Useful resources on Web3

Useful resources on Web3

Web3 will continue to exist, and education will become a greater driving force to bring newcomers into this space. Especially in terms of development and user entry, more and more people are beginning to try DAO contribution and learning.

Web3 education represents a paradigm shift between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 about the way we learn and motivate.

These categories and projects lead the education field. By thinking about new coordination, mechanism design and learning motivation, it continues to grow.


Collaborative Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where many Internet strangers gather to work for a common goal. In these examples, they focused on growing a community of Web3 developers and helping each other.

  • EthernautsDAO: a developer is designed to convert Ethernet Square developers of public goods DAO.
  • DeveloperDAO: A community of builders who believe in the collective ownership of the Internet.
  • BuildGuild: A bifurcated secondary funding and reward system that encourages pseudo-anonymous developers to coordinate around a series of temporary projects or tasks.
  • Optilisitic Labs: A community of engineers and educators, opened a “refinement school” for experienced Web2 engineers.


These are open source tools that help developers create the Ethereum development tools they need.

  • Open Zeppelin: A security product for building, automating, and operating decentralized applications.
  • Scaffold ETH : Use a front end that adapts to your smart contract to quickly experiment with Solidity.
  • Create-Eth-App: Use one command to create an Ethereum-driven application.
  • Hardhat: Ethereum development environment for professionals.
  • Truffle: A kit for smart contract developers.


Learning through interactive games and interfaces is always more fun.

  • CryptoZombies: An interactive school that teaches you all about blockchain technology.
  • Ethernauts: A war game based on Web3/solidity, inspired by, playable in the Ethereum virtual machine.

Training camp/course

Courses and training camps on Web3 development.

  • Consensys Developer Training Camp: 10-12 weeks of online developer training camp courses.
  • Chainshot: Quickly develop your Ethereum developer career in a coaching and challenging training camp.
  • Lambda School: Online programming school and training camp.
  • Udemy: Several blockchain courses on the EdTech platform.


  • BuildSpace: The course you want to complete based on the Web3 project.
  • Kernel: A peer-to-peer, lifelong learning community composed of the most talented individuals in web3.
  • Questbooks: Decentralized university, learning is always free.
  • Decentology: Start decentralized application development.

Cool Web3 builder

This is a big list, but these three cool builders immediately came to my mind.

  • Nader Dabit
  • Paul razvan berg
  • Austin Griffith
  • Nat Eliason


  • Eat the Blocks
  • Dapp University
  • Defi Weekly
  • Rect
  • Future Alisha
  • Coin Monks
  • Taiki Maeda
  • The Defiant
  • Week In Ethereum
  • Solidity By Example
  • Finematics

Learn to earn

Change the incentive mechanism to allow players to learn new topics and skills while receiving rewards.

  • 1729: The first newsletter that pays you. Bitcoin rewards people who complete paid tasks and tutorials.
  • Layer3: Earn cryptocurrency for tweets, tattoos, and everything in between.
  • Rabbithole: Obtain cryptocurrency by discovering and using the latest crypto applications.
  • Pragma: Learn Web3 development and get rewards.

Programming marathon

A coding marathon is a great start and a way to test your skills with friends or Internet strangers.

  • EthGlobal
  • Gitcoin

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