Use DeFiLlama to identify potential airdrop projects

The DeFi airdrop over the past year has made many crypto investors rich overnight.

On September 17, 2020, Uniswap officially launched the protocol governance token UNI . The official stated that as long as they have used Uniswap before, no matter whether they are successfully exchanged or not, everyone can receive 400 UNI airdrops, which are currently worth 10,240 U.S. dollars. In August of this year, dYdX once again set off a DeFi airdrop feast. According to the degree of interaction, the number of airdrops received by users ranged from 310.75 to 9,529.86.

The airdrop craze has resumed, and many crypto users define it as a synonym for making a fortune.

Why is there an airdrop for DeFi projects?

Unlike Web 2.0 companies, Web 3.0 applications are built on a unified community and open source culture. The project may wish to bring a consistent stakeholder community together to benefit from media attention.

Distributing tokens to a wider range of stakeholders is a good thing for the project because they have a group of motivated users who can promote the project well. In addition, a wider distribution of tokens is considered fairer, which is a key criterion for online exchanges.

In the earliest Uniswap airdrops, since almost all users were unaware of future airdrops and used Uniswap due to their own actual transaction needs, the airdrops of the project were basically issued to precise users. As airdrops gradually become a trend, more and more users use items purely for the needs of airdrops and wool.

If you missed the airdrops in the past, don’t worry, there are constant airdrops for projects. There is a new airdrop page in DeFiLlama, which users can use to identify potential airdrops from the agreement. It lists projects that have not yet introduced native tokens, making them good candidates for potential airdrops.


Clicking on the project name will display the protocol details, where you can directly enter the project page. After participating, you can wait for the airdrop.

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