Value coins are all over the place, pick up some first

The entry of institutions still continues, and the opportunity of market decline should still be seized as much as possible to take advantage of the plunge to buy those assets that really have value.

Value coins are all over the place, pick up some first

The U.S. CPI data for the end of April was released yesterday, the data was 4.2%, while the estimate was 3.6%, which can be said to be a big over-expectation. a significant increase in CPI means a big rise in consumer prices, which is the most core reflection of inflation, so the market is generally expected that the Fed’s expectations of inflation is not accurate, which leads to a serious inflation after the probability of a rate hike, the data refreshed the high point of nearly 13 years, is very Bad signal to raise interest rates, the U.S. money market that the probability of a rate hike during the year rose to 88%, a global monetary tightening is coming. This expectation directly led to the continued decline of bitcoin in the evening, together with the plunge also includes commodities and U.S. stocks, the value of these assets are dependent on the underlying logic of printing money, once no longer flooding, meaning that the market upward momentum weakened, triggering a pullback is also purely normal.

The other two triggers for the fall, one is a whale rushed 18,000 bitcoins to Bitfinex yesterday evening, the other is early this morning Musk tweeted that Tesla will stop using bitcoin payments. I was under the impression that Bitfinex hadn’t had such a large coin charge in a long time, so the first time after this came out Madman gave a risk alert to everyone in the official Firesign group. As for Musk, I don’t know what to think, such a sudden statement maybe related to the political economy of the United States, looking for a very far-fetched reason to say that Bitcoin pollutes the environment and to seek a cryptocurrency with less energy consumption instead of Bitcoin. Both Sun and then went on to say that their TRX and EOS were doing better in terms of carbon emissions. Now that I think about it, there are still some similarities between the two coins, both in terms of the founder and the project itself.

Another big thing that happened during the night was that 50% of the shitcoins that the founder of shitcoin was playing to V God’s address at the time were transferred, the original expectation was that V God would not care about this. v God said that all 50 trillion shitcoins ($1.2 billion) would be donated to the Indian crypto epidemic relief fund, which said that it would not immediately smash the plate and would liquidate in an orderly manner according to demand, hoping that the community of shit would be reassured. It’s all about asses deciding heads. For a large sum of money that could go to zero for nothing, it would be foolish not to cash in. At the same time V God also gave ELON and 1000 ETH to Methuselah Foundation, which is a charity for prolonging human life. this series of actions by V God makes the participants in the crypto industry feel instantly noble, taking from the market and using it for charity, and how many industries and individuals have such a big donation, and I have to praise V God for the noble sentiment of some of these operations. In addition V God will be 20.6 billion HUSKY husky coins also sold in full.

Top hedge fund Balyasny is considering investing in Bitcoin, which manages over $10 billion worth of assets. Brex, a $7.4 billion financial technology firm, is considering buying crypto assets. The institutional entry is still ongoing, and with the market down, it’s still a good idea to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and take advantage of the crash to buy those assets that have real value.

North American outdoor club Beachclub began accepting Bitcoin and Ether payments, and these processes have not been altered by Musk’s comments, nor by the short-term volatility of the market.

MoneyGram announced that it will partner with bitcoin ATM operator Coinme to create a cash transaction service for bitcoin, which will be available globally through its company’s tens of thousands of offline locations. This is pretty awesome, and is the equivalent of making a bitcoin bank outside of the regulatory framework.

Bitwise launched a crypto ETF under the code “BITQ”, which tracks the Cryptocurrency Innovation 30 Index, actually a crypto ETF in disguise, and is still a latecomer in front of the huge financial institutions.

Dario, the founder of Bridgewater, once again expressed his opinion that cryptocurrencies are something exciting and unknown, and that the biggest risk is that they are too successful in their own right. Maniacs, on the contrary, feel that the trend is irreversible and can only complete a phase of strangulation, but cannot change the future trajectory.

The Bank of Korea tries to regulate cryptocurrencies with maximum power to track crypto assets through laws, bank accounts. In short, the regulation of the crypto industry is really too difficult, so let’s not worry about that broken heart and just do our job.

Tether printed 1 billion USDT, the pace of stable coin entry didn’t change much, so the market doesn’t quite support a continuous plunge.

The U.S. blockchain sector plunged before the bell. It is worth noting that Coinbase will come out with its quarterly earnings report tonight, and the maniacs expect the results to be pleasing, so it will temper market sentiment.

Market Analysis


Bitcoin today a pin inserted into the 43000-47000 range, these two figures represent the lows of 2.28 and 4.26, whether from the data, plate or technical indicators, the location has extremely strong support, the market is likely to appear 1-2 days of the rebound cycle, after the rebound to see the strength we then decide the trend behind, today this pin is likely to be the lowest point in recent weeks .


High 4-hour divergence is still very strong, and now from the rise into the adjustment trend, want to rise again is expected to digest a few days, high level linkage bitcoin rebound is dominant.


The overall trend is not bad, relative to other mainstream coins is very resistant to fall, is expected to continue to continue the shock higher market.


Linkage inserted a pin, but apparently the throwback pressure is not very big anymore, can wait for the rebound.


The overall momentum is still good, to buy on the low to pick up the main.


The trend is very general, linkage weak rebound is the main.


Today’s trend is weak, back to the support, short-term rebound is dominated.


Not much movement, linkage.


Today again showed resistance, basically can be expected, after the market will take the lead in new highs, capital protection is obvious.


Not involved, never dragged when down.


The high level shock is the main, do not participate in the first.


Has three consecutive negative after falling below the 5-day line, expect a short-term linkage rebound.


Weaker than expected, no significant capital protection today, linkage rebound is dominant.


Investment guru Grantham said that investing in dog coins will eventually be a bloodbath, when he made the same mistake, he knows that now no matter what he says no one believes, he can only express regret. This point of view is agreed by the maniac, a thing without value, ultimately just a bubble, in the bubble, everyone happy.

Short-term back to strong support 0.4, rebound-oriented.


Today basically waisted, 50% of the total amount of this coin will be used to smash the plate, I do not know if there are still fools to pick up, long-term not much opportunity.

Defi class overall resistance today, and there are funds involved in the bottom, those leading the market is still bullish, there is nothing else to say, do not rush to kill the fall, and so rebound on the good.

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