Understand the Ant Chain in one article

The development results of the alliance chain are surprising. Take the AntChain as an example. It is hard to imagine that in 2 or 3 years, the AntChain will stand out from the Alibaba Group. From the group structure to the group’s business, the AntChain integrated development. It’s very good. Industry solutions extend to nearly 30 specific industry businesses.

In this article, the author will organize the information of AntChain to help readers fully understand AntChain.

Antchain development background

AntChain is the representative technology brand of Ant Group. It is committed to building a new infrastructure of trust in the digital economy era, building the world’s largest value network, and making blockchain change production and life like mobile payment.

Since 2016, Ant Blockchain has formed a top domestic technical team to independently research and develop the international leading level of alliance blockchain technology. After years of accumulation and development, the Ant blockchain platform can reach the financial enterprise level. It has unique high performance and high security features, and can support ultra-large-scale scenarios with 1 billion accounts X 1 billion daily transactions.

In terms of core technology, AntChain implements consensus mechanisms, network expansion, verifiable storage, smart contracts, high-concurrency transaction processing, privacy protection, off-chain data interaction, cross-chain interaction, multi-party secure computing, blockchain governance, network and basic implementation Major breakthroughs have been made in areas such as, security mechanisms.

As of May 2020, Alibaba (mainly Ant Blockchain) has 212 authorized patents worldwide, which is far ahead in the blockchain field. Of the 212 authorized patents, 126 are obtained by countries/regions outside of China. The proportion of authorized patents overseas exceeds 59%.

AntChain is using technology to build a new generation of trust mechanism, improve the efficiency of value transfer and multi-party coordination, and reduce the cost caused by distrust. While empowering the real economy, it has become a major driving force for the development of my country’s digital economy.

Entry conditions

1. Register an account

Use the corporate Alipay account to register and open a tenant in the Ant blockchain. After the opening is successful, the enterprise Alipay account becomes the space administrator of the tenant, and more member accounts can be added, and the space administrator, observer, developer and other roles can be assigned to it.

2. Purchase and activate cloud services

For financial business, Ant Blockchain provides the following hosting solutions.

Public cloud solutions: to meet the needs of Internet financial services, various cloud products can be purchased, such as: trusted identity authentication, ant blockchain BaaS platform.

3. Disaster Recovery Services

Ant Blockchain provides a disaster recovery solution for dual-active in the same city to ensure business continuity and data security.

4. Development and joint debugging, deployment is complete

Ant blockchain technology architecture

According to the characteristics of different industries and the differences in cost and safety compliance requirements, Ant Blockchain provides differentiated cloud computing services, which are divided into financial districts (referred to as “golden districts”) and non-golden districts, between the two areas Physical isolation.

Financial District: Applicable to financial industries that have strict requirements on business security, reliability, and regulatory compliance. The use of independent computer room clusters meets the financial regulatory requirements of one bank and three conferences; provides ultra-high-level security protection and supports disaster preparedness for three centers in two places. The products and services in the financial district are more strictly managed in terms of network control and access control, and the prices are usually higher.

Non-financial areas: suitable for non-financial industries that have higher demands for cost and access flexibility. The resources, storage, and services are easier to access (for example, through the public network), it is more convenient to build a hybrid deployment environment on and off the cloud, and the usage is flexible, which facilitates the rapid establishment of business services. The types of products and services are similar to those in the financial district, and the prices are more affordable.

According to the geographic location (city) where the data center is located, the financial or non-golden area is further divided into different regions. The internal network of servers in different regions is not connected, and the public network can only be used for network communication. The closer the distance, the smaller the network delay. You can choose different regions according to actual needs.

The following two types of networks are provided on the Ant Blockchain:

Classic network: IP addresses are uniformly allocated by the Ant blockchain, which is easy to configure and easy to use. It is suitable for users who have high requirements for ease of operation and need to use ECS quickly.

Private network: VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), which is a logically isolated private network, supports custom network topology and IP address, and can be connected through a dedicated line. Suitable for users who are familiar with network management.

In order to provide disaster tolerance in the same city, the Ant Blockchain provides multiple zones in the same area. Different available zones are distributed in physical areas where power and network are isolated from each other, which can realize intranet intercommunication and fault isolation between available zones. The same enterprise user can choose two availability zones in a region to improve the high availability of applications.

Environment refers to the general term for hardware, software, network equipment, and data necessary to complete software development and deployment. The resources between the environments are logically isolated, and each tenant can create different “environments (Workspace)” for their applications according to the needs of R&D and delivery, such as development environments and production environments. Each operator can assign different permissions to different environments.

In order to support high availability, the environment can cross the zone (Zone) but not across the zone (Region). In each environment, you need to purchase the corresponding resources for the application, and different environments can release different application versions.

Ant blockchain API platform

The Ant Blockchain API platform (hereinafter referred to as the API platform) encapsulates the existing services of the Ant Blockchain into a series of data interfaces for developers to use. Through the API, developers can not only achieve the same operations as the Web terminal, but also perform complex data interactions.

The API platform is mainly responsible for carrying two types of services: core services and industry applications. The API platform currently does not cover all the services of the Ant blockchain, and the supported functions are still increasing.

Core services refer to the services provided by the core components of the PaaS layer of the ant blockchain. The APIs of all core components start with antcloud.

Core services include the following:

Service name, identity and authority control, geographic management service, service opening service, metering and billing, commodity service, communication service, document exchange service, transaction service

Technical products based on core services include:

AntChain BaaS platform

AntChain-Open Consortium Chain

Distributed Identity Service

Trusted Computing Service

Cross-chain data link service

Application quick build platform

Trusted Attestation Service

Copyright protection service

AntChain Rental Platform

Business Anti-fraud (Ant Shield)

Ant Chain Morse Multi-party Security Computing

Detailed introduction of each product

AntChain BaaS platform

AntChain takes the alliance chain as the goal, breaks through the commercial and financial application scenarios, and takes the lead in realizing an autonomous industrial-grade and financial-grade blockchain system with high reliability, high operability and maintenance, high security, and adaptation to global deployment And other advantages.

The blockchain BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform relies on the AntChain platform to open industry-leading financial technology blockchain services. Provide simple and easy-to-use, one-click deployment, rapid verification, flexible and customizable blockchain services, accelerate the development, testing, and launch of blockchain business applications, and help the implementation of blockchain business application scenarios in various industries. Provides high-performance, stable and reliable, privacy and security, and blockchain storage capabilities for multiple types of data.

The BaaS platform provides basic technical capabilities based on AntChain, and outputs customized overall blockchain solutions, which are applied to scenarios such as data storage and traceability, multi-party business collaboration, and asset registration and transfer.

Ant Blockchain Open Consortium Chain

The Ant Blockchain Open Consortium Chain is a low-cost, low-threshold, open and inclusive blockchain service network. It relies on the strong technical foundation of the Ant Blockchain Consortium Chain, innovative public licensing mechanism, and cooperates with authoritative node partners in various industries to create . The open consortium chain is committed to solving the problems of high cost of existing blockchain networks, high development thresholds, and inability to implement large-scale commercialization. Based on the principle of ecological co-construction and win-win cooperation, the service network is opened to developers, empowering developers in the entire industry, and building ecological prosperity.

AntChain Distributed Identity Service

AntChain Distributed Identity Service (DIS) is a blockchain-based identity management solution that provides a complete set of functions such as the creation, verification and management of entity identities, realizing more standardized management and protection of entity data, and at the same time Ensure the authenticity and efficiency of information flow, and solve the problem of inter-agency identity authentication and data cooperation.

The DIS service based on the blockchain is an efficient, compliant, safe and credible digital identity management solution:

In the distributed digital identity network, there are the following ecological participants:

Holder: The owner and user of the DID identity. Users create and manage their own DIDs through DID client agents (such as applets).

Issuer (Issuer): also known as the issuer, is the party that authenticates the data. The participant refers to an organization or individual that issues or issues a VC verifiable statement (a digital certificate) for the user.

Verifier: Also known as the application party, it is the party that uses the data. The participant is an application service provider that allows users to use DID to obtain services, and is generally an organization or individual that is authorized by the user to verify the user’s identity, the identity of the issuer, and the content of the verifiable statement.

Trusted Computing Service

The trusted computing service product launched by AntChain, as an off-chain trusted extension of AntChain, opens up on-chain data and off-chain data sources, supports multi-party data fusion and governance, and provides users with universal and verifiable private data Computing services. The trusted computing service embeds the WASM virtual machine developed by AntChain in the TEE trusted execution environment, realizing a universal off-chain smart contract that can keep data confidential, enabling developers to quickly implement business logic by writing WASM smart contracts Become a trusted computing application, and can publish, execute and view trusted computing applications through the SDK toolkit.

This product solves the following three major problems faced by the current blockchain in the application process:

As the complexity of blockchain business scenarios increases, the logic that can be implemented only through smart contracts on the blockchain is extremely limited, and there is an urgent need to expand the computing power on the chain while ensuring data privacy and security.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the data on the chain, it is necessary to combine the data off the chain for fusion calculation. Currently, there is a lack of a trusted execution environment that can support multiple business verification requirements for on-chain and off-chain collaboration.

Data flowing on the blockchain will be encrypted and uploaded to the chain due to the need for privacy protection. It is necessary to perform calculation and analysis on the data on the chain without exposing the original plaintext data of the user to ensure the privacy and security of the data.

Cross-chain data connection service

The cross-chain data connection service ODATS (Open Data Access Trusted Service) is an enterprise-level application-oriented service independently developed by AntChain that supports the trusted interaction of data between homogeneous/heterogeneous blockchains.

ODATS is a self-developed cross-chain technology with more than 30 patents. Using the leading technology of AntChain, ODATS has developed a standardized blockchain UDAG full-stack cross-chain protocol to ensure the security, scalability and reliability of cross-chain transactions. Break the data island of blockchain, realize the credible intercommunication between homogeneous and heterogeneous chains, help credible collaboration between enterprises, and promote credible integration of industrial ecology.

Application quick build platform

The application quick build platform is a blockchain application development platform for all developers. It reduces the barriers to blockchain development through low-code methods and quickly and conveniently build blockchain applications. All people keep accounts and all people develop, so that every creative person becomes a creator. Start quickly with low thresholds, visually define blockchain application scenarios, shorten product development cycles, and make agile iterations faster. Users are more focused on application design to meet the needs of the scene.

Through one-click release, the system automatically generates smart contracts with business scenarios and deploys them on the target blockchain, where users see is what they get. Through the standard contract template of the platform, the security and stability of the system are ensured. The platform provides standard interface services for users to integrate quickly.

Blockchain Depository Platform

With full link credibility, judicial authority node witness, security and privacy protection, one-stop access capability, the country’s first legally recognized blockchain storage platform.

Keep traces in the whole process: According to the business process, carry on the chain according to the front, middle and back to ensure the integrity.

Full link credibility: Create a judicial credible environment, strong security and privacy protection, and full link credibility.

Full node witness: multiple credibility institutions jointly witness, can not be tampered with and can be traced back.

By depositing identity, information, assets, and behavior on the chain for evidence, and opening up the judicial system, it cannot be tampered with; once a dispute occurs, the evidence data on the chain can be used as electronic evidence recognized by the court to be submitted to litigation, and enterprises can efficiently resolve disputes and reduce the risk of enterprises. Risk control costs and create a business environment of mutual trust.

Antchain copyright protection platform

The AntChain copyright protection platform is a copyright service platform under the AntChain. The platform relies on innovative technologies such as blockchain, DNA traceability, and AIOT to provide content production institutions or content operation companies with collective rights deposits, network-wide monitoring, and on-chain A one-stop online copyright protection solution integrating evidence collection, with professional, credible, technology-inclusive product design concepts to help every original work gain respect and value.

Leasing business

Based on the basic principle of the real and non-tamperable blockchain, the whole process of leasing business is put on the chain to solve the problem that the leasing industry ecology does not trust the small and medium leasing platforms. Help small, medium and micro businesses solve the operational problems of expensive purchases, difficult financing, and many bad debts, and realize the upgrade of the entire leasing industry. By restructuring the production relationship in the leasing ecosystem, the leasing industry has developed from a heavy asset to a light asset direction.

ANT MORSE safe computing

ANT MORSE secure computing uses secure multi-party computing, privacy protection, and blockchain to create an infrastructure for data security sharing in order to ensure the safe realization of the value of data flow. Solve the problems of data security and privacy protection in the process of data cooperation between enterprises, open up data islands, move computing to the data end, make data available and invisible, and securely promote business innovation.

Ant MOS provides corresponding solutions in data security co-creation and secure and stable online data services. In terms of data security co-creation, all parties involved in data cooperation complete data through the Ant MOS secure computing node My Project and My Data. Safe cooperation and co-creation. After determining the value of the data through co-creation, the service is deployed and launched, and the Ant Moss API service is called, and online data services for the call volume, call results, and variable stability monitoring are provided.

Ant Morse Secure Computing has secure computing and privacy protection capabilities such as secure publishing, security models, secure marketing, security statistics, and security services.

Security release

Security release provides all parties involved in security computing with the ability to perform data collision and security pre-processing in the early stage of data co-creation. The bottom layer of secure release is mainly realized by multi-party secure computing algorithms such as Secret Sharing, Hashing, Homomorphic Encryption, and Gabled Circuit. Through the industry’s advanced security pre-processing functions and best practices, the required data security and compliance are guaranteed to enter the next stage of data cooperation. Security release can support multi-party data encryption collision, data encryption, K-anonymity evaluation and data desensitization.

Security model

The security model is implemented by multi-party secure computing algorithms such as homomorphic encryption and obfuscation circuits, which supports the training and deployment capabilities of distributed models/strategies for all parties involved in secure computing, and supports two-way encryption of data source model variables and data demand-side models/strategies , Which can realize model/strategy encryption training, encryption deployment, maintenance and optimization.

Security marketing

Security marketing ensures that the customer ID and label of both parties are safe for user collisions, joint customer group portraits, precise positioning of target customer groups, and delivery through high-quality media to increase conversion and reduce costs.

Safety statistics

Security statistics provide all parties involved in secure computing with the ability to perform distributed security query and statistics, and also meet the needs of internal data analysts for query and statistics on sensitive or strongly supervised data. The bottom layer of secure computing is mainly realized with the help of the Secret Sharing algorithm, which can obtain summary statistical results without revealing the original data and the source of the data.

Security service

The model/strategy trained through the Morse security model can be remotely deployed to the data source with one click. The model/policy can be deployed remotely in plaintext or ciphertext. At the same time, Morse provides call results and variable stability monitoring.

Security query

Security query can protect the data query and search conditions of data users, and avoid data leakage caused by query and search requests. At the same time, it supports the retrieval of encrypted data to effectively protect data security.

Security script

The security script supports running the data calculation logic written by the user according to the script syntax of the Ant Morse security computing platform in the computing node to adapt to the security computing needs of different industries and different scenarios.

Morse Security Service API

All parties in data cooperation determine the value of data through data co-creation, and conduct online service docking. The Morse Service API provides multi-data source API docking capabilities. The data demander only needs to dock with the MORSE API to complete multiple data source access.

The main industry solutions of AntChain

Shuangliantong Asset Management Platform

Since 2019, Ant Double-Chain Link has been officially launched. Through AntChain and other technologies, it will build asset financial service infrastructure, build a flexible, credible, and diversified blockchain alliance network for refinancing and inter-industry transactions, connecting assets and capital ecology, and connecting the bottom layer Assets are on the chain and asset status is continuously tracked through on-chain risk control to realize asset decision-making management, underlying asset penetration, on-chain asset credit enhancement, contract issuance and other capabilities, helping companies with weak entities and strong assets to lower the refinancing threshold and establish multiple A stable financing channel to obtain lower-cost financing.

Alipay’s digital capabilities

Relying on the capabilities of Alipay’s verification and account system, online signing, collection and payment, etc., one-stop solution to the pain points in the asset generation process, and provide the capital with assets that have passed through the asset penetration (signature information deposit certificate & capital flow closed loop); also It can provide functions such as delayed clearing and change of target collection account to help secondary financing.

Risk control ability

The first is pre-scenario risk control, which uses real-time risk control capabilities for business approval before business approval, including business scenarios such as auto finance, equipment installment, small and micro credit, and accounts receivable financing. The second is risk control of assets on the chain (including risk warning pushes). After assets are generated, risk control is run on the chain in real time, and the risk warning results are shared with the participants on the chain in real time to help financing issuance.

Automatic asset management on the chain

Including assets on the chain in real time, asset decision management (screening, classification, stratification, packaging, calculation, etc.), asset analysis, asset confirmation on the chain, automatic asset authorization, asset deposit certificates, etc.

Physical penetration based on the Internet of Things

Under the leasing scenario, based on each physical object providing a unique identity under the corresponding blockchain, the physical attributes and operating conditions of physical assets are interconnected and penetrated through IOT; the ant side is responsible for the above-mentioned credible data collection and operating data Carry out cleaning analysis, and provide a visualization system for real-time monitoring of the physical objects after the lease.

Full life cycle asset bottom penetration

Through the above-mentioned real-time risk control of assets on the chain and the superposition of the ability of fund collection and payment, asset quality analysis and monitoring, asset evaluation and dynamic valuation, etc., transparent asset generation and issuance financing links, and achieve asset life cycle penetration.

Blockchain refinancing issuance

The first is to connect assets and capital ecology, put the underlying assets on the chain and continuously track the asset situation through on-chain risk control, realize asset decision management, underlying basic asset penetration, and on-chain asset penetration credit enhancement, and realize confidential information based on smart Alibaba/ Refinancing scenarios such as ABS/trust/interbank transfer/bank pledge of ALIBABACONFIDENTIAL contract, and automatic optimization of assets during the duration of the contract. Relying on the intelligent engine of the system, it realizes automated asset replacement and circular purchases, reduces reliance on external guarantees, and greatly reduces manual energy consumption. The second is smart contract issuance financing, based on smart contracts to achieve transaction structure design, contract issuance, recurring purchase and asset replacement capabilities, to achieve automatic contract-based issuance.

Blockchain traceability service

The AntBlockChain Traceability as a Service (TaaS) platform is a large-scale commercial traceability service platform developed based on AntChain BaaS and suitable for various traceability scenarios. The platform uses blockchain traceability combined with technologies such as the Internet of Things to track and record all links of the product life cycle, and register the product’s production information, quality information, circulation information, inspection and inspection data and participant information in the block without tampering On the chain, solve the problems of information islands, poor information flow, lack of transparency of information, etc., so as to realize that the production process can be recorded, the main responsibility can be traced, the product flow can be traced, the hidden risks can be identified, the degree of harm can be assessed, and the supervision information can be shared. Enhance corporate brand, enhance the transparency and convenience of government supervision, and improve the level of public safety management in the digital society.

The ant chain traceability service platform provides a set of simple SaaS service console for users with blockchain traceability needs to support interface operation, supporting APIs to support secondary development, and an official public inquiry client.

Product form

TaaS platform products come in two forms: public cloud and private cloud. The public cloud has the following three versions to choose from:

Trial Version

The 1 yuan trial version can be used for 30 days and is suitable for users who experience traceability services for the first time.

Standard Edition

Users who choose this version will get standard Antchain traceability services, including graphical configuration and API interface services, Alipay end query and verification services, traceability chain certificate services, etc. Users can do personalized custom development based on this version.

Enterprise Edition

Users who choose this version will get enterprise-level AntChain traceability services, including the authorization of an enterprise-level BaaS alliance chain (4 nodes), graphical configuration and API interface services, Alipay end query and verification services, traceability chain certificate services, etc., And the underlying basic capabilities of AntChain, such as: account model, consensus algorithm, smart contract, ledger storage, certificate key, different cipher suite systems supported, privacy protection mechanism, SDK application access, etc. It is suitable for users who have high requirements for performance and data privacy.

Merchant merchandise management

The multi-tenant management mode supports multi-dimensional management at the merchant level and product level, including merchant real-name authentication, merchant code rule setting, etc.

Traceability service management

Traceability management capabilities in batches, support personalized customization of public-side query templates, shopping guides for commodity stores, batch binding codes, and diversified traceability information on the chain.

Identity configuration management

Provide personalized code issuing capabilities, full life cycle code management capabilities, code level correlation capabilities, traceability chain template capabilities, etc.

Customer group statistics management

Based on the terminal scan code situation, it can provide customer group statistical distribution, scan code data analysis and sales trend prediction services.

Digital Goods Collaboration Network

The Ant Blockchain Digital Commodity Service Platform aims to create an ecological alliance of digital commodity exchange through blockchain technology, and help the members of the ecological alliance realize data by seamlessly connecting merchants, equity providers and other marketing service providers ( The unification of user information, the convenience of system switching, and the one-stop digital commodity verification and settlement form a one-stop marketing service.

Account security management

Distributed identity management, combined with the key management system, guarantees the security and privacy of the identity and data on the chain of each enterprise and user who enter the alliance network, and realizes the management functions of merchants, cooperative merchants and users.

Digital commodity asset management

Realize multiple forms of asset digital equity, not only support points, cards, but also support the issuance of credit and property rights, and realize the share split, exchange, and circulation of digital assets, meet the requirements of multi-party reconciliation, and support settlement and realization Exit, as well as repurchase and dividend model. Based on the data storage and transaction traceability features of the blockchain, it can ensure clear property rights, clear and clear flow of digital goods, achieve channel data penetration supervision, and ensure the security of collaborative networks.

Statistical analysis of marketing data

On the basis of ensuring data privacy, statistics on digital commodity marketing data are displayed through data billboards and report output. At the same time, it can also combine multi-party data for safe user collisions, joint customer group portraits, establish predictive models, accurately locate target customer groups, and use high-quality media to promote conversion and reduce costs.

Sales channel matching

Based on the analysis of data such as on-chain product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) information, channel sales circulation path, user marketing behavior, product verification information (user binding/use) and other data, accurate recommendations to downstream sales channels.

Channel governance

The digital commodity service platform supports channel network on-chain, seamlessly docking with service providers, based on distributed identity management, allowing merchants and users on the chain to have a unique DID (Distributed Identity) identity authentication in the entire domain, combined with a key management system , To meet the security and privacy of the identity and data on the enterprise and user chains. In addition, BaaS+ (Blockchain-as-a-Service) provides more value-added services, such as enterprise and individual risk control identification, to achieve The channel data penetrates the supervision, the flow direction of digital goods is clear and clear, and the security of the collaborative network is guaranteed.

risk control

Blockchain + risk control value-added services, improve the risk prediction services of the digital commodity supply chain, and reduce asset losses, including but not limited to user registration protection, solving the problem of junk registration; identity authentication protection, solving the problem of identity forgery; member marketing protection, solving The wool issue; first enjoy and pay later protection, to solve the problems of installment, lease, evasion, credit housing, etc.; gang-associated protection, user blacklist proliferation.

Precision marketing

Control the flow of goods, and provide user analysis portraits based on product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) information, channel sales flow path, user marketing behavior, and product verification information (user binding/use), so as to achieve accurate SKU placement and accuracy Marketing.

Digital Goods Collaboration Alliance

Statistics on digital product marketing data for members of the alliance, display through data billboards, and report output; improve actual user conversion, increase brand user stickiness and newness, increase consumption scenarios, activate points rights, and obtain more investment profits and benefits; Help service providers increase GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume, total transaction volume), obtain lower discounts and higher profits; exchange rights in the alliance, increase the speed of digital asset circulation on the chain, expand the user base of members in the alliance, and form an incremental market.

Other industry solutions

Shuangliantong Asset Management Platform

Trusple Trade Finance Service Platform

Digital business travel supply chain financial solutions

Ant Chain Moss Joint Risk Control

Ant Chain Moss Joint Marketing

Cold chain traceability supervision service

Antchain business flow platform

Quality Inspection Alliance Service Platform

Blockchain digital logistics

Blockchain digital warehouse receipt

Professional qualification certification

Blockchain fund supervision platform

Remote bidding platform

Blockchain prescription circulation

Medical health service platform

Government Service Solution

Blockchain invoice circulation

Blockchain bill circulation

Blockchain electronic license

Trusted Data Service Platform

Digital Goods Collaboration Network

Fandian digital marketing platform

Blockchain points marketing

Jifenbao Digital Points and Rights Platform

Blockchain charity fund traceability

Time Bank Pension Charity

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