Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

In the meta-universe era, the four apes have already boarded the car.

Recently, Universal Music Group (UMG) and NFT investor Jimmy McNelis launched a virtual idol group called “KINGSHIP”. Allegedly, this will guide the team to develop and release new music, NFT projects and products based on virtual communities, opening the Universal Music Group’s meta-universe era. 

In fact, the four members of KINGSHIP were the “top stream” in the NFT project before their debut. They come from a nascent virtual community Bored Ape Yacht Club (hereinafter referred to as BAYC). Three members are the first Bored Ape, and one member is the Mutant Ape from the derivative series. Each member has its own unique appearance. , Character and story line. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

KINGSHIP was born, just like the “Five Jackson Brothers” in the meta universe, four young people from the same town made their debut. Although Universal Music Group has not released records or performed performances for KINGSHIP, KINGSHIP has drilled a hole in the metaverse and the real world, allowing us to get a glimpse of the future of music gameplay. 

Ape’s Musical Meta-Universe

The four members of KINGSHIP come from the meta-universe community BAYC, which has its preset “historical background”: every ape who devotes himself to the encryption field has achieved financial freedom a few years later and became a “leisure class”. They have fun in this community, raising dogs, visiting galleries, attending dinner parties, graffiti in the bathroom of the bar, and “laying flat” in the virtual space. 

BAYC is composed of 10,000 NFT collections of monkey images generated randomly through programming. Each monkey image has 4-7 different attributes, including expressions, hair, headwear, clothing, etc. They are unique residents in the community, with facial expressions and different dresses. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

May 1, 2021, shortly after BAYC public offering, NFT famous collection of art collectors Jimmy McNelis on Twitter issued a document, said he purchased 100 monkeys in BAYC. Today, Jimmy McNelis and Universal Music have collaborated to select 4 out of 100 apes and prepare to “make a big noise” in the music industry. 

This time, Universal Music chose to take KINGSHIP as a starting point to participate in the competition of the meta-universe music track, aiming at the music culture community BAYC where these four apes “live”. In BAYC, meta-universe music can break through the last barrier between virtual idols and real fans , and realize the all-round ” metacosmization” from idols, fans and performance spaces. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

Celine Joshua, the director of Universal Music Group’s label at 10:22pm and creator of KINGSHIP, said in an interview, “Through the music and performances in the meta-universe, we will build communities and develop applications to make the apes in KINGSHIP come alive. “Entertaining audiences all over the world”, and she hopes to take this as an opportunity to bring “artists, fans and community participation into the’meta universe’ era”.

Relying on the logic of the virtual community, the interaction between virtual idols and fans will go beyond the limits of the stage and be active in a wider living space. At present, in BAYC, apes holders can start adopting their own NFT pet dogs; in the “bathroom”, they can freely paint and do graffiti; in the Bored Ape children’s club, they can get their own children’s version, and In the hair salon, you can also make new hairstyles for your apes. 

We can say that Universal Music Group has chosen KINGSHIP behind a huge market, development effort in the field of music, Yue Yue want to try, to flex its muscles. 

Why did Universal Music send four monkeys to make their debut?

After reaching a cooperation with Universal Music, Jimmy McNeils, the token holder of the KINGSHIP portfolio and NFT collector, said, “This cooperation is a typical example of how strong the commercial rights of collectible NFT projects and their collectors are. ” 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

As Jimmy said, the successful debut of KINGSHIP is inseparable from BAYC’s innovation in intellectual property. Different from the previous cautious monopoly of intellectual property rights in the cultural industry, the BAYC project party authorizes all the copyrights and use rights of the monkeys to the NFT holders, and only retains the BAYC logo. This also means that with an ape NFT, you can make secondary creations based on the ape, make and sell derivatives, and even various commercial uses.

The founder of BAYC called it the “decentralized Disney”, which allowed the free flow of intellectual property rights and attracted a large number of creators, and then the creators formed a second level of communication, which soon formed a user index Type growth. 

KINGSHIP is Jimmy McNelis mining the commercial value of the four tokens he holds in the music industry. Previously, holders in the BAYC community have successfully co-branded skateboards, games, and beauty products, and plans to launch Bored in the future. Ape-themed publications and apes-themed novels. Based on these dazzling apes surroundings, the virtual community of BAYC more reliably welds the real world, and allows more practitioners to see the potential of BAYC’s cultural and creative resources. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

Jimmy’s shoes authorized by the monkey

Next, whether Universal Music Group releases NFT records or physical records for KINGSHIP, it is very likely to cause a “sold out in one second” frenzy. 

So why are humans so enthusiastic about apes? 

In fact, based on BAYC’s vision, the monkey is not an avatar or an NFT collection, but a ticket to the meta universe.

The user’s enthusiasm for BAYC is a pleasant vision of the future and an optimistic attitude towards the meta universe. In the coming virtual era , everyone is scrambling to take the lead as the first users of Metaverse to seize resources. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

Apes purchase buy interface

In this virtual community, the holders of the Ape-Man NFT become a community and have a strong sense of identity with each other. In May 2021, the BAYC community launched the ape follow ape (ape follow ape) activity, inviting NFT holders to change their avatars on various social media to follow and support each other. 

For a time, a general ape-man frenzy of “recognizing relatives” was set off on the Internet. Domestic celebrities including Chen Bolin and Shawn Yue were all apes’ NFT holders. It can be seen that the signing of the four apes by Universal Music Group this time is just “borrowing the east wind” and taking advantage of the high loyalty of the NFT holders to the cultural brand of the apes. 

In addition, in addition to the more efficient commercial gameplay, this operational logic coincides with the virtual universe created by SM for artist groups. The purpose is to establish a closer, story-based emotional link between virtual idols and fans outside of music, so as to increase fans’ purchasing power for music. 

Apes and monkeys have a long “learning path”

At present, Joshua said that he will be the first to open up music experience and narrative options for the apes in BAYC. Therefore, the layout of Universal Music is not only to launch a virtual idol composed of 4 apes, but to bring music to the virtual community to break through the boundaries of music within the perspective of the meta-universe. 

In the virtual community of Metaverse, music will not only be used for “listening”, but will also be linked with a variety of visual effects to “experience” as part of the culture carried by the virtual community. Based on this, at 10:22pm, not only will the contract with virtual idols like KINGSHIP, but also digital media creators and KOLs on social media will continue to sign contracts, and the core of the label will be “creating multimedia content.” 

At the same time, within the public domain of Metaverse, the interaction between humans and virtual idols will also be further deepened, creating a digital space that is indistinguishable from the real world. NFT holders from BAYC know it well, and they left messages on the official Twitter account of KINGSHIP, “Do you need a tour manager? I’m still looking for a job”, “We might be able to tour together one day “, ” I have a bar”, “Do you need an agent?”, “Will you perform at the Monkey Festival next year?” 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

It is not difficult to see that NFT holders do not think that KINGSHIP is any different from real-life bands. The interaction between fans and idols in real life has completely shifted into the virtual community.

In October 2021, when Facebook changed its name to Meta and released a promotional video, it also included the music service of the virtual community as part of its future planning. In the promotional film, fans participate in concerts held in the cloud through Meta, and are invited to participate in the After party in the virtual community.

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

From Universal Music Group to Facebook, both the content and the platform are in full swing, but there is still a long way to go to truly link to the real world.

The first to bear the brunt is the technical realization of experience enhancement. American science and technology critic Benedict Evans has pointed out before that the current level of technological development of VR and AR cannot meet the needs of the meta-universe. “There are still some serious optical issues that have not been resolved. We don’t know when or if Apple or other companies will be able to resolve these issues.” 

At the same time, as a music company, Universal Music Group has to face the problem of how to reconcile the audience of KINGSHIP fans. 

Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut. Do you listen to their music?

At present, KINGSHIP fans are all “apes” from the same community, which means “enclosure and self-confidence”. On the one hand, apart from the background story line of the virtual community BAYC, it is still unknown whether it can attract a wider range of music fans. On the other hand, fans of NFT collectors still have to put a question mark on the purchasing power of music. 

Whether Metaverse is a gimmick for the music company or the development trend of the entire industry, it is still difficult to make a direct conclusion. However, we can be sure that the next era in the development of the music industry will shine like a distant star, and the innovation of information technology will lead us step by step towards it. 

Precedent topic

How do you think Universal Music sent four monkeys to make their debut? Are you optimistic about their future development?

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