UBOX DAO teaches you how to capture investment opportunities in the metaverse era

Metaverse and DAO

In 2021, the year when the Metaverse exploded, under the leadership of Zuckerberg, the “craziest” apostle, Tencent, Microsoft, Byte and other Internet giants at home and abroad have invested in it, and the Metaverse has become a must-have for military strategists. Ground, under their bet, capital and technology have become the bargaining chips for the realization of the Metaverse, and the landing of the Metaverse requires that every individual participates in the form of DAO to ensure the system of the virtual world.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. As we all know, one of the characteristics of the Metaverse is decentralization. Under the premise of no control, DAO is the only organizational method that adapts to the ecology of the Metaverse. It constrains us in the Metaverse and ensures that all beings are equal and coexist with the system. Each DAO is equivalent to a small social system. Social members join the DAO, and then formulate rules, implement and restrict each other in an orderly manner. The emergence of DAO established the initial ecology of the Metaverse, and DAO will accelerate the landing of the Metaverse.


In 2022, we saw the value of the existence of DAO, DAO broke out! We deny the monopoly of data and capital of corporate giants. In the face of unequal relationships, we are more eager for DAOs. Under the condition of decentralization, we can achieve fairness and justice, and obtain corresponding power and wealth through our own efforts and contributions.

When there is such an idea, how to make the DAO have room to realize it? UBOX DAO has the answer.

UBOX DAO and ecology

[UBOX DAO] Marketplace, the head of the market, is a DAO organization that guarantees safer and more decentralized funds, with exchanges as the core target. UBOX DAO perfectly fits the survival standard of the embryonic society of the Metaverse, and based on this Creating a more “meta” ecosystem, the organization has now successfully developed and launched NFT Marketplace, EX Aggregator, Defi Information and other projects.

In the Metaverse world, the key hubs and usage scenarios for DAO to continue to develop must be a Marketplace that can truly realize wealth freedom, a place where they can earn and exchange earnings through hard work.

Nowadays, most of the hottest Marketplaces in the market exist in the form of CEX (Centralized Marketplace), and a few are DEX (Decentralized Marketplace). Whether it is centralized or decentralized, there are many drawbacks, common ones like hackers Theft, artificial manipulation leading to skyrocketing and plummeting, etc., cause many factors to be unstable, and there are concerns when choosing. But UBOX DAO is different. Faced with these problems, UBOX DAO innovatively proposes MEX (Mixed Marketplace), which integrates all the advantages of CEX and DEX, retains two trading methods, and experiences double fun. 


MEX and advantages

After the innovation and integration, while retaining the advantages, it also solved the insufficiency of CEX\DEX. Compared with the former, MEX presents these four advantages:

1. Funds are more secure

In traditional CEX, capital risk is huge. This is a problem that exists in centralization, that is, information, data, power, etc. are too concentrated. At this time, the centralizer of power in CEX can transfer funds at any time, and the risk factor is huge.

UBOX DAO does not need to be recharged to a centralized wallet, but to solve this problem by depositing and withdrawing funds to the contract custody on the chain. The contract on the chain acts as a third party, and the contract has many nodes to be verified, which makes the funds more stable, safer.

2. Derivatives transactions are more transparent

In CEX, problems such as liquidation and downtime caused by human manipulation are not uncommon, and users have no way of knowing any information and are in a passive position.

UBOX DAO abandons this shortcoming, and adopts the DEX method to trade derivatives with the Layer2+Chainlinks oracle price feed technology, allowing users to query and trace, truly realizing openness and transparency.

3. Better liquidity

CEX calls Marketplace data through API, and DEX uses contracts.

UBOX DAO integrates two methods to achieve the effect of MEX aggregator. Through comparison, users can get better price, lower handling fee and faster transaction speed (the price difference can reach 2.5-5 times that of conventional exchanges)

4. Withdrawal is more convenient

At present, the common DEX has the disadvantage that it cannot be realized. UBOX DAO helps users withdraw cash by integrating CEX+DEX, centralized login and wallet login, and provides one-stop OTC service.


In the Metaverse era, in addition to understanding it, it is more necessary to choose the right DAO to create it. In the context of capital that cannot be ignored, UBOX DAO undoubtedly allows more ordinary people to see the opportunity to get ahead. With the prominent advantages, UBOX DAO has more ability and resources to find the real wealth password.

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