Under the strong wind of “Metaverse”, it’s the city’s turn to be anxious

The end of Qingping is the beginning of anxiety.

The hurricane of “Meta Universe” has blown into the hearts of city managers from the business world.

Recently, Seoul, South Korea issued an official announcement that it will first build a “Metaverse Seoul” (Metaverse Seoul) nationwide.

At the same time, it also released the “Meta Universe Seoul Five-Year Plan”, which aims to create a complete set of Meta Universe in three phases from 2022, centering on the business areas of the city government such as economy, culture, education, and tourism. Administrative service ecology!

Is the first big city to enter the “meta universe” coming? !

With small investment and big output, Seoul rushes to the concept of “meta universe city”

According to Seoul officials, “Muniverse Seoul” is the first work plan proposed by the South Korean local government in the field of virtual reality services. Its intention is to break time and space by creating a virtual city in the “meta universe”, so that the real problems of citizens can be solved in the virtual space, thereby avoiding the limitations of time and space. It can not only facilitate the people, but also improve the work efficiency of public servants.

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

Park Jong-soo, the municipal official in charge of the project, said: “By combining public needs with private technology, Seoul will create a new continent called’Won Universe Seoul’ ”.

Not only that, Seoul has also set three stages of development: “start” (2022), “expansion” (2023-2024), and “completion” (2025-2026). It is expected that next year, the platform will be completed through the first phase of work, and services in seven major fields including economy, education, and tourism will be introduced. The total investment plan of “Muniverse Seoul” is 3.9 billion won.

In the direction of “Meta Universe,” South Korea has actually come prepared.

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

The reporter noticed that in May of this year, the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency united about 25 organizations (Korea Mobile Industry Association, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, etc.) and enterprises (KBS, LG, etc.) to jointly establish the “Meta Universe”. alliance”. The aim is to build a meta-universe ecosystem under the leadership of the private sector through the cooperation of the government and enterprises, and realize an open meta-universe platform in multiple fields of reality and virtuality.

Not only that, South Korea’s Digital New Deal also launched the “Digital Content Industry Cultivation Support Program” with a total investment of 202.4 billion won (1.16 billion yuan). Among them, 47.3 billion won (270 million won) for XR content development, which is closely related to Metaverse, 15.6 billion won (89 million yuan) for digital content development, and 23.1 billion won (130 million won) for infrastructure construction of XR content industry.

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

However, what is slightly embarrassing is that compared with the ambition of building “Meta Universe Seoul”, the 3.9 billion won (about 3.3 million US dollars) it plans to invest is really pitiful-there is no doubt that the Koreans have played a good marketing this time. It remains to be seen to what extent its “meta universe” can achieve.

The business community is no longer the only one involved in the “meta universe”

Compared to Seoul, Barbados, a small island country with only 430 square kilometers, is more aggressive in pursuing the meta universe. Last month, Barbados announced that it would cooperate with Decentraland, a virtual world platform, to become the first sovereign country to set up an embassy in the “meta universe.”

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

Many cities in China have also shown a very positive attitude towards “Meta Universe”. Like tourist resort Zhangjiajie launched China (also perhaps the world’s) first scenic dollar research center of the universe. Zhejiang, Guiyang and other places have organized industrial development symposiums and innovation salons with the theme of Metaverse.

However, why has the “meta universe”, which has always been dominated by enterprises, suddenly become the “sweet pastry” of cities and even countries?

The answer is naturally diverse, and the most important point is the potential economic possibility.

According to the data report of the research company Strategy Analytics, in view of the maturity of relevant technological capabilities and the long-term impact of the epidemic on human daily life, the global meta-universe market is expected to reach approximately US$6 billion this year, and in 2026, five years later, The global market is expected to reach nearly 42 billion U.S. dollars-and this data seems to be too conservative in the eyes of many institutions.

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

In today’s economic globalization, no city will ignore the economic growth brought about by emerging technology industries. Internally, if we can first have a deep understanding of “Meta Universe” and provide appropriate relevant support policies in a timely manner, we can undoubtedly grab a dividend in this round of new industry development; externally, open exploration of Meta Universe will undoubtedly be able to Hang up a “new business card” for your family.

The new anxiety of local government

In addition to economic factors, the potential “regulatory responsibility” is also the work that governments have to prepare in advance.

The PC era and mobile Internet era, which are highly led by giant companies, have contributed a lot of new economic scenarios and job opportunities, but the long-term “barbaric growth” has also brought a lot of new social problems.

Under the strong wind of "Metaverse", it's the city's turn to be anxious

At present, from the perspective of the world, incidental issues after the development of industries such as network security and personal data privacy security are becoming major issues that plague countries all over the world. The meta-universe, known as the “future of the Internet”, will naturally be subject to supervision sooner or later.

We learned the lessons of the past, local governments and regulators already pre expect the industry early stage of development often go through some chaos. How to deal with the potential “endgame” and “guarantee” the development of the emerging technology industry has become a difficult problem that needs to be solved urgently. Especially in the face of the industry can not tell in the end is a new concept of what it means when the initiative “incoming” is perhaps the most to alleviate anxiety easier method.

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