Understanding the “Travel-to-Earn” Project Asura

The NFT project Asura will be officially launched on OpenSea on July 24.

Asura aims to create an original, unique and diverse brand based on streetwear through NFT technology, and also plans to launch more NFTs, digital collectibles, 3D models, exclusive comics and music activities, as of now its Twitter social media The number of users has exceeded 40,000, and the Discord channel has more than 25,000 users.

Asura is a time travel and community-driven infinite gaming Metaverse based on the “Travel-to-Earn” concept, built on the Polygon blockchain. Now, use MetaShip to travel through different eras and create your own world. The further you go, the more you earn.

Token Economics

The $Asur token is the cornerstone of Asura’s game economy, created based on the erc-20 standard. Players can earn tokens by playing the game. Additionally, the $Asur token will be tradable and have a limited supply, which means the token will eventually be deflationary.


$Asur issued a total of 1 billion coins. Among them, seed round financing 10%; public offering 30%; community reward 30%; treasury 10%; exchange liquidity 20%.

Players holding $Asur can be used to:

1. Pledge

2. Burning, the $Asur tokens spent by the player will not enter the treasury, but will be burned. This will keep the token deflationary and increase its value over time.

3. In-game purchases, $Asur tokens can be used for in-app purchases of NFTs, avatars, skins, abilities, powers, and more.

4. Rewards, players will be rewarded based on their performance and these rewards will be in the form of $Asur tokens.

5. Governance, players will be able to participate in governance decisions and vote on proposals.

Users collect $Asur and Mahasur NFTs to time travel and complete tasks. Follow the whitelist process to qualify for NFT sales.

  • Collect Asur and MahAsur NFTs to get the same value of $Asur
  • Buy, stake, upgrade and sell to become the master of NFTs.
  • Carry your own NFTs and unlock unique missions in the world of Asura.

how to play

In Asura, users can understand the progress of history through their character’s activities.

After completing the registration process, users will descend from their current virtual location to a different era. Times are based on ancient beliefs, history, beliefs, recent historical events, popular fiction, and the future. Also, players have enough experience to add more stories and locations (eras) to the game, making it infinite.

Players take on the role of demons in each period and location. They have special powers and abilities to win a battle against their opponents. The results of the activity help players understand perception from the devil’s point of view.


Finally, when players complete this quest, they will earn $Asur tokens. They can then create missions for other players visiting the same era. As a design, this will lead to further mysteries to solve.


Asura Estate Builder: Build an empire, mansion, villa, cottage, hotel, restaurant or any other property with the in-game Asura Builder.

Asura Market: Buy or sell that unique luxury table, comfy chair, ancient lamp or that beautiful scented candle at Asura Marketplace…

Game Missions: In addition to providing users with an infinite time travel virtual world, Asuraverse also provides gamers with a gaming arena where players can play and complete missions to unlock unique stories and earn rewards.

Infinite Metaverse: Asura is a community-driven infinite virtual world that allows users to design, create and merge their worlds within existing virtual worlds.

Governance: $Asur acts as a governance token, giving holders options such as creating their own missions, designing their own thrilling stories, expanding their world, etc.

route map:

Q3 2022: $ Asur public sale, Asura cross-chain support;

Q4 2022: Market, Asura DAO launch;

Q1 2023: Asurackatho community handover.

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