V-God Curbs Animal Coin’s Throat

Overnight, Musk has gone from being the spiritual leader of the cryptocurrency market to a “sinner”.

Overnight, Musk has gone from being the spiritual leader of the cryptocurrency market to a “sinner”. Early this morning Tesla CEO Musk tweeted an image saying that Tesla has stopped using Bitcoin to pay for cars in light of the dramatic consumption of energy such as oil and coal from Bitcoin mining. Cryptocurrency is a good idea in several ways, and Tesla is bullish on its future, but these cannot come at the cost of the environment. Finally, Tesla has also said that it will not sell any bitcoin and will seek other cryptocurrencies that consume less energy than bitcoin.


V-God Curbs Animal Coin's Throat

The next thing we all know, the cryptocurrency market plummeted, bitcoin fell $10,000 at the highest, other coins are also miserable, the cryptocurrency circle can be very real, the early Musk pull plate when it is the glory of the cryptocurrency circle, now should be many partners from the powder to black. In fact, we should reflect on this situation, when we are enjoying the convenience brought by Musk, it is possible to usher in a backlash , after all, people will always change their minds and practices because of many other causes, Musk is no exception.

The problem with Musk is that the whole process seems to be too child’s play. It’s only been a few months since he announced the use of Bitcoin payments, and such a large company should have taken that into account when deciding to use Bitcoin payments. to the problem, it is so lightly supported and cancelled, the cryptocurrency partners are real money. I believe that after today, Musk’s credibility in the cryptocurrency world may be on the line. Back to another heavyweight news, V God gave animal coins another fatal blow.

Buterin (V God) donated 50 trillion SHIB tokens to the Indian Covid Relief Foundation launched by Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal last month, and the Indian Cryptocurrency Epidemic Relief Fund said it would cash in those tokens , in anticipation of the market this batch of Shib, which would never move, eventually started flowing, albeit in the name of the name of charity, but the blow to the coin price is also very serious. In addition, V-God sold off Animal Coin again, selling about 206 trillion HUSKY (huskies) for 131.96 ETH at Uniswap.

V-God Curbs Animal Coin's Throat

What does this story tell us, don’t eat nothing to pay homage to people who are still active in the market and move to play half the coins to show respect, no one is a saint and to place half the value of a project token on someone you can’t control is a very risky thing in itself. Even if V God is currently selling this part of the token, no one will say anything about it, let alone doing it in the name of charity. Perhaps Shib and the rest of the animal coin community will be unhappy with it, after all, animal coins have fallen a lot as a result.

V-God Curbs Animal Coin's Throat

This is what we have repeatedly stressed before, but I didn’t expect it to be the V-God who stepped in and grabbed the animal coin by the throat. Back to the market, this morning bitcoin fell to a low of $45,500 after a quick rebound, immediately back to $50000 above, and later even stood on the $51,000, but after such a big turmoil or the need to repeat again. Bitcoin’s smash today was a direct smash through the lower track of the daily BOLL, but then quickly rebounded back to the track, indicating that the effect of support is still in place, and not so pessimistic, the heaviest damage still has to be contract users.


V-God Curbs Animal Coin's Throat

If you stretch the time to see, this is the wave maintained nearly three months of oscillation, although the middle also has broken new highs, but the overall is still a relatively wide range of oscillation, but the whole range of oscillation is slightly larger, the range of more than $ 20,000, which also shows that bitcoin has three months did not go unilateral up market. For this morning’s plunge, the market actually sentiment is not as bad as we thought, on the one hand, is that Musk and Tesla canceled bitcoin payments belong to the news market, which is difficult to have a sustainable impact on the market. On the other hand is that bitcoin has not been an independent market for some time, the popularity is relatively low, this wave of decline is somewhat broken after the re-establishment of the meaning, hope that the low price of bitcoin can drive users to hold the enthusiasm. On the other hand, this wave also implies that the dealer sentiment, which has long wanted to smash the market, has played a role in pushing bitcoin down far beyond its original range.

ETH: If you select a coin that is the most calm after today’s fall, ETH definitely deserves a nomination, although a short period of time quickly fell to near $3500, but then the rebound came more quickly, almost immediately back above $4000, so look, from the high point is not down much, it is reported that the back of ETH should be similar to favor bitcoin like capital added. Whether true or false, the strength of ETH is there for all to see, and it can be included as one of the choices if you want to bottom out later.

Platform coins: Yesterday’s platform coins were going strong, especially OKB, which broke through $40 again yesterday, even though it suffered a big drop in the morning, but the drop was not too serious, and the subsequent rebound came in time, so the wave was not badly damaged, and the current OKChain is in full swing, so OKB strength is to be expected, but it is not recommended to chase high.

DeFi: Probably benefiting from the top ten of ETH, DeFi coins are not much down, the rebound also came relatively quickly, where Uni and Sushi are not much lower than yesterday’s high, and then a retracement can still intervene.

DOT: It is one of the most powerful coins that rebounded today, not only recovered the decline this morning, the rise also covered yesterday’s decline, in this case such a performance is rare, the next concern is if the subsequent general market turns good, whether out of the independent market.

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