Uniswap V3 goes live, opens Uniswap V2 and Sushiswap mobility migration portal

Uniswap V3 is officially launched, the most powerful version of the protocol ever.

On May 5th, the Uniswap team officially announced the deployment of v3 to the Ether mainnet, where all relevant contract addresses can be found.

Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the protocol to date, with centralized liquidity providing unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure for DeFi hubs.

For a full description of v3 features, see our announcement blog post. The audit reports for the core and peripheral contracts are available here (link 1, link 2). Six weeks since the launch of the vulnerability bounty program, Uniswap v3 has not received any significant vulnerability findings. However, we would like to point out that v3 is a complex new protocol and we cannot guarantee that all bugs have been found and resolved.

The Swap interface of the Uniswap platform is now routing transactions through Uniswap v3 and will alert you when better rates are available on Uniswap v2.

The Uniswap analytics platform (info.uniswap.org) can now track data performance on v3. You can continue to view v2 statistics here.

Liquidity Provider (LP)
The Liquidity Pool interface now supports the creation of Uniswap v3 positions with multiple fee tiers and a centralized liquidity range. Each position is represented as an NFT with unique on-chain generation artwork.

Uniswap V3 goes live, opens Uniswap V2 and Sushiswap mobility migration portal

Uniswap V3 LP NFT

We have also released a migration portal for Uniswap v2 and Sushiswap LP to seamlessly migrate their assets to v3. Due to the introduction of centralized liquidity, this migration portal requires LPs to assign a fee level and price range for the allocated liquidity. A migration walkthrough guide can be found here.

Developers can now start building on Uniswap v3 immediately!

Initial documentation and sample projects can be found here. In addition, the Uniswap Labs team will be available to answer questions related to protocol integration in our #integrations channel on Discord.

Contact the team
The Uniswap Labs team will be available to answer questions in the Uniswap Community Discord.

Follow the Uniswap Labs Twitter account for more updates!

Frequently asked questions.

  1. What happens after the Uniswap v2 protocol?

The Uniswap v2 protocol will remain functionally available and accessible as long as the Ethernet network continues to exist. However, we expect that over time, the benefits of Uniswap v3 will attract most of the liquidity and transaction volume of v2.

  1. Do I have to migrate liquidity for v2 LPs?

You may not choose to migrate your v2 liquidity. The Uniswap v2 protocol will remain active and available in perpetuity. However, it may be advantageous to migrate liquidity, as we expect that the majority of transaction volume (and therefore LP fees) will be on v3.

  1. Will the updated Uniswap interface only execute transactions through v3?

The updated Swap interface will be executed on v3 by default, but you will always be alerted if a better trade is available on v2.

  1. Is there a v3 liquidity mining plan?

There will not be a liquidity mining plan with v3 launch. However, Uniswap governance can always introduce a liquidity mining plan through the standard Uniswap governance process.

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