Virtual digital people also play Web3.0

In 2021, the rise of virtual digital humans under the concept of Metaverse. Concerts, variety shows, endorsements, catwalks, talk shows, short dramas, live broadcasts… The “eighteen martial arts” virtual digital people have attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of traffic, corporate focus, and capital pursuit. With the rapid increase in living needs and the application of smartphones and consumer-grade VR hardware, the development of virtual digital humans has entered a fast lane. Currently, virtual anchors can even be seen in the live broadcast rooms of e-commerce live broadcasts.

At the same time, with the sound of the horn of Web3.0 and the arrival of the east wind, the virtual digital human seems to be given a higher-level meaning, from the auxiliary role of “tool empowerment” in the Web2.0 world to an indispensable role in the Web3.0 world. The missing key puzzles and scene entrances are constantly evolving in value.However, under the two environmental orders of Web2.0 and Web3.0, in which direction will the virtual digital human evolve? What kind of business model does it grow?

Meet the virtual digital people

From a technical point of view, virtual digital human can be understood as the creation of computer graphics, speech synthesis technology, deep learning, brain-inspired science, biotechnology, computing science and other aggregated technologies, and has the appearance, behavior, thoughts and characteristics of “human”. Interactive avatars of values. The difference between virtual digital humans and robots and bionic humans is that the former only exists in the form of data, while the latter two have real carriers. Generally speaking, the category of digital human includes virtual human, and the category of virtual human includes virtual digital human.

Virtual digital people also play Web3.0

The concept of virtual digital human was born earlier. As early as 1982, Lin Mingmei, the world’s first virtual idol, was born. After nearly 20 years of development, with the initial arrival of the Internet era, the first one made in Japan was widely recognized. The idol Hatsune Miku; and after nearly 15 years of development, with the breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology and game engine technology, the virtual digital human has finally entered the right track of development. Its landmark event is the world’s first AI jointly released by Sogou and Xinhua News Agency. Synthetic female anchors, up to now, virtual digital people have 18 kinds of martial arts such as concerts, variety shows, endorsements, catwalks, talk shows, skits, and live broadcasts.

At present, the existing technical framework of virtual digital human can be basically summarized as “five horizontal and two vertical”. “Five horizontals” refer to the five major technical modules used for the production and interaction of virtual digital humans, which are character generation, character expression, synthetic display, recognition and perception, and analysis and decision-making. Among them, character expression includes voice generation and animation generation, and animation generation includes two parts: driving and rendering. “Two verticals” refers to 2D and 3D digital humans, in which 3D digital humans need to additionally use 3D modeling technology to generate digital images. Due to the increase in the dimension of information, the required amount of calculation is larger.

At present, there is a certain market demand for virtual digital people, but there is still a huge space for exploration in the business model. Yu Jianing, executive director of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, said in an interview with a reporter from China Central Broadcasting Network that at present, virtual digital people are roughly divided into service virtual people and identity virtual people in the industry. Service avatars can provide services in specific scenarios and can replace social roles in many service industries, such as corporate employees, hosts, medical consultants, housekeepers, etc.; identity avatars are more inclined to re-establish a new virtual image, And it has landed in entertainment games and other fields, such as idol-type virtual people, live-streaming virtual people, etc., but no matter which type, its business model is too simple, either to reduce costs and increase efficiency by doing customer service, or to earn traffic by rewarding .

Virtual Digital Human in Web3.0 Environment

In the Web 2.0 era, users are controlled by the Internet platform while contributing traffic. Relying on blockchain technology, Web 3.0, which has the characteristics of no trust and decentralization, will break this phenomenon and return the control of data and privacy to users. This feature also makes Web 3.0 widely favored by the market and capital. Globally, Internet giants are scrambling to deploy the Web 3.0 field. In the Web3.0 track, a large number of entrepreneurial projects have emerged in the fields of social networking, music, writing, finance, etc., and these industries are also highly compatible with the application scenarios of virtual digital humans.

In the current and foreseeable push stack for building Web3.0: blockchain, Metaverse, encrypted assets, DAO, and NFT are all indispensable and important components, and virtual digital people, as identity carriers, may become shuttle link elements Links and entrances in various fields such as universe, DAO, NFT, etc. As Tim Sweeney, CEO of well-known game developer Epic Games, said; the Metaverse will be an unprecedented large-scale participatory medium, where all users can participate, create, share and profit from it, while the user’s virtual digital avatar (Avatar) can freely shuttle between different platforms, and everyone will have their own universal identity and universal wallet, which will also be the value evolution path of the virtual digital person in the “future progress”.

Virtual digital people also play Web3.0

In fact, it is very easy to understand that everyone regards the virtual digital human as a testing ground and an outpost for Web3.0. Taking the virtual digital human as the “anchor point”, going up is the Metaverse, opening up the interface between digital and reality, and entering the Metaverse status symbol. Going horizontally, combining NFT and DAO can generate new value effects and IP effects, which also allows the ownership of assets and data to belong to individuals, with conditions and possibilities for realization.

It is worth mentioning that relying on the virtual digital human ecology created by the UGC community, it may be combined with DAO to generate a new business model in the future, so that ecological participants can share the IP growth dividend. An organizational form that is run and managed by the community through a transparent decision-making process. Every content creation on the DAO can be traced on the chain, open and transparent, and the contribution value can be measured. Everyone is both a creator of value and a share of value. This kind of positive circulation token incentive model and community autonomy mechanism provides a rich “fertile ground” for the creation of virtual content.

However, in the world of Web3.0, the virtual digital human industry is still faced with how to ensure the security and credibility of the identity and establish a traceable distributed digital identity system? Issues such as public opinion bubbles and ethical constraints may become hidden worries, and the “uncanny valley” effect is also worth vigilant. How to establish the code of conduct for digital people? How should the standard of life be measured? These are the challenges for the future of virtual digital humans.

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