.

THE SURGE (2023)

Refers to the introduction of sharding on Ethereum.

Sharding is dividing the entire network of a blockchain into smaller partitions. This will significantly improve the scalability of the network.

Vitalik shows the final form after the 5 major stages of Ethereum's latest route


Introducing Verkle trees, which is “a powerful upgrade to Merkle proofs, which will have smaller space requirements for proof files”.

This will optimize storage on Ethereum and help reduce node size. Ultimately, this will help ETH improve scalability.

Vitalik shows the final form after the 5 major stages of Ethereum's latest route


Reduce the hard drive space required for validators. This eliminates historical data and bad debts.

This means storage simplification, which reduces network congestion.

Vitalik shows the final form after the 5 major stages of Ethereum's latest route


A series of miscellaneous, including “minor” upgrades, to ensure the network runs smoothly after the first 4 phases.

In addition to the 5 major stages of the new roadmap, Buterin also gave an outlook on the current problems and future development of Ethereum. Sachin Tomar summed it up as follows:

Demonstrate the relationship between L1 and L2

We are in a phase where Ethereum is empowered by rapid protocol changes. But eventually we will stop making rapid changes to the protocol and leverage systems like L2 to add more functionality to the Ethereum ecosystem.

L1 is used for safety and reliability, and L2 is used for fast iterative operations.

“Functionality escape velocity” theory: once L1 is strong enough, let L2 do the rest.
Developers need a break, and new features need time to reduce risk.

V God’s Worry

Adding support for multiple virtual machines will increase consensus complexity;

Address base layer SNARKS instead of waiting for better path design.

Made Ethereum so complex that only its developers could understand its design.


Long-term rewards require short-term pain.

For EIP-4444: Clients MUST stop serving historical headers, bodies, and receipts over a year old on the p2p layer.

Switch to Verkle tree. Probably means that Ethereum has no backward compatibility.

The current development focus should be on light clients that are easy to use, allowing anyone to run them.

Make it easy for everyone to stake in Ethereum with a smaller decentralized staking pool.

Run full nodes on lighter hardware.

long-term goals

Make Ethereum quantum resistant.

If zkEVM works well, then txn space can be created in the base layer to keep Rollup costs low.

Looking for better cryptography.

Finally keep an open mind!

Original author: Sachin Tomar, Miles Deutscher

Original compilation: 0×711, BlockBeats

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