Ubisoft’s new NFT project video gets a 96% dislike rate

French gaming giant Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s newly launched non-fungible token (NFT) project Quartz is facing strong resistance from the gaming community.

On December 8, Ubisoft announced the launch of the Quartz beta version by posting a short video on YouTube. As of this writing, there have been 214,721 views. The project aims to combine NFT and blockchain technology with existing AAA-level games, and announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is its first game to officially integrate NFT.

The video introduces Quartz as a platform that enables players to “collect the first playable and energy-saving Ubisoft NFT”, these NFTs are called “Digits”.

YouTube recently changed its policy to hide the number of dislikes received by videos, but this number is still available through the Google Chrome extension. It can be seen through Google Chrome that the video currently has 1,400 likes and 37,000 likes, which is equivalent to about 96% of dislikes.

One of the hottest comments posted by user “OperatorDrewski” currently has 2,600 likes and 0 dislikes, and criticizes Ubisoft’s NFT project as a means of grabbing money quickly, rather than improving the overall gaming experience:

“To me, this is an obvious signal that you are only squeezing every penny of the Ghost Recon series of games, and the effort invested in the actual game itself is minimal. If this level of degradation occurs in the team, then I won’t play GR games anymore.”

This view seems to have been recognized by a considerable part of the community, and users on Twitter also criticized the company’s latest statement. They threatened to uninstall the company’s games and completely boycott Ubisoft.

Due to my personal view of NFT and not entirely because of the environment, I will now uninstall all content related to you and stop buying your games.

that’s all. For those who don’t like the current Ubisoft marketing, stop buying.

— Skyeeeely-Lazy VStreamer Cat (@Sukaaaily) December 7, 2021

On December 8, a post on the r/gaming page on Reddit showed that people were unanimously boycotting Ubisoft’s new NFT project. This post from “u/WolverineKuzuri93” titled “Does not support Ubisoft’s new NFT market’Quartz'” has received 2500 comments and more than 13,400 likes, with a like rate of 93%.

The Reddit user highlighted similar issues to the top commenter of the YouTube video and pointed out:

“We must oppose this approach…. This is just another way to deceive players with superficial articles, rather than focusing on making deep, high-quality products. We must let the company know that this is anti-consumer behavior.”

They added: “I am not totally opposed to the concept of using NFT systems in digital games. For example, actually owning your digital copy, not just a license, so you can sell it to another user Account. This is actually the future of digital games. What I oppose is Ubisoft’s approach to in-game props.”

Player resistance to NFT

This is not the first time a large company has been criticized for focusing on or entering the NFT field. Cointelegraph reported last month that after the player community lashed out at CEO Jason Citron, the community messaging app Discord was forced to cancel the Ethereum-based NFT integration plan.

Citron initially previewed his company’s plans with a screenshot of a beta version showing the support of the Ethereum NFT wallet, but he was quickly surrounded by thousands of comments asking him to abandon the plan, and users threatened to cancel their paid Nitro subscription.

Unlike the situation at Ubisoft, cryptocurrency skeptics on Discord believe that NFTs are Ponzi schemes and will damage the environment due to the energy required to mine cryptocurrencies.

Cointelegraph has contacted Ubisoft representatives for comment, and if they respond, Cointelegraph will update the report.

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