V God attacked: El Salvador’s Bitcoin legislation runs counter to the concept of cryptocurrency

V God attacked: El Salvador’s Bitcoin legislation runs counter to the concept of cryptocurrency

In response to a netizen’s Reddit post, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made critical remarks on El Salvador’s Bitcoin bill. In particular, President Nayib Bukele forced local companies to accept Bitcoin payments.

Vitalik Buterin: Co-founder of Ethereum, hereinafter referred to as ” V God “.

Nayib Bukele: The current President of El Salvador, the promoter of the Bitcoin Act, hereinafter referred to as President Bukele.

Elon Musk : Tesla CEO, “Dogecoin Godfather”, hereinafter referred to as Musk .

A Reddit user on the r/cryptocurrency subreddit posted a post: “Unpopular opinion: Mr. Bukler, President of El Salvador, should not be praised by the crypto community.” 

God V replied: “There is nothing unwelcome about this opinion. Forcing companies to accept certain cryptocurrencies runs counter to the idea of ​​”freedom” that should be so important to the crypto world. This pushes Bitcoin to hundreds of El Salvador at the same time. Ten thousand’s strategy is reckless and increases the risk of innocent people being hacked or deceived. Everyone is ashamed, and the crypto community praises him so much.”

In fact, El Salvador’s President Buckler announced his acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender at the “Bitcoin Conference” in Miami for the first time in June, which won him praise from some well-known members of the crypto community.

However, an anonymous Salvadoran business owner said in an interview with Decrypt: “Seeing Bitcoin supporters all over the world cheering for this, my soul will collapse. If they really sit down and read laws and regulations, this Contrary to everything they preach.”

V God is not the only voice that opposes the encryption field. He pointed out the contradiction of imposing open and decentralized technology on local business owners.

Just at the TOKEN2049 conference in London this week, Blockchain.com co-founder Nicolas Cary said in a panel discussion: “I think from a top-down perspective, there are some ways in which the plan was launched in El Salvador. Contradictions and problems. One of them is that the main spirit of cryptocurrency should be that people do it voluntarily.”

V God’s criticism did not end, when Reddit users continued to comment: “It’s all like President Buckler pushing its price because he buys it at a cheaper price and knows that a country that adopts cryptocurrency will take enough The high price made him rich.”

In this regard, God V replied: “The simpler assumption is: for political reasons, and because he is human like the rest of us, he just likes to be praised by people he considers powerful (that is, Americans). Bitcoin Supporters are an easy community to praise you: you just need to be in a position of power, and it is enough to speak nicely to them and the cryptocurrency they hold.”

The original poster replied to God V’s point of view: “Now President Buckler is using the emotions of the community, just as Musk did before.”

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