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Recently, a novel concept term has quickly become popular on the Internet, which has attracted widespread attention from the scientific and technological circles and investment circles. This conceptual term is “meta universe”. So, what exactly is the meta universe?

Four core attributes

The term Metaverse comes from the novel “Snow Crash” written by the famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in 1992. In the book, Neil Stephenson describes a cyber world parallel to the real world and named it “Metaworld”, which is three modes of physical reality, augmented reality and virtual reality, in a shared cyberspace A state of mutual integration. All people in the real world have a “network clone” in Metaverse.

The meta universe is not a real world, but a virtual world that is infinitely close to reality; more accurately, the meta universe is the virtual world of the future. In the 2018 sci-fi movie “Ready Player One”, director Steven Spielberg showed us an absurd and fascinating virtual game universe-the oasis, and this oasis is the final form of the meta-universe .

Since the market value of the first Roblox stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange has soared, leading Internet companies have embraced this future field. Tencent is currently Roblox’s strategic partner in China and holds 40% of Epic Games. Bytedance, after investing nearly 100 million yuan in code Qiankun, recently acquired Pico for 5 billion yuan and officially entered the VR market. The sword refers to the ambition of Meta Universe. At the same time, Zuckerberg also said that Facebook will become a meta-universe company in the next five years.

The new generation of social networking system, Meta Universe, is particularly attractive to the tech giants. Companies with first-mover advantages must defend their existing interests, and newly emerging companies have the opportunity to overtake corners. But for now, the industry does not have a detailed description of the final form of the metaverse, but by refining its characteristics, we can still determine the four core characteristics of the metaverse:

1. Synchronization and simulation

The virtual space maintains a high degree of synchronization and intercommunication with the real society, and the interactive effect is close to reality. Synchronization and simulation of the virtual world are the basic conditions for the formation of the original universe, which means that all events in the real society will be synchronized with the virtual world, and users can get feedback information close to reality when interacting in the virtual meta-universe.

2. Open source and creation

Open source also means open source technology and open source platforms. Metaverse encapsulates and modularizes code to varying degrees by formulating “standards” and “protocols.” Users with different needs can create in Metaverse to form a native virtual world. Expand the margin of the meta-universe.

3. Sustainability

The meta-universe platform will not “suspend” or “end”, but will operate in an open source manner and continue indefinitely.

4. Closed-loop economic system

The user’s production and work activities will be recognized in the platform’s unified currency. Players can use the currency to consume content on the platform, and can also replace the real currency through a certain percentage. The economic system is the engine that drives the continuous advancement and development of Metaverse.

Economists said that Metaverse needs to include network computing power, artificial intelligence, game technology, visualization technology (AR, VR), and blockchain technology (to ensure the stability and transparency of the economic system through smart contracts and decentralized settlement platforms). support.

The meta-universe is based on the underlying technology of the blockchain. In the future, large and small blocks will form a whole meta-universe ecology. In this ecology, any weak data-related contributions can be traced through blockchain technology, and the original digital currency is used as an incentive to make the value transfer process of the entire digital world unimpeded.

Digital assets facilitate the exchange of ecological value

For the metaverse to truly operate, there must be economic activities, and with the reality of economic activities, it can be called the real world. The decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer mechanism provided by blockchain technology can ensure the value ownership and circulation of Metaverse, thereby ensuring the stability and efficiency of the economic system; at the same time, it also guarantees the transparency and deterministic implementation of rules.

If the blockchain lays the foundation for the operation of the economic system of Metaverse, then the native digital currency in it carries the function of value transfer in this world. As one of the important infrastructures in the blockchain world, what opportunities will the UENC public chain bring to the industry?

UENC is a low-energy basic public chain that uses DPoW (Directed Proof of Work) consensus algorithm to provide computing power and get rewards at a very low cost, reactivating the current massive mining machine inventory market, and forming a low entry barrier At the same time, it also has a highly decentralized mining ecosystem. Nodes produce blocks using a random extraction mode of mining. Miners use Gas settings to confirm their probability of being selected. In today’s increasingly popular blockchain technology, let More people are participating in the wave of digital economy.

UENC, whether it is the innovation of the protocol layer, contract layer, incentive layer, consensus layer and other underlying technologies, or the operating environment that is more suitable for developers, or a more reasonable business and economic model, or even more complete functions, it may bring New opportunities for low-energy-consumption basic public chains.

Not only that, UENC has found a better foothold based on technological breakthroughs: application! UENC is determined to open a technology application ecosystem that is easier for developers to use, and at the same time create an application tool that can make using blockchain technology as simple as using a smart phone. After combining business and technology, it has the following characteristics:

A more complete network-with its own interface and toolkit, anyone can quickly merge in with a computer;

More efficient calculation speed-more than a thousand times per second, it is expected to reach tens of thousands of TPS in the future;

A more optimized consensus mechanism-openness, transparency, and co-governance bring higher security;

UENC will continue to build a closed-loop value ecosystem, and all digital assets can freely flow and realize in the UENC ecosystem. In the process of digitizing multiple factors of production, UENC will rely on cross-chain system integration capabilities to match the collision of all intangible assets such as digital assets, value concepts, ecological values, and community incentives, and burst out more imaginative forms of value , Invigorate the stock value and create incremental value.

In the construction of UENC’s ecology and consensus, the number of people who add UENC to ecological mining will increase exponentially, leading to a shortage of supply. Because of the insufficient market currency, the price of UENC will skyrocket due to demand. The mechanism determines that all participating addresses need to pledge 500 UENCs to obtain computing power. Then the computing power is increasing, and the daily output of UENC for each address is decreasing. With the blessing of this mechanism, the supply is far behind fast. Increasing demand. Therefore, the price of UENC will continue to rise.

With the rapid transition from cyberspace to physical space in the production and lifestyle of human beings, UENC will also show a clear and solid logic of dream-making and wealth-making: all valuable, meaningful, and future ideas will be in UENC’s ecology blooms charm, gains recognition, creates wealth, and realizes fission.

Technology changes the world, and technology also depends on this world. UENC has created the ultimate ecological experience, and has value-added potential on the end of ecological governance. The pass is used as a link to consolidate the consensus of the community. The combination of these advantages and the meta-universe forms a virtuous cycle of value system.

In the future, UENC will usher in the attention of more developers, so that infrastructure users, development users, and ordinary users can get a better participation experience. UENC will have a lot of room for growth, which is worthy of everyone’s long-term attention.


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