Understanding and sharing of the development trend of Axie Infinity and blockchain

Although in the past two months, I have studied a lot of Axie Infinity ‘s content: gameplay, development, profitability, future planning, and also wrote several analysis articles. I think I have a good understanding of Axie Infinity games. But after watching the video of the game development tea party on Discord on 10.4, I realized that I had some wrong ideas about Axie Infinity.

Among them, the most important point is the understanding of the SLP price of game output tokens. Before that, I always thought that the higher the price of SLP, the better, it could attract more players and benefit the player community. The project party did not prepare enough ways to consume SLP, so many people, including myself, gave suggestions to the official, hoping to increase the way to consume SLP and increase the price of SLP.

But in the Game Dev Chat, one of the co-founders, Jiho, explained the SLP price and consumption that they did not set an ideal target price for SLP, and the price will be set according to the development of the game. Their expectation is the long-term stability of the SLP price, more players can be introduced in the game development process, so that more players can benefit from the game. The game party has considered the issue of SLP price a long time ago. After all, this game was born in 2018, and it is now 2021. In the past three years, the game party has discussed the issue of SLP price internally many times, and there have been other consumptions. The SLP method, but it is not yet time to adopt it.

If the price of SLP is very high, perhaps, many “scholarships” cannot be given to those who need it most. There will be many studios involved, and the price of Axie pets will not be stable, they will be hyped up, and they will be controlled by some large-capital groups. This situation is something that the project party does not want to see. In fact, the project party has a very long-term plan and is implementing it step by step. In order to allow the real group of ordinary players to get more, it even plans to open up the control of future games to the group of players. If Axie pets are concentrated in the hands of a small number of groups with large amounts of funds, and a sufficient number of real players are not attracted, and the ordinary player group does not obtain long-term benefits, then the long-term plan of the game party will fail. Starting from the long-term goal of continuously introducing a large number of ordinary player groups, the project party even deliberately controls the SLP price not to be too high, avoiding the introduction of a large number of capital groups accustomed to speculation.

The project party controls the SLP price stability in the short-term, and is unwilling to increase the SLP price. For many ordinary players, it is unwilling to accept it, including me. Before entering the game and during the game, many people will constantly ask others: “How much money do I need to invest? How much money do I invest, and how long will it take to pay back?”

If you ask this question to players who entered the game at different times, I think the answer is actually different. Many people who started to play this game before 2021 have already repaid their money, but many people who started playing the game around the second half of 2021 are still in the foreseeable future, and some have even been cheated by scammers of their private key mnemonics. , Lost money. Now, I can’t estimate the length of the return cycle. However, from the perspective of the development of this game, it requires the player group to actively participate in the activities inside and outside the game. The game is not like the player group, who cares about how long it takes to return. This book, it is concerned about the long-term healthy and stable operation of the game, including: the price of the game output product SLP.

In the game, the project team hopes that players can master the Axie pet skills and the rules of the battle, and can be rewarded through PVP; outside the game, they hope that players will participate in the artistic creation of Axie pets. Currently, it is mainly animated picture Gif of animation content. More offline activities and continuous animation content creation will be included in the future.

As a blockchain game with a long-term plan, Axie Infinity’s actions in animation have actually been launched. No one can predict how much the player groups and project parties can benefit from animation and its peripheral products in the future. After all, before Axie Infinity, the player groups and animation fans did not have the opportunity to share the bonuses of games and animations. They were all recharging their beliefs. When they have the opportunity to share, they must be very proactive! This is also one of the important reasons why I am optimistic about Axie Infinity for a long time.

Conversely, those centralized online game companies and large animation companies need time to understand this model, and it takes time to make adjustments to this model. The most important thing is: they are willing to share games with game players and animation fans. , Is the bonus of animation content? It’s really hard. If it were me, when I had a golden egg (game IP or animation IP), I would take care of it and hold it firmly in my own hands.

Regarding the content outside the game, in fact, the project team has already begun the layout, e-sports , game guild, and cartoon animation production. The development of animation must be a longer-term job, so I believe that the game Axie Infinity will develop and grow in the long-term, and will not disappear in the short term.


Of course, this block chain game with great momentum is not without problems. On the contrary, it has many problems, and the issue of asset security is currently the most important one.

At present, there are many scammers lurking in the game community Discord, taking advantage of the new players’ ignorance of the blockchain, defrauding many new players to buy Axie pets and digital tokens, and so on.

Several scams that I know of at the moment include:

1. Pretend to be a staff member and let the new player fill out the form, which includes the mnemonic phrase.

2. Provide so-called free scripts to help players automatically scan tasks, defraud mnemonics or scan files on computers and mobile phones to get mnemonics.

3. At the beginning, remote assistance software such as Sunflower was used to help people create digital currency wallets. After the players or studios invested a large amount of money, they suddenly moved all the pets away at night.

4. Tell the newcomer to charge Ethereum on behalf of the company , and then use fake coins to defraud money in the wallet.

The tricks of these scammers are actually very simple, but there are always new players who do not understand the situation and are deceived and suffer heavy losses. It can be said that there is no sense of prevention with the intention of saving trouble in the short term. There are many examples of participating in blockchain content projects, often carrying huge risks.

In fact, I have seen that after the explosion of NFT souvenirs and NFT games this year, a large number of foreigners have entered the blockchain field to learn and study the status quo of blockchain knowledge. However, there are still very few people in China who are willing to participate in the blockchain and learn blockchain knowledge. Based on my personal experience, I think more people are needed to actively participate and learn this knowledge, including: blockchain The concepts of, computing power, and meta-universe. The knowledge itself is not a Ponzi scheme. The scam of fraudulent acceptance is only generated when the knowledge is used by scammers to operate and link with finance. Blockchain is likely to be one of the important elements of the future development of games or virtual worlds on the Internet. It is a big direction and requires a lot of relevant technical personnel and financial support.

 At the end of this article, share the content of the game white paper shared by the co-founder of Axie Infinity on Twitter on 10.18.

 Axie population and long-term sustainability


Key points

Axie is a new type of game that rewards players for the time and energy spent in playing games and developing the game ecosystem.

Axie is a 100% player-owned ecosystem that is connected to real-world cash. The developers of the game are not selling game items or copies, but focusing on developing players into a player economy and charging a small fee to monetize them.

Axies are created by players using in-game resources (SLP and AXS) and sold to new/other players. You can think of Axie as a country with a real ecological economy. The holders of AXS tokens are government managers who receive tax revenue. Sky Mavis, the creator/builder of the game, holds about 20% of the total AXS tokens.

Game resources and items are made as unique objects on the blockchain, which means they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on the open peer-to-peer market.

Axie population growth is a major factor in the Axie ecosystem . In any given time frame, there are some ideal inflation rates that allow us to reach our full potential. Population growth is too slow, Axie prices will be too high, ordinary people can not join, especially the competitive (PVP skills) Axies (the price will be very high). If the population grows too fast, you will get unhealthy inflation (studios that follow suit, newcomers to the blockchain who are cheated by scammers).

Long-term Axie population management relies on:

Add additional practicality to Axies through new experiences such as land and mini games In addition to its effectiveness in fleeting metadata, this adds utility to Axies.

Add vertical rather than pure horizontal progress. Now in order to progress, the main way people take is to expand their collections. This dynamic is not the best long-term. In the long run, both Axies and Land will be upgraded, which will require crafting materials. Axie itself may be “released” to obtain these crafting materials. This creates a long-term supply chain for the Axie population. Axie advancement is coming; it promises a stronger connection between trainers and the Axies they choose to upgrade.

SoulboundAxies , also known as non-transferable Axies, are competitive in the arena, allowing anyone to compete and have fun. The income potential of these soul-bound Axie should be zero or close to zero; this of course means that the demand for a powerful “real” combat Axie still exists. (This may not have been launched yet, but the almost free Axie will be launched, but SLP may not be available, or there is very little SLP)

Also remember that the demand for Axies ultimately drives the demand for SLP (and AXS), so creating more reasons to own Axies and making it easier for us to grow is important for a healthy economy.

The use of network intensity shifts from growth dependence.

In the beginning, the Axie economy will depend on growth and new entrants. New players need Axie to get started, and the price and profitability of Axies will depend on the needs of these potential Axie players. This is much like any start-up company, early growth is necessary.

However, as the scale and strength of the Axie network grows, there will be more and more new sources of external capital in the ecosystem, such as:

Advertising fees and sponsorship. Many projects are already eager to distribute rewards and tokens to the Axie economy. So far, MakerDAO, AAVE and Kyber Network have conducted experimental token placements for Axie players. Axie is already the world’s largest community of people who understand how to use blockchain technology; advertising to such a community is of great value.

Non-profit organizations will become the main source of Axie’s needs and will inject donor funds into Lunacia without expecting any return; only the willingness to do good.

Government donations and grants. Axie is ready to become a laboratory for the universal basic income experiment.

It is also important to note that many Axie players see Axie as a fun game and a social community to meet friends. More than 50% of Axie players prefer gameplay and community rather than economic aspects. These players value the fun and relationships they build through Axie far above any potential income; in the long run, these players will make the economy stronger.

Axie players can obtain other types of value through their journey, such as:

  • The joy of having pets.
  • Entertain, rest and relax.
  • Make friends and find business partners/mentors.
  • Learn how to use an important new technology. A “blockchain course” that does not require payment.

In fact, after I studied the Axie Infinity game and wrote related articles, I really realized that I am also unwilling to think, summarize, and prefer to listen directly to other people’s suggestions. It is really difficult to control your own thoughts in this era. With massive amounts of information and content entering the brain every day, many of us cannot get the truly valuable part.

I asked myself a few questions:

1. Is playing games a waste of time? Is it a waste of money to play games? However, game companies that master customer resources are making a lot of money. People who join large game companies have much higher income than ordinary people, and they have become the envy of many people!

2. Is it a waste of time to read novels? Is it a waste of money to spend money to read novels? However, novel creators and related websites can count the money and get cramps. The income of well-known novelists is even higher than that of many celebrities, which is enviable!

3. Is watching anime a waste of time? Is it a waste of money to watch anime? However, comic creators and animation and peripheral products operating companies have made many and dozens of times the profits of other industries!

I think the Internet information age is full of opportunities and risks. If we want to seize opportunities in this era, then some opportunities are in the above three contents. We need to do more “homework”, study hard, stay vigilant, and actively participate in it. .

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