Using VR to travel to Antarctica, there are no geographical and economic restrictions on the Metaverse

Since Facebook announced its switch to accepting the concept of Metaverse and renamed it, Meta, Metaverse has always had a lot of positive and negative headlines. Some people think that Metaverse is the next-generation Internet, and some people are on the sidelines and are more cautious.

Whether we like it or not, the meta-universe is here. It has many applications, such as using virtual reality (VR) to go to different regions, helping people get rid of geographical and economic constraints, and bringing infinite surprises and emotions.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust was established in 1987 and is a charitable organization headquartered in New Zealand. The organization is committed to protecting Antarctica’s heritage, sharing the world’s great exploration stories, inspiring and educating young people to explore the physical world, and developing charitable programs while caring for mankind and the planet.

Using VR to travel to Antarctica, there are no geographical and economic restrictions on the Metaverse

Francesca Eathorne, Chief Operating Officer of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust (Photo: Supply / Antarctic Heritage Trust)

For Metaverse, the voices from all walks of life are very loud and loud. They expressed that they accept and support the technology of this concept, and cooperate with Staples V and AUT to create the first large-scale virtual reality experience (VR) project-Explore Edmund · Sir Hillary’s Antarctic Lodge. They think it is very important for everyone to pay attention to history, and the idea behind the VR experience project is to share the story of “Antarctica” with more people.

To create this unique large-scale VR experience, it takes more than 4,000 hours to scan and collect data in Antarctica. I can imagine that this will be an unprecedented sense of immersion.

Using VR to travel to Antarctica, there are no geographical and economic restrictions on the Metaverse

Sir Edmund Hillary’s cabin in Antarctica (Photo: supply/Antarctic Heritage Trust)

“We like this project very much because we know that traveling to [Antarctic Lodge] is very difficult, and the cost of a trip is also very expensive. For ordinary people, economic conditions and time are almost forbidden.” Eathorne said.

The Antarctic Lodge is the birthplace of Antarctica’s science, and scientific research in Antarctica continues to this day. Climate change in Antarctica is a long-term challenge for mankind, and we can only learn a little bit through news, pictures, and videos, and we cannot empathize.

Now you can use the virtual reality (VR) project to take everyone to Antarctica, to be able to immersively explore the incredible story of Antarctic history, and learn more about Sir Ed’s team in the most extreme environment in the world more than 60 years ago What kind of experience is life and work. This kind of experience is to let more people understand and pay attention to Antarctica and put it into action, calling on mankind to jointly protect the last unexplored region.

Using VR to travel to Antarctica, there are no geographical and economic restrictions on the Metaverse

Screenshot of VR experience Antarctic Lodge (Photo: Jane Ussher/Antarctic Heritage Trust)

Antarctic House VR project video (Video: Vimeo/Antarctic Heritage Trust)

“We were shocked by many friends who took off their glasses. They were saying, oh my goodness, I think I have just been to Antarctica.” “I heard this news over and over again, it’s so powerful NS. “The VR project has enabled the New Zealand Heritage Trust to establish a “profound and positive” connection with people. “Eathorne said.

However, the important thing is that VR is just a form of experiencing Antarctica. Remember to return from virtual to reality. Metaverse can give people a sense of belonging and make you feel like you have been to Antarctica, but maintaining these huts permanently requires us to act in the real world.

Eathorne said: “I think there will be more exciting possibilities in the future.”  

In the meta-universe field, not only can they embrace the past, but they also set up a VR adventure program for young people, let them go out, learn how to become explorers, cultivate an explorer mentality to bravely meet the challenges in life and explore the future.

They often develop some VR and AR experience projects, which also brings an interesting discoveries. Many New Zealanders have the opportunity to learn about and experience VR and AR because of our projects.

“One thing we are not ready for is that some students have learning or neurological disabilities, and VR will be a very powerful experience for them. Many teachers and nursing staff said that they think such students cannot sit all the time. Come down and immerse yourself in the experience, but in VR this is very important for the sense of experience. As we continue to develop virtual reality (VR), we are very keen to keep in touch with many communities to find and create a kind of learning Or a very meaningful experience for young people with neurological disabilities.” Eathorne said.                             

Using VR to travel to Antarctica, there are no geographical and economic restrictions on the Metaverse

New Zealand community virtual reality experience (Photo: Supply / Antarctic Heritage Trust)

“We like the inclusiveness of VR. Many actions can be done sitting down, which means that even with a physical disability, you can enter it (VR).” Eathorne said.

I look forward to the virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) experiences getting better and better, so realistic that we can be sure that we have been there.

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