Vice President of Sales at Epic Games: Unreal Engine is the backbone of Metaverse technology

Vice President of Sales at Epic Games: Unreal Engine is the backbone of Metaverse technology

Game engine technology is entering film and television, automotive and other fields across industries

As the game industry is booming, engines are naturally evolving.

Players are increasingly eager for high-quality 3A masterpieces, and game makers are also using engine technology innovation to improve the efficiency of making games and produce high-quality works to enrich the game experience of players.

Nathan Thomas, vice president of sales for Unreal Engine, believes that Unreal Engine has been deeply involved in the gaming business. In the past, many studios liked to use self-developed engines when developing new games. However, with the continuous iteration of Unreal Engine, it can bring developers the advantages of simplified game development process and high quality.

Currently, 47% of console games on the market use Unreal Engine to develop games. In the future, more and more game manufacturers will use Unreal Engine.

Nathan Thomas believes that the three revolutionary functions in UE5 are Niagara (particle basic parameters and modules), Nanite (virtual geometry system), and Lumen (dynamic global illumination).

These three revolutionary functions allow the game to develop higher-quality art graphics, rendering more realistic real scenes and lighting effects.

In addition to the game business, Metaverse is also the focus of market attention, sweeping the entire technology industry. To promote the development of the meta universe, 3D digital content and 3D social media are indispensable. The virtual social media requires users to achieve 3D interaction through high-quality digital humans.

Thomas believes that if people want to create a second world and improve the quality of user experience, they need to make high-quality realistic mannequins. Game engines are always the backbone of supporting technology.

After the keynote speech session, Wu Hao, general manager of Epic Games Greater China, communicated with the core members of the team. They summarized the pioneering achievements in the game and non-game fields.

The marketing department held a player-oriented Unreal Engine Carnival in July, allowing Unreal Engine to become more deeply rooted in players’ hearts. The commercial department signed many projects and customers to witness the transformation of the development team.

Business departments outside the game field have summarized three points: First, there are currently more than 100 UE animation dramas; second, virtual shooting is catching up; third, Epic Service Partner is cooperating with UE to organize companies to benefit the entire industry. And service. Especially in the automotive field, Epic Games hopes to bring the engine into the digital cabin of the car.

The following is the full text of the speech by Nathan Thomas, vice president of sales for Epic Games Unreal Engine, with some editing:

Hi everyone, I’m Nathan Thomas, Vice President of Sales for Unreal Engine. I am very happy to talk to you about the engine today. I want to give you an update on how our customers use Unreal Engine and talk about the direction of Unreal Engine development from a technical point of view. Any discussion about Unreal Engine needs to start with the game.

For more than 20 years, Unreal Engine has been helping developers create the highest quality 3A games. This experience and customer involvement helped us continue to improve the engine quickly, focusing on making the best games and simplifying the development process. As a result, more and more 3A revenues are based on Unreal Engine.

In the past, new game studios may consider building their own engines for new games or series of games. But considering the features of Unreal Engine and the partnership Epic brings to our customers, this is becoming less common.
By using Unreal Engine, it provides users with an environment that enables them to get the most interactive and immersive experience. PS5 and Xbox are growing at a strong rate. Despite the supply challenges, Unreal

Engine provides a way for multiple game platforms to provide developers with access to these platforms for creative projects.

Although we are proud of what our customers have done on these platforms and PCs with Unreal Engine 4, we continue to innovate the engine quickly, and we are preparing to release Unreal Engine 5.

UE5 adopts a stable capability foundation. We have continuously accumulated experience in the past 20 years and expanded it to simplify the developer experience, unleash the latest hardware features, be more creative, and create new experiences for users. I would like to specifically mention 3 revolutionary functions, namely Niagara (particle basic parameters and modules), Nanite (virtual geometry system), and Lumen (dynamic global illumination).

Nanite, our next-generation virtual intelligent geometry system, allows developers to effortlessly implement millions of polygonal models in their scenes. This allows you to worry less about optimization and create the beautiful open world experience you envision. Lumen is a fully dynamic global lighting and reflection system in Unreal Engine 5 that can maintain lighting in real time without worrying about light baking.

Niagara is the next-generation visual effects system of Unreal Engine. Technical artists can create additional functions on their own without the help of programmers. It can create high-quality visual effects without investing a lot of time and resources.

Unreal Engine has a large number of users among game developers, but we continue to see areas where Unreal Engine is used outside of games. Industries such as construction, engineering, simulation, and other industries are all using it to achieve a faster time to market and a richer experience.

I want to talk about two special areas today. We see Unreal Engine increasingly used in the virtual production of movies, TV and animation, as well as human-machine interfaces like car screens.

For decades, film, television, and animation producers have been using computer graphics in their productions, but virtual production is a shift from using only CG and post-production or final synthesis of pixels.

The technology of displaying CG scenes on the LED wall, these scenes are shot as the background of movies and TV shows. Real-time rendering for animated movies and TV shows. These functions are implemented by Unreal Engine. This transformation revolutionized production, opened up more creative control, allowed new content pipelines, allowed easier remote collaboration, and freed up the reuse of art assets across productions and even revenue.

As I said, the growth of virtual production is unstoppable. More than 100 new virtual production bases are under construction around the world, and more projects are launched every day. These features focus on easier integration with virtual production technology.

Another application of Unreal Engine that I want to talk about today is the human-machine interface. The man-machine interface is just a way for the user to interact with the computer. With Unreal Engine, it is possible to transform these interfaces into a fully interactive three-dimensional experience. The automotive industry is one of the places we see the most interest in this Unreal Engine application. The automotive industry has used Unreal Engine for visualization in its engineering teams and brand promotion activities in its marketing and sales teams.
Unreal Engine is now used in the car as a direct interaction with the driver and passengers. I believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution. In terms of automotive entertainment, our automotive partners are helping to promote their revolution by realizing 3D experiences in real time, shifting to electric vehicles, more powerful client hardware and autonomous driving. Unreal Engine focuses more on comprehensive automotive entertainment and management experience.

One of the core concepts we are discussing today is innovation. The focus of engine innovation is to help creators achieve the highest quality results with the least amount of work.

I want to highlight another major innovation recently launched by Epic Games, that is, when creators are building revenue and interactive experiences, they often find that they want realistic mannequins for users to participate. However, the cost of creating high-quality virtual characters is often prohibitive.

MetaHuman Creator is a cloud service that allows you to set the parameters of the digital twin and create your own model, which you can import to use directly in the UE engine. This has started to completely change the game and

The quality of experience creators in his industry, they are also a step towards the meta-universe.

Today, we watched games, we watched movies, animations, and we also watched man-machine interfaces. At their core are Unreal Engine as a means of creating 3D digital content and real-time.

If you use the Unreal engine, it means that these content ideas can be used in a variety of ways. This is also a step on the way to the meta-universe.

At the simplest level, this thing is all about sharing experiences compared to any real-time 3D social media. We believe that Metaverse is first established on an open foundation, that is, the idea of ​​creating output content and experience. It also means being open, allowing creators to participate in business through the modernization of compelling content and experiences, not just monetization.

The meta universe must include a powerful social platform. The meta-universe must enable interaction between participants. First, the ability to create real-time 3D content and interact with users is required. Today, Epic Games is building part of it at Fortnite Creative, but we are also implementing it with the UE engine.

As you can see, cars and movies with human-machine interface supported by Unreal will be injected into the meta-universe experience and connect users in a revolutionary new way.

Therefore, whether you want to build the next great 3D experience now or not, we are all considering how to prepare your business for the future. thanks. I hope you have a good experience on the open day.

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