Viewpoint: Ethereum is the infrastructure of Metaverse, all roads will lead to Ethereum

Facebook, Microsoft, Nike…

The world’s largest brand is turning to Meta Universe. However, there is no doubt that these companies do this precisely because of their brands.

We wonder here whether they really apply to an open meta-universe, just like the current elements of the Ethereum community.

But these big brands should realize that Ethereum is the meta-universe infrastructure, and ETH is the meta-universe currency. If they want to strike a balance between their business goals and the need to open the meta-universe, then all roads will pass through Ethereum.

Ethereum: Towards an open meta-universe

Crypto investor Ryan Sean Adams said of cryptocurrency earlier today that “users are rebelling against the feudal lords of the Internet.”

Mixing DeFi, NFT, L2, and DAO together, it is clear that we are also fighting against feudal lords in coordination, culture, and finance.

These new possibilities are beginning to attract mainstream attention, just as Ethereum took the lead in entering the era of modular blockchain, positioning it to support the widespread mainstream adoption of the open garden of the encrypted economy.

These realities are also becoming more and more prominent, because human beings are racing to the meta-universe to find new virtual entertainment and work areas.

Of course, we still seem to be in the first scene of this broader meta-universe lateral migration. At this point, for the sake of simplicity, what most people call a meta universe is actually many different virtual worlds and meta galaxies.

“My argument: Ethereum (L2s, DeFi, NFTs, etc.) is a socio-economic infrastructure that can best connect the meta galaxy into an open meta universe over time-Bankless author William M. Peaster”

Viewpoint: Ethereum is the infrastructure of Metaverse, all roads will lead to Ethereum

Many of us here worry that Facebook or Microsoft’s “meta universe” is really just a closed garden VR world. Their meta-universe will not provide users with the same freedom and guarantees as the open meta-universe alternative solutions. This will become another isolated corporate stage for big brands, just to attract users and take advantage of them.

In summary, I think Ethereum is the best infrastructure for us to connect the super galaxy into an open super universe.

With ETH, we have a native meta-universe currency. With the new progress of Ethereum L2 in terms of effectiveness, it will soon support billions of users. With DeFi and NFT, we have a reliable and neutral infrastructure that connects super galaxies with common, interoperable cultural and economic barriers.

ETH is the meta-universe currency, and Ethereum is the meta-universe infrastructure, but it does not intend to financialize every corner and gap of the meta-universe. Rather, it is about supporting an open meta-universe through the possibility of cultural and economic exchanges that are not dominated by a company or country from beginning to end.

All kinds of people are needed to build an open meta-universe. The open meta universe is suitable for all kinds of people. As Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT promote arbitrary programmability, these technologies will support various meta-universe communities and projects in the coming years. This is a great idea, that is, meta-universal freedom.

Before that, we still have a lot of work to do, and we need to form alliances with experts in other related fields (such as WebXR). However, if we can do this, we can ensure that the open metaverse is our future, not a corporate-led metaverse company .

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