UFO, no longer science fiction?

Akita Hiroyuki: The truth about UFOs has been a topic of science fiction fans for many years. But it’s hard to say that now. Major countries in the world have begun to take this issue seriously as a security issue.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees US intelligence agencies, released a report on UFOs on June 25. This is an analysis report of 144 incidents that were mainly witnessed by the US military after 2004. Most of them are events that occurred in the past two years.

UFO, no longer science fiction?

However, related reports not only failed to reveal the truth, but deepened the mystery. There was only one sighting that could be clearly explained, and that was the mistake of using a balloon as a UFO. Although the other 143 cases were tried to be verified, they were unable to provide any real explanations.

No propulsion device was found, but it was able to fly at high speeds, and move quickly while standing still in the windy sky—this kind of “abnormally moving” objects reached about 20 out of 143 incidents. There were also 11 cases that were unusually close to the aircraft.

The US government refers to these as “unidentified aerial phenomena.” In recent years, as the sighting information has been released one after another, in August 2020, the U.S. government established an analysis team and began to promote verification. This report is based on the verification results of the relevant teams.

At first glance, it looks like a topic of concern to people who are keen on conspiracy theories and fantasies, but it is not the case. The United States has gradually regarded this as an important issue related to national security.

In fact, as soon as the report was published, the US Congress and security experts demanded that the truth be found out as soon as possible.

Warner (Democrats), chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Special Committee, stated that “we must deepen our understanding of threats and be able to deal with them” and demanded further investigation. Senator Marco Antonio Rubio (Republican) of the committee also strongly expressed the same proposition.

The US Department of Defense is also considering further investigations. In late June, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks ordered the responsible department to develop a corresponding plan.

So, what are the specific threats that can be envisaged? According to US security experts familiar with internal discussions, the first thing the US government and US military worry about is that countries or groups on the planet may be flying UFOs.

Because even if there is a certain kind of organism in the vast universe, it is difficult to explain it with scientific theory when visiting the earth so frequently.

The first person in cosmological research, Professor Murayama Qi of the University of California, Berkeley, said, “A planet with a similar environment to the Earth is considered to be the shortest distance from the Earth to about 4 light-years. Even with superb technology, it would take an astonishing number of years to travel to and from the Earth. (UFO) are really extraterrestrial creatures. Why visit the earth so frequently is hard to understand.”

It takes about 30,000 years to travel to planets about 4 light-years away on the existing Earth spacecraft. Even if there are aliens whose technology is far superior to humans, it seems that it is not so easy to “visit” the earth frequently.

If this hypothesis is true, it is very likely that people on Earth are controlling UFOs. In this case, it will obviously become a huge threat to security.

According to a number of military experts, if the witnessed “abnormal flying” objects are used for military purposes, it is difficult to track and respond to them with existing weapon systems. According to the sightings of the US military, some have stealth capabilities that are difficult to be detected by radar.

As another possibility of speculation, the report also mentions objects being developed by “the US government and the US industry.” If this is true, it is a top-secret plan that is being advanced without the knowledge of the heads of the US intelligence agencies and the US Department of Defense.

The report did not completely exclude the aliens. Related to this, Christopher Mellon, the former Assistant Secretary of Intelligence of the US Department of Defense who is familiar with the UFO investigation process, argued in his blog on June 25 that “the theory of aliens should not be ruled out.”

The UFO issue is no longer a matter of watching fire from the other side. One month after the UFO analysis team was established by the U.S. government in August 2020 (September), Japan’s then Defense Minister Taro Kono gave special instructions to the Self-Defense Forces, saying that when encountering UFOs, they should take good pictures and analyze them.

It is said that Kono also mentioned this issue during a meeting with the then U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper in the summer of 2020 to discuss sharing information.

On July 11, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, UK, successfully realized “space travel”. On July 20th, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon in the United States, also completed a space trip. For mankind, it is closer to the extraterrestrial world than before, but mankind’s understanding of the vast universe is still very limited.


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