V God: The obstacle to Eth2 progress is not a technical problem, but a problem related to people

Buterin added that in the five years that Ether has been in development to this day, there have been a number of internal team conflicts.

V God: The obstacle to Eth2 progress is not a technical problem, but a problem related to people

Ether co-founder Vitalik Buterin commented on the obstacles to the Eth2 roadmap at a conference in Hong Kong.

Speaking in Mandarin at the annual StartmeupHK startup festival in 2021 this week, Buterin said at the Virtual Fintech Forum that technology is not the main problem facing Ether, the world’s largest smart contract network.

He admitted that building Ether took more time than he expected, with the early Eth1 blockchain build going from an estimated three months to an actual 18 months. The build of the upgraded version took even longer.

“We thought it would take a year to upgrade to Proof of Stake, but it actually took six years. If you’re doing something complex that you think is going to take a while, it’s likely to actually take much longer.”
Buterin added that in the five years that Ether has been in development to where it is today, there have been some internal team conflicts. He said, “I’ve found that the biggest problem with our project is not a technical problem, but a people-related problem.”

Buterin made the comments during a fireside chat with Jehan Chu, co-founder and managing partner of Hong Kong-based blockchain investment and trading firm Kenetic.

Buterin said that when rollup and sharding are combined, Eth2 will be able to have the kind of scalability that large-scale enterprise-class applications expect. However, according to the latest roadmap estimates, this will not be possible until the end of 2022.

According to the Eth2 roadmap, the two chains will merge or dock in late 2021 or early 2022, according to official documents.

“The initial plan was to work on a split chain prior to the merger – to address scalability issues. However, with the rise of Layer 2 scaling solutions, converting Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake through a merger became a priority.”
The first phase, which introduces scalability through sharding, is not expected to be completed until later in 2022.

Buterin said the current version of Ether has largely been a victim of its own success, with demand pushing network costs to record levels and making most transactions financially unaffordable for the average user.

Speaking on the topic of Eth2, Buterin said they use the name less frequently because the team wanted to emphasize that “this is not about abandoning the existing Ether platform and creating an entirely new one. It’s a more incremental series of changes.”

With the advent of Bitcoin and its energy-consuming negative effects and FUD, it has become more urgent for Ether to upgrade to proof-of-stake.

According to Digiconomist, the proof-of-workload ethereum blockchain is comparable in energy consumption to Hong Kong. In comparison, the new proof-of-stake network will save about 99.95% of energy.

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