V God girl: Shallow thinking behind the spread of Meme pictures

1. The cause of the meme event

If you are a front-line friend of surfing and eating melon these days, you should have seen a group photo of V God and a girl widely spread. As the girl in the photo, it was originally a very common photo to take as a souvenir. After being spread to the WeChat group and then to Twitter, it became a meme on the whole network. In terms of the Internet, it is considered dead. At the same time, I am also afraid that such a spoof will have a bad impact on V God personally, but with the The spread of this incident on the Internet has found that it has become a kind of meme. Most people’s attention is only for fun and entertainment, and there is no malicious intent, and there are many creative ideas in this process. Joined the construction of this meme, as a personal participant of this event, and from the perspective of occupational diseases of investment institutions, I really want to think and interpret the reasons behind the popularity? The Web3 culture behind this event , After thinking about it, it became very interesting, which made me never understand to embrace the community culture, and better understand what meme is, why it spreads, and what is behind it, so I wrote these words and shared some thoughts with you:

2. What is a meme and what properties does it have?

Meme is simply a meme, which is the academic use of memes. For contemporary Internet people, whether it is web2 or web3, we are playing tricks every day when surfing. This is already a social language and a way of saying hello. Meme has replaced language and become a more general symbolic currency, shaping Internet netizens. The consensus of this meme is that when a group of people see this picture, they can immediately get its meaning in the Internet. This consensus makes the Internet enjoy creating memes every day.

3. Why can this photo become a feature of meme?

V God girl: Shallow thinking behind the spread of Meme pictures

1. The protagonist is a benchmark figure in the encryption circle. This time the meme is because the protagonist is V-God. All people in the encryption circle or many Internet people know Vitalik. There are more than 4 million followers on Twitter. The target of the meme must be widely known to everyone , Everyone likes to spoof V God and well-known bigwigs like Elon Mask. These are the unique meme benchmarks in the encryption circle, so they are very popular.

2. The time node is special – it has just caught up with the hot spot of Ethereum 2.0 Merge recently, and the price of Ethereum has fluctuated greatly. The “pump” in English culture has another pun, which describes the “physiological response” and the currency. price, and expressed everyone’s high expectations and attention to the immediate Ethereum POS, the price of $eth has risen during that time period. I don’t know if this meme picture is more or less related.

3. The funnier the second creation, the easier it is to spread – the contrast of traditional stereotypes is cute – in the tradition, everyone’s impression of V God is a geek, and the clothes for various occasions are very weird, and V God is basically Ethereum. Tags, so topics like V God and girls can easily cause everyone to make jokes, which will cause ripples in the spread

4. There are not many hot spots in the bear market recently , so meme things are needed to create entertainment topics

3. My observation of the propagation path of this matter

Propagation path: Inadvertently sent to the circle of friends – major WeChat group dissemination – Weibo dissemination – Twitter KOL dissemination – Twitter secondary creation – blockchain media dissemination – telegram, discord group chat – web2 social media Communication channels such as Douyin, instagram, facebook, official account video account, etc., the netizens who come to greet me here are roughly divided into two categories:

1. One is those who surf the front line and eat melons faster than myself. Most of them are friends in the crypto circle. For example, there are discussions of overseas KOLs on Twitter. For example, someone who knew for the first time the nft of other people who created this picture sent it to me, and someone with a good sense of internet and a sense of internet smell released vitalik pump’s nft the next day to make money on free mint, I had to Feeling how influential Twitter is in the crypto circle, you can let a picture spread without borders and circles, the fastest path for information sources, no wonder Musk wants to acquire Twitter

2. The second type is the second line of surfing, which is relatively slow. It takes 2 or 3 days to send a message to ask. Most of the friends here are web2 friends. The source of the channel is some social media software such as instagram, Douyin, etc. Here you can It is a little bit to explain that web2 people still obtain information from mainstream instagram and vibrato, so the interesting point of meme here is that these people from web3 in the encryption circle can be linked together with people from web2 because of a meme. To break the dimension and get out of the circle, you still have to involve these web2 people to come in and get access to this information. Meme is a good way to get out of the circle, so many projects want to be an intermediate state of Web2.5 to get more traffic and attention.

4. Observations of meme construction in my eyes

My previous knowledge: pure spoof, nonsense, funny

It is now recognized that:

1. The creative right of MEME returned to the Web3 community. When this picture was posted to my circle of friends, I lost any influence on this matter. MEME already belongs to the community. Because of this picture, the global currency circle is discussing V God on the same day. As a witness, I am more in awe of the power of the community. Meme can spread across languages, communities, and globalization . Meme includes everyone. The original knowledge of the matter reveals the knowledge of the nature of the matter and the expectations for the future. For example, everyone hopes that V God has a stronger influence on merge and so on. I believe that the popularity of this matter will soon pass, and new memes will appear every day. It is these endless memes that build our industry. Memes are a vital part of community culture.

2. It is very important to make a good product in the web3 world. Only with a good product can there be word of mouth and image building . The core of this picture being able to spread is not that I am not the photographer, but that he is V God, he has made the strongest product, and everyone has good expectations for him.

3. If you want to activate the community in the Web3 world, a viable MEME is also very important. The community will spontaneously disseminate and re-create. The traditional Web2 world’s watertight public relations draft is lifeless in the web3 world.

V. Final Summary

As the pioneer and builder of the entire industry, Buterin is always respected and admired. I believe that I am just one of the many Ethereum believers. We believe that code is law, smart is new sexy, and Respect is Help the extremely smart and slightly lovable GEEK developers

Looking forward to the new development of POS after Ethereum 2.0 Merge, and also welcome everyone to pay attention and support Buterin’s new book “Proof of Stake” digital and physical editions will be published, which records his 10 years. Readers can donate and get digital for him in Gitcoin For the copy and commemorative NFT, all the proceeds will be used for public welfare, and a non-transferable SBT (Soul Binding) can be generated.

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V God girl: Shallow thinking behind the spread of Meme pictures

V God girl: Shallow thinking behind the spread of Meme pictures

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