Virtual idols in nightclubs

Is it considered illegal employment of “child labor”?

Will a bionic person dream of an electronic sheep? When a virtual idol shakes milk in a nightclub, will he sing “Dancing Girl’s Tears” in his heart? When I saw a virtual idol dancing in a nightclub in Wuxi, countless weird thoughts flooded into the mind of Hard Candy. 

It’s not that I don’t know how science and technology are changing day by day. There are more and more virtual idols on beverage bottles and snack bags; Lehua’s virtual idols are in the limelight at Station B; Liu Yexi, a virtual beauty expert who can catch demons, gained 5 million fans on Douyin videos. But this is a top-tier game, what are more virtual idols doing? 

Work offline. As a tour guide, a cabinet sister, and a bar atmosphere group, the virtual person also needs to be a social animal in the workplace . A thousand Hamlet has a thousand meta-universes, and all a thousand meta-universes are workers’ meta-universes. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

Tang Ru (pseudonym) operates in a virtual technology company. Last year, she complained to Hard Candy Jun that the digital talent draft is a game of the rich second generation. “Royal Family” comes with its own topic, and you can record a few more on the stage of the performance. Players with no resources can only rely on the rollover site to make some fun, pure cannon fodder. 

Debut without hope, virtual people can only go to e-commerce, live broadcast, and short video to support their families. The virtual idol of Tang Ru’s family also worked as a brand assistant. After several months of night shifts, “the commission was less than three thousand.” 

But by this year, job opportunities for virtual idols have increased significantly. Although I have not been an idol, most of them are businessmen, and they can work hard to get rich. 

At nightclubs, black jobs

At the end of October, taking advantage of a business trip in Wuxi, Mr. Hard Candy and his friends went to a bar to “inspect the local entertainment market.” When an unknown virtual idol appeared on the big screen in the center of the bar, he immediately gave a fragrant performance for nearly ten seconds. The atmosphere of the scene was instantly ignited, and we were completely shocked. 

After returning to Beijing, hard candy is still king of the scene that obsessed not forget to find Tang Ru inquire about virtual idol fallen dust of gossip. She has already seen no surprises, saying that the operation of making digital people an atmosphere is not new, and it is especially common in entertainment venues in second and third-tier cities. 

“It’s safe and convenient.” Young people go to bars and nightclubs to have fun. In the earlier stores, there were not a lot of handsome men and women twisting their hips, undressing, and wiping sideballs. 

However, it is easy for real people to be reported and rectified when they are in battle. Nowadays, regular places dare not commit crimes against the wind. In this case, virtual idols have become a new carrier of soft pornographic performances, which greatly reduces risks and can also give young people a certain sense of freshness.

According to Tang Ru, these performance videos are often pirated and moved in entertainment venues without the official authorization of the copyright owner. Some large scales may also be synthesized through face-changing software. “Virtual idols are forced to work illegally, and the company can’t get the appearance fee.”

Virtual idols in nightclubs

The management of offline copyrights is quite difficult. The sinking market is especially outside the range. The company has nothing to do even if it sees its children become showgirls. However, the industry has already noticed this demand and is trying to develop functional digital humans to serve as an atmosphere group in entertainment venues. 

“These applications have no technical content, do not require bone binding, dynamic capture, and do not require space or scenes. Take a ready-made digital person to make some dancing and singing videos, and a mobile phone can play and operate, thousands of pieces. Use the authorization fee as you like.” Tang Ru introduced. But even Wumart cheap, there are few stores also take the initiative to purchase this service, free of piracy is too incense. 

With no one to pay the bill, relevant companies had no choice but to resort to tactics and create customized virtual people to serve higher-end brands and markets. Earlier, the virtual sound musicianship people Prob label No LEM had launched a virtual DJ Purple, and joint team to create well-known visual live performances. Purple walked from the screen to the dance floor, scratching the accompaniment to the audience, which is indeed a bit interesting. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

In this highly immersive performance mode, the digital person occupies the dominant position on the scene, and must be supported by technology and design to ensure the completion and provide a comfortable visual experience as much as possible. Where the development cost is , the appearance fee of the virtual person must not be low. Small shops with no budget can’t afford to climb high, and only rich and powerful brands will try their best at anniversaries and annual meetings. 

But in Tang Ru’s view, the career of digital people’s atmosphere group is still very imaginative, especially in Livehouse . First, it is the young group that really accepts and likes virtual idols, which is also the core audience of livehouse. Secondly, unlike traditional bars and discos, these venues have professional performance space and equipment, which makes it easier to show the unique charm of digital people and bring consumers a more extreme audio-visual experience. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

In fact, many technology companies are incubating virtual singers and DJs in order to allow them to independently control more performance methods, such as adjusting the style of music and dancing according to the atmosphere of the scene. And after watching the young lady shaking milk in the air, Jun Tang is now looking forward to a close dance with the virtual handsome bartender on the dance floor. 

Busy at work, seeking stability

Parents’ beloved sons have far-reaching plans. Parents hope that their children have a stable job, and virtual people are no exception. 

It is better to find a decent job if you make less money by showing up in a bar, and if you accidentally ruin your reputation, it is better to find a decent job. If you can get into the system, that would be the best. 

Aegis is the “system” of the virtual person. After the epidemic, live broadcasts with goods broke out, and digital people also quickly entered the e-commerce battlefield, and they are still active here today. Last year, even the top-level virtual singer Luo Tianyi also sold home appliances, daily chemicals, and skin care products. The number of online viewers reached 2.7 million. The topic of #洛天依90万天价洞位费超老罗# was once on the whole network. Set off a heated discussion. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

Just like the live anchors, the 28th effect of the virtual anchors is also quite obvious, and the income gap between the echelons is huge. Four digital people under Tang Ru’s company have tried the delivery business, and they are mainly responsible for supporting the brand late at night. According to her description, the essence is to do outsourced work, and there is no independent live broadcast room, but “employees” are seconded to the brand. Therefore, there is no pit fee, and the income is usually calculated as a commission. “No one places an order in the middle of the night and can’t make a lot of money.” 

Seeing Luo Tianyi, Le Zhengling and other celebrities also come to the live broadcast to bring goods, it is more and more difficult for ordinary digital people to make money in the live broadcast. Some small companies have begun to shift their business focus to offline, developing toward shopping malls and physical stores. 

“Now there are almost all intelligent systems in shopping malls. We can provide personalized services for clothing stores, game halls, and restaurants, such as digital people trying on, so that consumers can intuitively feel the upper body effect of clothes. Especially in first-tier cities, we often do flash , There are more collaboration scenes in the interaction of stalls than before.” 

But compared to shopping guides in shopping malls, Tang Ru hopes that his children will find a full-time job in the travel industry, and their status and income will increase visibly.

Two or three years ago, only virtual idols with their own traffic were qualified to act as cultural spokespersons. For example, Xingtong won the Changsha Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Ambassador. However, there are too few truly famous virtual idols, and it is difficult to cover more cities and scenic spots with high-quality resources. Now local governments are beginning to cooperate with related companies to jointly create localized virtual images. 

The Jiulongkou Scenic Area has incubated Miss Rose, and simultaneously launched the “Wonderland Impression” experience product, allowing her to act as a guide to introduce and explain the ecological landscape to tourists. In Suzhou, there is a virtual girl Su Su, who specializes in offline resident performances. Through the combination of sound, light and real scenes, tourists are guided to shuttle between virtual and reality. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

But to be honest, this type of service is still in the exploratory stage, and the overall market feedback is average. However, in Tang Ru’s view, despite the lack of nodal outbreaks, the development trend is still considerable. Not only first- and second-tier cities, but also scenic spots and museums in third- and fourth-tier cities are actively introducing virtual guides. “The industry is in the process of discovering and solving problems, and technological innovation will bring more breakthroughs and surprises.” 

In addition, trendy professions such as tutoring, companion reading, and exhibition officer are also becoming popular among virtual hunters. The monitor Xiao Ai created by Xugu Future Technology is positioned to be the first virtual children’s reading promoter in China, targeting users in preschool and lower grades of elementary school. Xu Xingyou, who was hatched on the left hand basket, was once an exhibition officer at the Asian Digital Art Exhibition, accompanying tourists to witness the art of light and shadow… 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

The type of digital human who continues to iterate has gradually removed the label of otaku culture. In addition to emotional value, functional value has become more prominent, and has even become the focus of technological breakthroughs . Several operators asserted to Hard Candy that, ideally, virtual humans can do everything in the human workplace and find alternative areas. 

Afraid, will virtual idols write? 

Up close, want to shake hands

Digital people will never collapse, which is the most troublesome sentence for Tang Ru. My friend, the times have changed and the circle has changed . If the virtual idol does not operate well, it will also cause fans to turn off fans, and the agency will still be besieged and forced. 

In the past, the relationship between virtual idols and users was close and far away. When the virtual idol Hatsune Miku was born, the prototype was just a sound source library for speech synthesis technology. She established the incubation model of virtual idols, fans directly participate in the creation, and share and spread online. 

Under this relationship, “I support idols” becomes “I make idols”, which meets the needs of young people who pursue individuality, freedom and voice. But on the other hand, the interactive nature of this experience is relatively shallow, and it is more a one-way emotional output of the user, without the pleasure of two-way rushing. Hatsune Miku and Luo Tianyi have held many concerts, and their interaction with fans is still very limited. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

Around 2016, virtual anchors quickly won thousands of favors by being able to communicate with users in real time . In just two or three years, in Japan alone, the number of virtual anchors has exceeded 10,000. China has also entered the stage of pioneering virtual idols, with Ali, Baidu , and B Station joining the battle. 

In this process, virtual idols are operating more and more frequently, striving to narrow the distance with fans and users, and deepen mutual emotional bonds. Virtual idols and teams represented by K/DA maintain uninterrupted business daily, release albums, shoot magazines, and receive endorsements. The work is really no less than that of real stars, and the level of professionalism is shocking. 

Up to now, the fight for works and endorsements can be said to be the past, and the flames of war have spread from online to offline. Tang Ru told Hard Candy Jun that nowadays a slightly famous virtual idol has to plan several concerts and meet-ups every year, so that fans can get in touch and feel up close, thereby creating a sense of identity and dependence. 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

In the middle of the year, Lehua Entertainment ’s virtual idol girl group A-SOUL held its first offline event. The crowd was crowded, and the scene of hardcore male fans showing their love was particularly spectacular. Since then, the girl group has also appeared frequently in comic exhibitions and theme exhibitions, and its popularity has continued to soar. 

After the traditional meeting, Tang Ru told Hard Candy that the agency will look for more unique operation methods around the concept of “close distance”, and give back to fans in the form of handshake meetings, small theaters, etc., fortunately to share in the fierce market. To as many cakes as possible. 

This is highly similar to the model of a live-action idol group. If there is a breakthrough in technology, can we arrange the hugs and kneadings that have been criticized at the beginning? If, I mean if! There is going to be a close contact virtual handsome guy group in China, Hard Candy Guy really wants to try… 

Virtual idols in nightclubs

Of course, in addition to selling to fans, there are more and more virtual idols serving brands. When superstars such as Ye Xiu, Wei Wuxian, Luo Tianyi first took over their endorsements, simple image authorization can activate fans’ enthusiasm for buying. Nowadays, brands will require deeper bundling with virtual spokespersons in order to stimulate users’ thresholds for continuous improvement. 

The most interesting case that Tang Ru has heard is that a snack brand plans to sign a virtual spokesperson. The supporting operation plan includes a concert ticket lottery-that is, if fans buy enough cards, they will have a chance to get a chance to enter the venue. Hey, isn’t it just the game of buying milk and voting again! 

It is worth noting that young fans in first- and second-tier cities have enough opportunities to come into contact with virtual idols and are not interested in all landing activities. In the third- and fourth-tier cities, the freshness of the virtual idol’s end platform is extremely high, and the response is usually beyond expectations. Tang Ru’s unfamiliar digital person became a popular star when he stood on the opening stage of a small city shopping mall. 

It seems that it is never clear whether it is true red or false fire, which is also an advantage of the large group of virtual idols. 

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