Vitalik: I have ten big contradictions that I haven’t figured out

Following Vitalik’s public praise for Bitcoin on April 1, on May 17, 2022 Vitalik once again expressed his envy to Bitcoin. Vitalik tweeted that he would like to see Ethereum become a system more like Bitcoin, especially for long-term stability, including cultural stability.

In addition, he also disclosed ten contradictions in his thoughts and values, which he said have been thinking about and have not been fully resolved. Here are ten big contradictions that Vitalik didn’t figure out:

1. My desire to see Ethereum become a more Bitcoin-like system, especially the tension between long-term stability, including cultural stability, and my realization that achieving this requires a lot of active coordination of short-term changes.

2. I tend to be less reliant on individuals and try to build fixed systems that will stand the test of time, and there is a conflict between my appreciation of the “active player” and its role in helping the world move forward.

3. I would like to see Ethereum become an L1 capable of surviving in really extreme situations and I realize that many critical applications on Ethereum already depend on more fragile than anything we think is acceptable in the Ethereum protocol design conflict between much more security assumptions.

4. My love for things like decentralization and democracy is at odds with my realization that in practice I agree with intellectual elites rather than “the people” on many (though definitely far from all) specific policy issues.

5. I would like to see more countries adopt aggressive policy experiments (like crypto countries!) and governments that I realize are most likely to go all the way on these things are more likely to be centralized and less friendly to diversity internally , there is a contradiction between the two.

6. My desire to see more diversity in interesting cultures is similar to my realization that maintaining a culture that is different from the mainstream often seems to require some type of madness or artificial barriers or something I don’t like ideologically contradiction between things.

7. I don’t like many modern financial blockchain “apps” ($3 million monkeys, etc.) that I reluctantly recognize are an important part of keeping the cryptoeconomy running and are my favorites Pay for all the cool DAO/governance experiments.

8. The tension between my desire for cryptocurrencies to transcend the financial realm and my realization that finance (including payments + SoV) is still by far the most successful category of crypto applications, especially among third world residents, human rights activists and generally disadvantaged groups.

9. The contradiction between my desire to minimize L1 and my desire to minimize the entire ecosystem (since a simple L1 often “exports” its complexity to higher layers of the stack that the user has to adopt)

10. The conflict between my desire to be a friend who can be everyone’s friend and a mediator of “positive peace” and my desire to stand firmly for good against evil in the times we face.

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