Visiting Baidu’s “Greetings” Meta-Universe: Caton and Bugs Frequently Officially Said Currently in “Minus 6.0”

On December 27th, the 2021 Baidu AI Developers Conference was held in Baidu Metaverse product “Hirang”, which means that “Hirang” will be officially launched after a week of internal testing. It is open to all users. Users can use mobile apps and VR. All-in-one, PC desktop version client to enter the experience. Baidu stated that Greece has become “the first super venue in Metaverse that can accommodate 100,000 people interacting with one screen.”


Xiyang is another Metaverse product launched by a well-known domestic company after Rainbow Universe launched by Tianxia Show.

In order to further understand the image and experience of Hirang, the reporter of Chaincatcher downloaded the client and entered the Hirang meta-cosmic space, and found that the product did indeed create a multi-person interactive space that spans virtual and reality and lasts forever, but there are also many The bugs that need to be resolved, for example, the application often has bugs such as misalignment and unsmooth character running, and the content style is also simple and boring.

1. Have you experienced the “Silver”, the low-end version of Sims?

According to the official website, the Greek World is composed of wirelessly connected virtual spaces. Each virtual space is a unique digital city. Merchants or partners can use the Greek World APP to create an exclusive and exclusive brand world.


After the player has downloaded the Greek lands, they can choose the option of “Look at it casually” or “Create an account” to come here. After completing the landing and naming, he immediately entered the face pinching system of Greece. The face pinching system is divided into male and female options, and can generate cartoon, anthropomorphic, and realistic character images according to personal preferences. If you are not satisfied, you can also use the face and accessories to adjust the system.

It is worth mentioning that in the entire process of using the face pinching system, the ideal expectations were not reached. In the whole process of generating characters, the keys are often insensitive, and the face pinching model is rough and single. , After the generated characters entered “Hiron”, it was found that many characters have “exactly the same” faces.

After that, the two things players can do when they come to “Greece” are to visit aimlessly and participate in the Baidu Create conference.

In this space, there is a vast world. Several transparent glass columns rise straight from the ground to the sky. Buildings stand everywhere. People gather together on a platform, running around aimlessly, looking into the distance. This is the intuitive feeling of experiencing “Greetings”.

At present, the big map of the Greek world is centered on the birthplace of Creator Tower. Baidu technology interactive experience area and Baidu technology center station are located in the northwest of the big map; cultural buildings such as Sanxingdui and Shaolin Temple are located in the middle and east; Communication University of China, San Gymnasiums are distributed in the central and western regions, and the prototype of the overall layout has already appeared.


From the experience point of view, other activities such as virtual character creation, multi-scene movement, real-time dialogue and social interaction exist in the Greek world, and users can also set to hear the voices of other characters within 5 meters. But from the overall experience point of view, whether it is Greek character design or interaction, the fineness of layout, etc., it has not yet reached the mature stage and is still in its infancy.

At the conference site, perhaps due to too many participants, there will often be slow loading and freezing. If you choose a close-up lens, the speaker Robin Li’s lens is quite blurry.


After opted out of the venue, all users will appear in the same specific area, so there will also be situations where the bodies of many users overlap. In the process of wandering outside the venue, the phenomenon of mold-piercing often occurs, that is, the body penetrates buildings and land that should not be penetrated.


It is worth mentioning that if the “social Metaverse” shows less immersion than 3D mobile games, then what is the meaning of the Metaverse? Remember that Roblox mentioned in the prospectus the eight essential elements of a mature Metaverse: low latency, immersion, diversity, everywhere, economy, identity, and friends. civilization. It can be seen that the above-mentioned experience screenshots are contrary to it.

Regarding Greece’s alleged excessive bugs and single scenes, Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu, said that after more than a year of development and testing, Greece’s version number is still a negative number, and there are still many imperfections. It is far from ours. The envisaged goal still has huge room for growth. He regards Greece as a “minus 6.0 version” Metaverse product, that is to say, this product will not be perfect and officially launched until 6 years later.

At present, the primary version of the “Xiyang” APP is available for users to download in the Huawei App Store and Apple App Store. But judging from the app market scores, the initial version of “Greetings” scores are not high. In the App Store, netizens gave a rating of 3.1. There are currently 429 people in the Huawei App Market who have rated it. The current overall rating is only 2 points.

For Baidu, today’s social Metaverse is just “crossing the river by feeling the stones.”

2. Metaverse products such as “Hirang” will have to “fly for a while”

At the 2021 Baidu Marketing Summit held on December 23, Baidu Marketing proposed to deploy in the future scenarios such as Metaverse, and reconstruct the marketing scenario of “people and goods market”. Through Baidu Metaverse, based on Baidu Xiyang, Baidu VR industrialization platform is fully upgraded, and the brand can be connected to the future scenes.

At present, Baidu Marketing has launched three major initiatives: one is to release the “Starlight Plan” selected by degrees, and to assist corporate content marketing through 10+ billion traffic, creator training camps, etc.; the second is to upgrade the “Jimuyu” smart merchant operating platform, and the third is Upgrade the marketing management platform.

At the same time, Ding Zhigang, general manager of Baidu Virtual Reality, said at the meeting, “Through Greece, we can move the stage from traffic acquisition to user conversion to content co-construction into the Metaverse.”

On the official website of Greece, some specific application scenarios are also listed, including VR education, VR marketing, VR cloud exhibition, VR training, and VR industrial park. It can be seen that the focus of this landing will be on the B-side business.

But obviously, it is still too early for the primary version of Greece to assume the heavy responsibility of the official B-side business. Building a mature Metaverse community requires more world, manpower and material resources.

Baidu Vice President Ma Jie mentioned that “Currently, Metaverse has a series of technical bottlenecks. Vision, hearing and interaction are the three mountains in front of us.” It can be seen that the challenges brought about by technical difficulties are very large.

In fact, the current Greek version is only a test product of Baidu, and Internet products are a process of continuous polishing and optimization. In the future, no one knows whether Greece can bring a new dimension of experience. But from release to experience, Greece needs to listen to the voice of users and make the next adjustment.

When the opening of Metaverse came, Baidu took the first to come up with the Hirong App, hoping to become a representative of opening the domestic Metaverse. However, judging from the current technical hardware strength of Baidu and the fierce competition among peers, no one can predict whether Baidu will become Winner.

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