Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

In urging the smart watch product upgrade system eight years ago, Samsung actually had to do it.

As we all know, the system update cycle of today’s smartphones is usually about 18 months from the date of product release. Only a few models with particularly good sales tend to receive system update services for up to 36 months (three years). . In addition, there are a very small number of classic products that may be given the “privilege” of updates for four or even five years. But after all, electronic products themselves have a limited lifespan, so it is almost impossible for us to see a manufacturer “worrying” about system updates for equipment more than five years ago. 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

But because of this, some media reports recently showed that Samsung pushed system update notifications to users of the original Galaxy Gear smartwatches and urged them to update to Tizen OS in a timely manner. This obviously attracted a lot of attention. 

In fact, the first generation Galaxy Gear is a three- star released in 2013, the first smart watch products. In other words, although I don’t know how many users around the world are still using this “antique” smart watch eight years ago, they did receive a system update notification from Samsung. 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

In this system update notice, Samsung pointed out that if the original Galaxy Gear is still running the firmware when it was released, the built-in app store will stop operating in August this year, and users will not be able to use it to download and update apps. , But the system that is updated to the latest version in time can be immune to influence and can continue to use the functions of the built-in application store normally. 

At first glance, Samsung did push update notifications to the old products eight years ago, clearly urging users who are still using these old devices to quickly update the system to avoid some functions failing by then. But everyone should know that smartwatches are limited in size, and the battery capacity is often less than one-tenth of that of mobile phones, and the small battery capacity means that smartwatch batteries are more likely to “end of life” than mobile phone batteries. You know, it’s usually unlikely that a smart phone will have a lifespan of up to eight years, let alone a smart watch with a small capacity battery — it’s really used for eight years, and the battery is not swollen or leaking. A miracle, not to mention that it can still be used normally. 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

Then the question is coming. Since the first generation of Galaxy Gear smartwatches may not have a few products that can work normally, why Samsung still pushes upgrade notifications at this time and urges relevant users to “upgrade the system in time to avoid products What about “function failure”? 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

Samsung Gear S3 series running Tizen 4.0 system 

First of all, everyone should know that Samsung’s current mainstream smartwatch product lines, including Gear S2, S3, Galaxy Watch Active, Active2, and Galaxy Watch 3, use self-developed Tizen OS, and their built-in app store is of course Tizen APP. . 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

The recently exposed Galaxy Watch4 Classic, a Samsung Magic Revision based on Google Wear OS 3.0 system 

While the three stars that is to be released in August this year, Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung will be equipped with Google co-developed Wear OS 3.0, and with Samsung’s exclusive One UI Watch user interface. Its built-in application store will be connected to the Wear OS ecosystem, which means that it provides Android applications. 

However, Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Gear is very “special”. As its first smartwatch product, it was equipped with Android 4.3 system with “Magic Change” as a watch interface when it was first launched. The app store is also specially adapted. Some special Android applications. However, Samsung later provided it with a Tizen OS update, which was incorporated into the Tizen ecosystem after the update, and can use the same Tizen applications as subsequent smartwatch products. 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

Samsung’s latest product currently on sale, the Galaxy Watch 3 series based on the Tizen 5.5 system 

In other words, before the release of the new smartwatch in August this year, Samsung actually operated two sets of smartwatch software systems at the same time. One is the magic modified version of Android 4.3 system used only by the original Galaxy Gear, and the other is Tizen OS system used by many products at present. And after August this year, Samsung will also start operating Google WearOS 3.0 smart watch system, and need to prepare an application store for it. 

do you understand? That’s right, Samsung chose to issue an update announcement for the old products that are still using the “previous generation system” before the release of smartwatch products equipped with the new system, and urge users to update to the “previous generation system”. On the one hand, we can of course say that there is still some conscience in it; but on the other hand, it also means that Samsung obviously does not want to operate three sets of smart watch systems at the same time, and hopes to abandon the old software ecology eight years ago when new products are launched. , Thereby reducing its own operating pressure. 

And even if there are not many people who may use Galaxy Gear in the world now, there is still a difference between having an announcement and not having an announcement. Now that the update announcement has been issued, it is equivalent to “benevolence”. Even if some users really want to keep their Galaxy Gear on Android 4.3, Samsung can’t blame Samsung for stopping its app store service. After all, the new system hasn’t been pushed out, and it’s not the manufacturer’s responsibility if it hasn’t been updated for eight years. 

Urging the smart watch upgrade system eight years ago, what about Samsung

In addition, friends who have seen the relevant content of our Sanyi Life before may still remember that in the cooperation between Samsung and Google’s smart watch product line, Google not only gave Samsung many privileges in the adaptation of the new system, but also almost ” Sacrifice” almost all of his previous partners, placing them in a position where they are forced to compete with Samsung asymmetrically. For Google’s such contribution, Samsung naturally cannot say nothing about it. 

You know, Google is currently struggling to solve the fragmentation problem of Android. That being the case, before the new products of the two cooperation are released, they actively abandon their own watch ecology based on the ancient Android version, which can naturally be regarded as a kind of reciprocal performance. Although the actual impact may be small, at least the superficial drama is still to be done. 

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