Various localities are pushing the “chain length system” blockchain to make the industrial chain safer and more reliable

Currently, various regions are further improving the chain length policy. According to incomplete statistics, Hubei, Jilin, Gansu, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other places have introduced chain length systems.

The “chain length system” means that the main leaders of each region are in charge, each is in charge of an industrial chain, and the comprehensive coordination advantages of the main local leaders are used to ensure the integrity, stability and development of each industrial chain at a higher level.

With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the security situation of my country’s industrial chain and supply chain is not optimistic. In particular, the unreasonable suppression of Chinese technology companies by some countries has made the security and stability of the industrial supply chain more important.

The chain length system in various places is one of the countermeasures. The chain length system in some cities is trying to form an interactive situation where multiple chains resonate at the same frequency .

For example, the “Key Points of the City’s Industrial Chain Chain Length System in 2021” issued by Yichun, Jiangxi, clearly proposes to support “chain master” enterprises to increase their investment in innovation, and strive to solve the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises lacking funds to buy equipment and insufficient R&D capabilities. The “Notice on 25 Measures for Zhumadian Financial Industry to Support the High-Quality Development of the Real Economy” issued by Zhumadian, Henan proposes to implement the financial chain chain length system for more than 10 “chain master” enterprises in combination with the chain length system.

In the future, as competition in biomedicine, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, new materials and other fields becomes more and more fierce, my country must strive for first-mover advantage and leading position, maintain a strong industrial chain competitiveness in technology, and firmly grasp The key core technology is in our own hands, and we continue to focus on digital intelligence, accelerate the promotion and application of new technologies represented by blockchain, accelerate the digital transformation of industries, and ensure that the development of related industries is always at the forefront of the global digital industry chain supply chain.

Under the chain length system

Highlight that my country’s industrial chain is still weak

In the face of increasing external uncertainties, the chain length system in various regions has been launched one after another. While solving some problems in the industrial chain, it also allows us to see that the current industrial chain in China still has problems with a weak foundation and low level , especially in Continued efforts are needed in areas such as trust establishment, product traceability, and information asymmetry.

One is the aspect of trust building . There are many participants in the industry chain, and there is often competition among member companies on the chain, which makes it difficult to obtain real data for some companies and often leads to an overall decline in the competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a trust mechanism between enterprises at the nodes of the industrial chain.

The second aspect is product traceability . In the course of the operation of the industrial chain, huge and complex information is intertwined, making the traceability of problem products an old and difficult problem. Taking the agricultural industry chain as an example, due to the staged characteristics of my country’s agriculture, it is difficult to solve the problem of traceability of agricultural products. Fortunately, the country is aware of this problem. On October 19, the revised draft of the Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Law was submitted to the 31st meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress for deliberation. One of the key contents of the draft is to establish the quality and safety of edible agricultural products. The traceability system allows the traceability of agricultural products in the future to have laws to follow, which will greatly improve the food safety level of the people.

The third aspect is information asymmetry . Globalization is still unstoppable, and the globalization of the industrial chain has also become a major trend. However, in the current globalization, information sharing in the supply chain has not yet been fully opened up, and it is in a state of segregation, leading to the widespread existence of information islands. Especially under the influence of the current epidemic, the problem of economic stagnation in some countries and economies has become prominent, which has further magnified the shortcomings of information asymmetry and caused considerable harm to the industrial chain.

Blockchain blessing

Let the industry chain have more advantages

Today, as an infrastructure technology supporting the digital economy, blockchain technology has technical characteristics such as distributed shared ledger , openness and transparency , tamper-proof , traceability, etc., which fits well with the multi-trusted entities, multi-party collaboration, and high-frequency transactions in the industrial chain. , The characteristics of complete business logic, etc., have a lot to do in building a superior industrial chain with strong competitiveness and influence.

The first is to empower the establishment of trust among entities in the industry chain . After transforming the industrial chain with blockchain technology, benefiting from the non-tamperable, traceable, and highly transparent features of blockchain technology, it achieves the goal of preventing data loss, tampering and forgery risks, helping customers, companies and other roles on the chain at any time Tracking the underlying data, effectively establishing a mutual trust mechanism, and realizing the credit transmission and penetration of the industrial chain.

Moreover, under the design of the chain length system in various regions, leading enterprises are generally selected as the “chain master enterprises” of the industry chain, and they will give full play to their leading and leading role. After the digital transformation of the industrial chain through blockchain technology, the credit of the “chain owner enterprise” on the industrial chain can be extended and passed on to the small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed individuals in the industrial chain, effectively solving the problem of weak trust of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, and realizing the industry The chain is functioning well.

The second is to facilitate the rapid traceability of products in the industry chain . In the form of a consortium chain, the product data of industry chain enterprises can be collected and stored in the database. The data is classified and processed and uploaded to the blockchain. All parties participate in the accounting. The confirmed data can be permanently stored on the blockchain. . After the blockchain is empowered, the products on the industrial chain can be identified by the QR code, which can accurately find out the identity information such as the location of origin, product characteristics, and the quality alliance to which it belongs. Once there is a problem with the product of an enterprise on the chain, it can be traced to the source quickly, which greatly simplifies the traceability process and improves the traceability efficiency.

The third is to realize the sharing of industrial chain development information . During the development of the chain length system, all localities are focusing on the development direction of emerging industries. Although the original intentions of various regions are good, if information cannot be shared, there will be repeated investment and waste of resources, which can be said to be more than worth the loss. After being empowered by blockchain technology, its distributed information storage and private key protection mechanism can realize the transparency, openness and sharing of industry chain development information while protecting the privacy of business secrets, forming a product information flow As the main body, the information structure supported by business flow, logistics and capital flow can eliminate the factors of information asymmetry, allowing each region to determine the leading industries based on their respective industrial foundations and comparative advantages, and avoid duplication, competition and waste to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the involvement of the blockchain also enables the sharing of product information on the chain, which helps to build a modern industrial chain system, solves a series of entropy activities on the chain caused by information asymmetry and information fraud, and greatly improves the entire industry. The efficiency of the chain system promotes the efficient operation of the industrial chain.

Concluding remarks

The implementation of the chain length system is a major deployment made by localities based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and focusing on strengthening the leader, supplementing the chain, and gathering clusters.

As a new infrastructure, the blockchain will play an important role in technological innovation and industrial transformation by reshaping the trust system, reducing the difficulty of traceability , and increasing the efficiency of information sharing during the implementation of the chain length system, and will accelerate the digitalization of the industrial chain. The transformation will show unique advantages.

As a one-stop solution provider of blockchain technology, Wangchain Technology actively promotes the application of blockchain technology to empower the industrial chain, and builds the trust system and value of multi-party alliances such as the core enterprises of the industrial chain, chain enterprises, and suppliers. The network promotes the high-end, intelligent, green and healthy development of the industry, and creates the advantages of upstream and downstream linkages, horizontally coupled development, and strong competitiveness and influence.

VoneCredit, as a blockchain cloud credit supply chain financial platform developed by VoneChain Technology , provides enterprises with industrial chain financial management services by playing the core role of key enterprises in the industrial chain, and effectively solves the problem by expanding and enlarging the credit of the core enterprises in the industrial chain. The high financial expenses of large enterprises, the difficulty of financing for small and medium enterprises , and the expensive financing of large enterprises can promote the coordinated development of enterprises on the chain, improve quality and efficiency during the implementation of the chain length system, and contribute wisdom and strength to the promotion of high-quality development.

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