Understand the relationship between Metaverse, NFT and games in one article

The meta-universe concept proposed in the 1990s suddenly “resurrected” in another form 30 years later, and ushered in its own bright moment in the NFT market. The gradual heat of the concept of meta universe marks the development of NFT from the earliest digital collection auction scene to a more complex and huge system. In this process, the game has become an important carrier of meta universe + NFT design. The role positioning and cooperation of the three are The relationship is easy to confuse. This article will briefly review the relationship and coordination of the three. 

Meta universe + NFT: mutual dependence, coexistence and common prosperity

The future that the meta universe wants to build is not difficult to understand, that is, the use of technology to project various contents of the real world into the parallel universe, so that users can be immersed in a series of virtual activities such as social interaction, games, and creation. To achieve this goal, it is necessary Supported by a variety of technologies, including blockchain, games, network computing power, and virtual reality technologies. Among them, games and blockchain are the technologies and media that Metaverse relies more on. The main reason for this dependence is that the main core of Metaverse lies in the carrying of virtual assets and virtual identities. It needs to create a fair, open source, and reliable economic system. With the help of blockchain, it happens to be able to guarantee the security of users’ virtual assets and virtual identities. Realize the value exchange in the meta-universe, and the entire circulation system is executed in a transparent manner. At this level, users can not only have an extraordinary experience in the meta-universe, but also create circulation value.

Such technical characteristics of the blockchain can be placed in any industry for explanation, and it is also a relatively macro argument. From a longer-term development perspective, what Meta Universe needs to combine is the value element brought by encryption technology-NFT. Why do you say that? In the development of Metaverse, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies are essentially infrastructures, which only provide technical solutions. However, for Metaverse to truly operate, there must be economic activities and economics. Only the active meta-universe can be called the real world. In the provision of the numerical economy of the blockchain, because the trading medium of FT can be continuously copied, there is no scarcity, and it cannot provide anchor value. NFT, as a non-homogeneous token, perfectly solves this problem. Each NFT is uniquely corresponding to a certain reality. Users can truly enjoy the unique digital ownership of Web3.0 based on unique value. Scarce value anchors, and then conduct transactions. With transactions, there will be commerce, and the various economic exchanges in commerce also make the metaverse truly work.

NFT has created a very large and important economy in the first half of this year. Based on data from the encryption analysis platform DappRadar, NFT sales in the first half of 2021 reached 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. Since March, weekly NFT sales have remained at 10,000 to 20,000 units. In June, the monthly sales of OpenSea in the NFT market hit a record high, approaching US$150 million. Moreover, the market dividends in this area have not yet been fully released, and will continue to increase in the second half of the year.

Understand the relationship between Metaverse, NFT and games in one article

With the help of the concept of meta-universe, or taking the heat of NFT, both will achieve more breakthrough innovations. From the perspective of the core value of Metaverse, Metaverse is a shared environment that transcends space and time. The blessing of high-tech technology will profoundly change the way of communication and interaction in the real world and continue to provide services to users. The coexistence of this role will surpass Existing physical roles have expandability beyond imagination. Secondly, the extension latitude of various elements in the meta-universe is not limited by hardware at all, allowing long-term evolutionary development. Furthermore, as a digital species, Metaverse has become a rich and exciting vibrant community by providing rich content and further generating data, digital objects and assets during interaction. For NFT, it can solve the problem of its lack of liquidity and practical application. With the help of Metaverse, the application scenarios, community foundation and transaction volume can be further precipitated, and there will be real liquidity and applications to support the long-term development of NFT.

From the perspective of NFT, it has already broken the circle in a series of popular events in March and April this year, and has gained widespread attention from the public. In addition, the application scenarios have gradually become diversified from simplification, and there are layouts for encrypted artworks, games, music, sports, and NFT tickets. In addition, NFT has a full wealth effect. With the tens of millions of dollars in auction prices for star cards made by NBA Top Shot and other works of art, it has driven the madness of a series of application products and also helped the development of NFT. For the development of Metaverse, NFT can realize the carrying of virtual assets and virtual identities. Through the development potential of the external market and its own non-homogeneous characteristics, it provides various elements of Metaverse’s identity, social interaction, freedom, diversification, economy and transaction. Unleash real vitality and extend more value space.

Leverage the game scene to release more value elements

Although Metaverse has a wide range in a broad sense, the current exploration of Metaverse combined with NFT is mainly in the game field, which is also a relatively more suitable development path verified by the current market. The background of the development of this trend can be roughly summarized as follows: On the one hand, most of the early meta universe product experience revolves around the game industry, and has accumulated a certain user group. On the other hand, games have a lot of value extension. All users can be consumers or creators. They can purchase ownership of items in the virtual world, or they can guide users to pay attention to their own works by issuing their own NFTs. Driven by dual identities, it will bring about a huge market with exponential growth. Then, as mentioned by the blockchain expert Xiao Feng, the blockchain will help the process of “digital twin-digital native-virtual and real”. Among them, digital native can be described as the prototype of the meta universe, and the virtual-real interaction is the scene after the meta-universe is fully implemented. This requires a game platform that includes the most comprehensive virtual-real interaction. In this platform, everyone can obtain it through this platform. Everyone who does something worthwhile can stay in the game due to the reward.

What are the mainstream projects of the existing game track?

At present, there are no longer a few platforms for meta-universe games. Roblox, as the world’s largest multiplayer online creation game, provides multi-platform support for players to use its development and construction of digital content, and can use chat, private messaging and other functions to communicate with friends Although it has not yet been combined with NFT, it has attracted the attention of this wave of games, blockchain, investment and other industries from its success.

Game platforms that are closely integrated with NFT and Metaverse include Enjin, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Axie Infnity, etc. Let’s briefly understand a few cases. Founded in 2009, Enjin was a company that provided website creation and hosting services for game players in the early days. In 2017, it entered the NFT field and launched the first NFT creation platform. The token ENJ is used as the raw material for the NFT of game props. It can be bought and sold on the exchange, and it can also be used to make weapons, props, digital art and other items you can imagine. The game world established by Enjin allows gamers to use specific blockchain assets in each game of the game multiverse. At present, in order to better improve the game performance and user experience, Enjin has created Efinity, which is a scalable cross-chain network running on the Polkadot parachain, helping the creation, use and transaction of NFTs become easier and faster , Thereby increasing the transaction volume and usage of NFT, and any NFT on any chain can be transferred to Efinity.

Decentraland is a virtual world that is truly owned by users. Users can fully control the content environment and applications they create, ranging from any static 3D scene to applications or games with more interactive functions. All virtual land and buildings on the virtual land are held by the owner forever. The Sandbox is committed to building a deeply immersive virtual world, where players can collaborate to create virtual worlds and games, without central authority management, subverting existing game manufacturers, players can use the platform’s utility token SAND in the Ethereum area Build, own, and monetize the gaming experience in the blockchain. The Sandbox also provides VOXEDIT tools. VOXEDIT is a simple, easy-to-use and powerful free 3D voxel modeling package that allows users to create and animate 3D objects such as characters, animals, leaves and tools, and export them to The Sandbox market as in-game assets. CryptoVoxels was called “blockchain version of minecraft” at the beginning of its birth. It is a completely open free sandbox game. Players have no goals and tasks and can do whatever they want in the game.

Understand the relationship between Metaverse, NFT and games in one article

In addition to the above, there is fierce competition from other rivals such as Axie, ImmutableX, and Flow. On the whole, the meta-universe track is still open, and there is still a lot of room for growth in the contribution of NFT market value. As far as the game track, the best way to combine Metaverse and NFT, is full of potential, it is a topic and direction that every blockchain person, technology investment and research institution and game player should pay attention to.

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