Understand the development direction of the alliance chain from the application of the alliance chain

As of June 2021, it can be seen from the top 100 application cases published by FISCO BCOS that the FISCO BCOS alliance chain solutions have been practically applied to more than 120. The wide range of applications is impressive. Surprised, just because these applications are far away from the user end, we have no obvious feelings. Therefore, in this article, we will select some of these cases to understand the application of the alliance chain.


From finance, construction, justice, public welfare, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and government affairs, we choose the following cases to look at.

Cross-border Mutual Recognition of Guangdong and Macao Health Codes


In May 2020, the governments of Guangdong and Macao officially launched the mutual recognition system of “Yuekang Code” and “Macau Health Code”. Starting from July 15, residents of the two places can be exempted from the 14-day medical observation period for customs clearance. WeBank uses FISCO BCOS blockchain bottom layer and entity identity identification and verifiable digital certificate technology provide open source technical support for the project. Using the advantages of blockchain technology, the project can not only realize the cross-border mutual recognition of health codes, support the communication between residents of the two places, but also ensure compliance with privacy protection and other related legal and regulatory requirements, and will not cause security compliance issues such as cross-border data transmission.

As of February 2021, the project has served more than 58 million cross-border traffic between Guangdong and Macao, which has played a key role in supporting the normal movement of people in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the restoration of economic and social exchanges.

Analysis: This is a solution that uses blockchain technology to complete data security and compliance. On the user side, you can feel the convenience of exempting the residents of the two places from the 14-day observation period, but on the back-end data, the government At the height of the role, data sharing is completed. However, for the data sharing level, although the two places are open for sharing, the open sharing of data is not deep. The subsequent use of data other than digital vouchers and subsequent storage and management of data are both Questions to be explored. The architecture of the blockchain can make some simple business scenarios simple, but a lot of data is stored in the server, and the data on the chain is still a small number. The sharing and processing of larger-scale data requires thinking plans.

Wuhan Municipal Affairs Blockchain Hub


Based on the city-level blockchain infrastructure platform of FISCO BCOS, create a unified blockchain application deployment and operation management system, and provide efficient, convenient, low-cost and safe blockchain application development, deployment and operation and maintenance management services, Wuhan The blockchain hub will promote the sharing of cross-departmental information resources, improve the efficiency of collaboration between government and enterprises, and accelerate the implementation of blockchain applications in the fields of judicial deposits, data sharing, intellectual property protection, market supervision, anti-counterfeiting traceability, electronic certificates, and government approvals. , To provide citizens and enterprises with smarter, convenient and high-quality services.

Analysis: The framework of this government affair system is very comprehensive and can be implemented well in the alliance chain structure. For the traditionally cumbersome and time-consuming process of government affairs, the blockchain system can replace these complex processes, and it must be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For example, if this institution reviews the information, the next institution can directly pass the review of the information. Direct application, no more cumbersome procedures are required. However, when it comes to implementation, the reform of the government system is a problem. It is also an important issue to allow multiple government agencies to replace systems and procedures. Need to change from urban planning.

Housing Provident Fund Industry Alliance Chain Platform


Ningxia Hope Information Industry Co., Ltd. is based on the provident fund data application platform developed by FISCO BCOS. It establishes a provident fund industry alliance chain through housing provident fund, civil affairs, social security, banking, real estate and other departments. Provident fund business-related data and information are stored on the chain through a consensus mechanism Perform business data verification to ensure the security and credibility of business data.

Analysis: This is a very simple solution. Use the blockchain system and provident fund to manage upstream and downstream enterprises, integrate a chain service system, share data, and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

People’s copyright-one-stop copyright protection management platform


Based on the underlying technology of the FISCO BCOS blockchain, the news copyright alliance chain is constructed to realize the online and automation of the entire process of digital copyright confirmation, monitoring, infringement evidence collection, and litigation. It is generated by the author’s name, registration time, work name, and core abstract information of the work. The only corresponding digital fingerprint DNA, based on the “physical identity” and “trusted data exchange” of the blockchain, the solution-WeIdentity, uniquely identifies the author’s identity and records related data, and monitors the entire network data outside the chain. Automatically discover infringements and get evidence on the chain.

Analysis: The copyright certificate is the most important part of the blockchain for creators. In this solution, the most important thing is to share the certificate with law enforcement agencies. When an infringement problem occurs, it can be directly used for subsequent copyright issues.

Blockchain supply chain contract data anti-tampering platform


Based on FISCO BCOS, the contract version can be traceable, the content can be verified, the contract is permanently stored, and the data is open and transparent. Through the innovation of blockchain technology, the original contract management process is optimized, and the unnecessary business flow is reduced by 20%, and the contract management efficiency is improved. The contract process has been shortened from 20-30 days to 15-20 days, saving labor costs, eliminating a lot of complicated data comparison work, saving more than 5 million labor costs every year, effectively reducing the risk of digital management of electronic contracts, and avoiding illegal tampering The resulting management risk has reached more than 60%. At present, the number of contracts on the chain of the project has reached tens of thousands, and the scale of contract funds has exceeded 1 billion.

Analysis: In this project, the supply chain contract system is the most eye-catching. Needless to say, this is the best example of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

“Xingnong Code” West Lake Longjing Tea Blockchain Traceability Project


Based on the FISCO BCOS blockchain architecture, the transparency of the chaining process is guaranteed. Based on the one-product one-code model, each tea is provided with a blockchain certification certificate with a globally unique identifier. The electronic certificate records in detail the chain data of each link in the tea planting process. Hash, on-chain time stamps, etc., the traceability data of the entire certificate process is stored on the city nodes of the BSN alliance chain. The integration of the Internet of Things technology ensures the implementation of the blockchain + traceability application. This solution has been applied to include tribute. Many well-known tea production enterprises such as Brand and Jingshan.

Analysis: It is a classic solution for the traceability of the entire process. The main problem is where the cost of the system will be borne after the cost of the system increases. Need to find the positive closed loop.

Yuhu Agricultural Alliance Chain


Based on the FISCO BCOS blockchain architecture, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, building a domain agriculture alliance chain, opening up the upstream and downstream data of the industrial chain, solving the problem of information asymmetry in each link of the agricultural production chain, and trustworthy contributions by each node Data assetization can be circulated and applied in the fields of traceability, credit investigation, agricultural finance and insurance, and encourage industry-related data circulation and sharing. The Yuhu Agricultural Alliance Chain has been implemented in applications such as the Shanghai Agricultural Alliance Chain and the Jiaxing Pinghu Smart Agricultural Chain. Among them, Shanghai The agricultural alliance chain has been connected to five major types of node entities, namely, government regulatory agencies, industry associations, agricultural enterprises, financial service institutions, and technical support enterprises.

Analysis: We have seen that the blockchain system introduces the roles of agricultural products in the entire industrial chain, but in this whole set of processes, the most important thing is the introduction of government regulatory agencies and industry associations. This is a new industry. There will also be new management and operation methods in the coordination of the role of the chain.

Inter-agency reconciliation platform


In August 2016, WeBank and its partner bank launched the first domestic blockchain application between multiple financial institutions that was put into operation in a production environment. It has been running with zero failure so far, and it has now been connected to 3 partner banks and is running in a production environment. The number of transaction records exceeded 170 million.

Analysis: This is a standard solution for reconciliation using the blockchain general ledger idea.

Huiyun Chain Logistics Insurance Blockchain Management Platform


Integrating big data and artificial intelligence technology to provide powerful third-party evidence for the true situation of drivers, logistics companies, and cargo owners, improve the risk control capabilities of financial and insurance institutions on the entities that need financing or insurance on the platform, effectively eliminate logistics financial pain points, and transfer trust , Reduce costs and speed up. At the same time, through the WeIdentity data privacy protection, the account is authorized to upload data and query data, and the operation records cannot be tampered with during the entire process of uploading to the chain, ensuring the information security and privacy of each transaction subject. Technical support is provided by Nanjing Anlian Data Technology. Yunda, Pacific Insurance, and financial institutions are negotiating to access Bank of Jiangsu, China Merchants Bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Nanjing, etc.

Analysis: In this solution, the insurance part is the highlight of the business. The key to the insurance business is to write many single processes into smart contracts, and then use the data in the blockchain as the execution condition to execute the contract. Therefore, this particularly requires the business entity to Realize the application of changes to the business system.

Trusted medical records double-blind review platform


Based on the underlying FISCO BCOS blockchain, a consortium chain for medical data circulation and review is built to realize medical record fingerprints on-chain, expert double-blind review, evidence feasibility study traceability, full supervision process coverage, data chain on-chain and off-chain integration, to supervise medical insurance funds Provide a trusted platform. Regulatory agencies provide alliance chain access authentication and distributed identity generation. Medical institution nodes participate peer-to-peer to jointly create a large closed loop of medical information. The entire process of smart contracts, expert allocation, medical record allocation, and results summary, are based on smart contracts. Automatic execution, abnormal data early warning report, public notarization of audit reports, the platform has been connected to the medical insurance settlement data and HIS data of 13 hospitals, providing powerful supervision tools for the medical insurance bureaus and enhancing the supervision of medical insurance funds.

Analysis: The solution of blockchain to the medical industry has always been a difficult problem. The main problem lies in the informatization and data closure of the medical industry itself and the technical difficulty of blockchain medical treatment. In this solution, the closed loop of medical information is an absolute bright spot, and it is also the most powerful way to realize blockchain medical care. This is another way of replacing medical information. When this system runs smoothly, the focus of blockchain medical care will become a data processing problem, which needs to be explored and tried.

Transparent construction of blockchain system


Meet the rigid needs of the upstream and downstream participants in the construction industry for transparent construction, sunshine quality, open credit investigation, trusted transactions, supply chain finance, etc., improve the efficiency of project review, settlement and auditing by more than 15 times, and improve the overall management efficiency of customers40 % Above, the platform covers project funds of more than 100 billion yuan, and provides customers with a blockchain-based project fund settlement of more than 300 million yuan. The system has been applied to the Shenzhen Water Project Management System, Xiongan Intelligent Construction and other projects .

Analysis: The core of a transparent construction system is transparency, which is the source of funds. It is still a shared and collaborative platform established by the idea of ​​an open and transparent general ledger. The highlight of this is the integration with financial institutions and regulatory agencies. If all construction projects in the future can be implemented in this way, then the number of projects with bad debts, bad debts, and unfinished projects may be reduced, disappeared, and so on.

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