V God released a roadmap aimed at solving the centralization and trust issues of the “big blockchain”

On December 6, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin published an article “Endgame (the final stage)”. Taking into account the general “big blockchain”, that is, a very high block frequency, a very large block size, thousands of transactions per second, but also a highly centralized blockchain, V God said, at least according to its How can standards make such chains acceptable without trust and censorship? The article proposes a reasonable roadmap: 1. Add a second layer of pledge for distributed block verification; 2. Introduce fraud proof or ZK-SNARK to allow users to directly (and at low cost) check the validity of the block; 3. Introduce data availability sampling to allow users to check block availability; 4. Add secondary transaction channels to prevent review. Regarding the future of Ethereum Rollup, V God said that no one Rollup can successfully align with most Ethereum activities. On the contrary, they all reach their limits at the speed of a few hundred transactions per second. We get a multi-Rollup future of Ethereum, that is, the multi-chain vision of Cosmos, but on top of a basic layer that provides data availability and shared security, users can rely on cross-Rollup bridging to switch between different Rollups without the need Pay high fees on the main chain. All this may take several years to achieve. It takes years of improvement and auditing to be able to safely store their assets in ZK-Rollup running a complete EVM, and cross-domain MEV research is still in its infancy. However, it seems that a realistic and bright future for scalable blockchains may emerge.


As of press time, according to Huobi global data:

BTC recently traded at US$50,326, with a daily increase or decrease of +2.84% ;

ETH recently traded at US$4331, with an intraday increase and decrease of +5% ;

The recent transaction price of BCH was 474 US dollars, the intraday increase and decrease +5.71% ;

BSV recently traded at 159 US dollars, the intraday increase and decrease +23.34% ;

EOS recently traded at US$3.2, an intraday increase and decrease of +1.83% ;

LTC recently traded at US$161, an intraday increase or decrease of +6.79% ;

DOT recently traded at US$28.17, an intraday increase or decrease of +3.94% .


▌Suzhou was approved to create the country’s first national-level blockchain development pilot zone

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially replied to support the creation of a blockchain development pilot zone in Suzhou, which is the first national-level blockchain development pilot zone officially approved for creation in the country. At present, the city has gathered 160 blockchain companies, driving nearly 300 related technology application companies, 30 companies have been selected into the Jiangsu Province Blockchain Key Enterprise Bank, and 4 companies have been selected as “Head Goose” and “Head Goose Cultivation” enterprises in Suzhou. Completed 38 blockchain information service filing projects of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, accounting for 44.4% of the total number of filings in the province, and its influence in Jiangsu and the country is increasing day by day. CCID Blockchain Research Institute recently released the “China Urban Blockchain Development Level Evaluation White Paper”, which shows that Suzhou has jumped from 18th in 2019 to 4th in 2021, and the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry is rising rapidly. .

Blockchain application

▌Chengdu City uses blockchain technology to realize the acceptance of “zero materials” for the first registration of real estate

According to news on December 6, Chengdu Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau is actively exploring application scenarios around data security management, business intelligence approval, behavior monitoring and early warning, data collaborative sharing, etc., to build a “Rong e chain” blockchain platform to realize the first real estate registration “Zero material” is accepted. Land transfer contracts, allocation decisions, construction land planning permits, construction project planning permits, land verification opinions, title survey results and externally generated Chengdu construction projects generated by the planning and natural resources departments are combined with the completion acceptance notice The application materials for the first registration of real estate, such as books, are associated with the real estate unit code and are fully shared on the “Rong e chain” in real time to ensure that the business links are connected before and after, the data is true and accurate, and it is convenient for information sharing, query and traceability.

▌China ‘s chemical e-commerce platform Mobei uses blockchain to upgrade its platform

Golden Finance reported that Mobei Molecular Data Inc., a Chinese chemical e-commerce platform, has used blockchain to upgrade its current chemical business platform. Due to the traceability and transparency of the blockchain, this adoption can be applied to many processes from the front-end to the back-end in the current business to improve credibility. In addition, transaction efficiency and security will also be improved.

▌ “Huadian Sunshine Purchasing Chain” has established credible digital identities for more than 100,000 suppliers

Huadian Group and Beijing Microchip Blockchain and Edge Computing Research Institute in-depth cooperation, relying on the Changan chain to build the “Huadian Sunshine Procurement Chain”, has established trusted digital identities for more than 100,000 suppliers, involving nearly 80 billion annual material purchases Yuan. Mao Ke, secretary of the Party Committee of China Huadian Materials (Tendering, Carbon Assets) Company, said that aiming at the “dual carbon” goal, the integration of energy and digital will be closer. Enterprises will continue to accelerate the application of blockchain in scenarios such as supply chain credit sharing, major equipment quality traceability, and industrial chain collaborative decarbonization. According to reports, Changan Chain is jointly researched and developed by Beijing and leading companies, and is committed to building a credible digital infrastructure, helping blockchain technology to empower the real economy, and creating a favorable environment for independent innovation and breakthroughs in my country’s blockchain core technology.


▌ stable currency USDC circulation exceeded $ 40 billion dollars a record high

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data, the issuance volume of the US dollar stable currency USDC has exceeded US$40 billion, setting a record high. At the time of writing this article was US$40.8 billion. Overall, the current USDC issuance on the Ethereum chain is about 35,968,504,296 U.S. dollars, the issuance on the Solana chain is about 4,023,611,494 U.S. dollars, the issuance on the Algorand chain is about 401,282,380 U.S. dollars, and the issuance on the TRON chain is about 235,367,615 US dollars, the issuance on the Stellar chain is about 162,093,602 US dollars, and the issuance on the Hedera chain is about 7,868,253 US dollars.

▌ Station B tests the high-energy chain to start the meta-universe business

According to news on December 6, a person close to station B said that station B is testing the “Energy Chain” related to the meta-universe business. The energy chain is a digital native community built for new applications, culture, games, and digital assets. Support community governance. Judging from the introduction of the test screenshots, the “Energy Chain” is a kind of “metacosm ecology”, which aims to create an open and innovative, all-encompassing digital native community. Blockchain is an essential underlying technology for the creation of a metauniverse. At present, the vision of the High Energy Chain is: to provide digital assets on-chain channels, welcome diversified applications to join the ecosystem, realize cross-application circulation of digital assets, provide users with diversified usage scenarios and display stages, and become the “sovereign identity authentication +” for organizations or individuals Asset Library”.

▌ Chennai snow tea will be limited edition “NAYUKI” NFT blind box art

According to Nayuki’s tea official news, the brand launched a series of activities to celebrate its 6th anniversary, including the launch of Nayuki’s official brand ambassador “NAYUKI” original figure figure from December 7th to December 9th, and on December 7th. A limited sale of 300 “NAYUKI” NFT art blind boxes.

▌ Decentraland’s new land plot “168 Golden position” ranked 6th in history with a transaction value of US$588,000

According to news on December 6, the new land “168 Golden position” of the Meta universe project Decentraland sold for 150,000 MANA (approximately US$588,000), ranking 6th in history. Currently, the top 5 plots by transaction amount are: 1. FashionStreet Estate, US$2.42 million (618,000 MANA); 2.BookLocal-HotelBooking, US$1.08 million (210,000 MANA); 3.Decentraland#4247, 91.4 Ten thousand U.S. dollars (1.29 million MANA); 4.Coliseum, 756,000 U.S. dollars (225,000 MANA); 5.PremiumEstate, 709,100 U.S. dollars (759,936 MANA).

▌Twitter will launch the Ethereum tipping function, and the testing work has begun

According to news on December 6, according to Twitter users Mr. Whale, Jane Manchun Wong and Blockworks, Twitter will launch the Ethereum tipping function, and the testing work is currently underway.

▌Sequoia Capital India and other VCs seek to invest between US$50 million and US$150 million to support Polygon

On December 6th, according to TechCrunch reports, people familiar with the matter revealed that a group of venture capitalists (VC) are negotiating to support Polygon with an investment of US$50 million to US$150 million. Sequoia Capital India (Sequoia Capital India) and Steadview Capital are seeking to make the aforementioned investments by purchasing the native token of the Polygon network, MATIC.

▌ Ethernet Square whales are hoarding SHIB and meta universe tokens MANA and GALA

On December 6th, WhaleStats data showed that the 1,000 richest non-trading Ethereum addresses are accumulating SHIB and the meta-universe tokens MANA and GALA. In the past 30 days, the Ethereum Whale has purchased an average of USD 1.03 million worth of Shiba Inu and USD 464,228 worth of GALA, and USD 158,455 worth of Metaverse virtual reality platform Decentraland token MANA. In the past 30 days, the top ten tokens purchased by the Ethereum Whale are ETH, USDT, FTX Token (FTT), USDC, SHIB, GALA, BUSD, MANA, WBTC, and SRM.

▌ The BitTorrent Chain mainnet will be launched soon and the BTT split plan will be implemented

According to official sources, the BitTorrent Chain mainnet is expected to be officially launched on December 12, 2021, and the BTT split plan will be implemented. On the basis that the total market value of BTT tokens remains unchanged, the total issuance is adjusted from 990,000,000,000 to 990,000,000,000,000, and the split ratio is 1:1000. The new currency after the split is BTT, and the old BTT token is renamed BTTOLD. BitTorrent Chain is the first heterogeneous chain cross-chain interoperability expansion protocol. It adopts a POS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism to expand smart contracts through side chains. The first release supports the cross-chain of Ethereum , TRON, and BSC public chains, and will gradually support more public chains in the future.

▌Oben Satoshi was ordered to pay 100 million U.S. dollars in compensation

A federal jury found that Craig Wright had no business partnership with the late Florida computer forensics expert Dave Kleiman, but he did owe $100 million in compensatory damages. The jury ruled that Satoshi Auben must pay $100 million to W&K Info Defense Research, a company founded by Kleiman in Florida, but he was exonerated from all other charges. It is reported that the long-term legal battle between the two parties began in 2018, after Satoshi Ao Ben was sued for allegedly stealing Dave Kleiman’s Bitcoin assets.

▌ Coinbase Pro will be on the line POLS, FOX, SPELL, SUPER, IDEX, COVAL, MCO2 other currencies

On December 7th, Coinbase Pro will list CircuitsofValue(COVAL), IDEX(IDEX), MossCarbonCredit(MCO2), Polkastarter(POLS), ShapeShiftFOXToken(FOX), SpellToken(SPELL) and SuperFarm(SUPER), if liquidity conditions are met , Trading will start on or after 9 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on December 7.

Important economic developments

 WTI crude oil futures soared by 5% in the day

WTI crude oil futures rose 5% during the day and are now quoted at US$69.57/barrel; Brent crude oil futures rose 4.69%, and are now quoted at US$73.19/barrel.

Golden Encyclopedia

▌Algorithmic stable currency: unstable stable currency

Algorithmic stablecoin, as the name suggests, is a kind of algorithmic adjustment of the total market currency, increasing market supply when the stablecoin price is higher than the anchor price, and recovering the supply when the stablecoin price is lower than the anchor price, or to provide a balance of arbitrage space Stablecoin price. The establishment of this model does not anchor real fiat currencies and does not need to mortgage stable currencies. It is controlled solely by market will and algorithms. The market is also called flexible currency. At present, there are two mainstream models for algorithmic stablecoins to provide algorithmic support, one is amplifier, and the other is esdbac composite stablecoin.


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