Ubisoft’s first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant’s crypto attack road

In the field of traditional games, there are many drawbacks in both the game’s mechanism design and the ownership of assets. Games are often controlled by developers and third-party operators, and the data lacks transparency. Once the game manufacturer changes the game parameters, it will cause substantial damage to the interests of the players; at the same time, the players cannot have the ownership of the game assets, and their transactions Behavior will also be severely restricted. On the other hand, for players, playing games is just a pure form of entertainment and pastime, which cannot bring actual benefits to them and lacks investment value.

In the field of encryption, games built with blockchain technology can well solve these centralization and data opacity issues, and players can obtain their ownership through game assets issued by NFT, and play to earn in the game. Brought real benefits to myself.

In the past year, blockchain games have ushered in explosive growth. Encryption concepts such as NFT, Metaverse, Play to Earn, and GameFi have continued to be hot, accelerating out of the circle, and more and more funds and users are pouring in. The new changes in the game industry have also been keenly captured by the large traditional game manufacturer Ubisoft. As a gaming giant, Ubisoft, is it chasing the trend of this wave of blockchain games, or has it already been laid out in it, Rhythm BlockBeats will sort out Ubisoft’s footprint in the encryption field for everyone.

Launched Ubisoft Quartz based on Tezos and launched the first NFT

On December 8, the well-known gaming industry giant Ubisoft announced the launch of Ubisoft Quartz, a game platform that supports NFT, which will be launched in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Australia and other countries on December 9. test.

The platform is based on the Tezos blockchain and supports players to earn and purchase in-game items marked as NFT on Tezos. According to Ubisoft, Tezos, which uses PoS proof of interest , provides a more advanced and environmentally friendly alternative than Bitcoin and other protocols that use proof of work; Tezos does not rely on complex calculations to verify transactions, so it will not Lead to extreme energy consumption. In April of this year, Ubisoft also officially became an enterprise verification node on the Tezos network.

At the same time, Ubisoft also released the first official NFT “Digits”, and took the lead in applying the PC version of the tactical shooting online game “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” in its video game brand Tom Clancy. The NFT will also be stored on Tezos. Ubisoft therefore Became the first large-scale game company to release a built-in NFT for games.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

Ubisoft said that Digits represent unique collectibles and playable decorations in the game, from the vehicles in the game to weapons to equipment. Each Digits has a serial number. A fixed number of Digits will be released as a version. Digits will only be controlled by the player, and will also be associated with the player’s name, which is unique.

At present, Ubisoft has released three free versions of Digits, namely “M4A1 Tactical | Wolves”, “Wolf Enhanced Helmet A”, and “Wolf Enhanced Pants”, representing the weapons and clothing in the “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” game. , And these three versions of Digits will also be released at 2 o’clock in the morning on December 10, 13, and 16, Beijing time.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

However, due to the limited number, Ubisoft has also imposed some restrictions on the qualifications of players who receive this version of Digits: Players who receive “M4A1 Tactical | Wolves” must reach XP level 5 in “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” to receive “Wolf Enhanced Helmet A “And “Wolf Enhanced Pants” players need to play games on the Ubisoft Connect PC platform for more than 600 hours and 100 hours, respectively. At the same time, players must be at least 18 years old and live in eligible countries or regions.

Traditional business growth has slowed down, optimistic about blockchain games

But why does Ubisoft, which has established deep roots in the traditional gaming circle, want to enter the encryption field?

Ubisoft’s full name is Ubisoft Entertainment SA (Ubisoft Entertainment Software Company). It is a multinational video game production, distribution, and sales agency. It was founded in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers in Rennes, France. In 2009, Ubisoft was named the fourth largest game company in the world, with the second largest number of game developers in the world and 23 game development studios worldwide.

Since its establishment, while Ubisoft has steadily expanded its business, it has also continued to launch highly playable and stylish game products. His works include “Rayman” (Rayman), “Assassin’s Creed” (Assassin’s Creed series), “Far Cry” (Far Cry series), “Prince of Persia” (Prince of Persia), “Watch Dogs” (Watch Dogs), “Ravings Rabbids” (crazy rabbits) and many other popular games. Among them, “Assassin’s Creed”, released in November 2007, once became the best-selling video game brand in the history of the United States and the United Kingdom, which prompted Ubisoft to become a leader in the gaming industry.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

However, while the quality of game production is widely praised, Ubisoft also has some controversial and criticized areas in operation or game design. For example, its network connection game server sometimes fails for a long time or the connection is slow, which is called the “Tudou server” by users; its “The Blockade” game also had server access problems during the initial operation, which was ridiculed by players as “Quiet all over the world”; and there will be some incredible bugs in many games. In the game “Rainbow Six: Siege”, the player got stuck in the map model and died abnormally due to the problem of the map model construction. Therefore, the player was ridiculed by the player. It is “Buy BUG, ​​Free Game”.

In addition, in 2016, Ubisoft was also involved in a hostile acquisition by the French mass media company Vivendi. In the end, Ubisoft introduced two “long-term investors”: China’s Tencent Group and Canada’s Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to successfully get rid of. After Tencent bought 5% of Ubisoft’s total equity for 369 million euros, Ubisoft will be responsible for the next release, operation and promotion of several of its most successful games in the Chinese PC and mobile markets.

Perhaps Ubisoft, as a gaming giant, still smells of danger. The body temperature of giants is often still hot, and doing a good job in the transformation of the traditional game business to the encryption field is a meticulous precaution.

On October 28 this year, Ubisoft announced its financial report for the first half of the 2021-22 fiscal year. The data shows: its net sales were 751 million euros, a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same period last year; the net book value was 718 million euros, a year-on-year decrease of 5%; the operating profit was 25.9 million euros, and the combined net profit was only 1.6 million euros , A sharp drop from the same period last year.

On the one hand, the growth of the traditional game business is slowing down, and on the other hand, the new waves such as Metaverse and GameFi are coming. The game industry is undergoing brand-new changes.

In the earnings call in the second quarter of this year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also confirmed that in addition to investing in blockchain companies, Ubisoft will also create its own blockchain games, which can allow more players “Earn content, own content” and promote the development of the industry.

Continue to lay out the encryption field

Among the traditional game manufacturers, Ubisoft is one of the few large-scale game companies that have a wide-ranging layout in the encryption field, and as early as 2017, it began to explore the fields of blockchain games and NFT encryption. To this end, Ubisoft specifically uses its “Strategic Innovations Lab” (Strategic Innovation Lab, SIL) to further advance some of its ideas in the field of encryption.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

SIL is a subsidiary of Ubisof located in Paris’s “Station F” creative industry park. In addition to blockchain, they have also been engaged in research on AR augmented reality and AI artificial intelligence in their early days. Lidwine Sauer, Director of Trend Observation at SIL, once said in an interview that Ubisoft is particularly interested in blockchain technology that can provide unique ownership of digital products. Digital collectibles.

Later, SIL was inspired by “Minecraft” (Minecraft) and started a project called “HashCraft”. This was an experiment on blockchain games by Ubisoft at that time and it was not officially released. The project aims to build a decentralized game ecosystem, and it is also the first real blockchain game launched by a 3A-level game company.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

In “HashCraft”, each game player will act as a node on the network, thereby creating an always-on network without using a dedicated central server. In addition, players can create their own islands, hide their own treasures, and set different levels of challenges for other players, continuously contributing to expanding the world in the game. “HashCraft” provides players with unprecedented freedom in the future, and now, two years later, this should be the embryonic form of the Ubisoft Metaverse project.

Since then, Ubisoft has cooperated with multiple crypto companies through SIL, and has also supported the development of multiple blockchain startups through the SIL-supported “Entrepreneur Lab” (Entrepreneur Lab Program). In 2020, the current Play to Earn star project Axie Infinity (Sky Mavis) has been added to the fifth season of Entrepreneur Lab.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

In addition, in 2020, Ubisoft also launched the “Rabbids Token” project based on its popular “Raving Rabbids” game series. Nicolas Pouard, Ubisoft’s Blockchain Project Director, admitted that the project is an attempt by Ubisoft to enter the Ethereum mainnet and further experiment with blockchain technology.

Rabbids Token uses the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum, and each non-fungible token (NFT) represents a cartoon rabbit in the Ubisoft game. Players connect their Ethereum wallet to the game and catch (purchase) rabbits by paying a certain amount of ETH . Once caught, an NFT rabbit token will appear in the user’s wallet, and a POPO certificate (proof of legal ownership) will be generated; at the same time, the NFT you hold will also be robbed (buy) by others, but the POPO certificate It always exists, it can prove that you once held a certain rabbit token, and it also contains transaction records.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

This project is a bit similar to CryptoKitties. Players can continue to buy Rabbits Tokens, some of which may be rare, until the entire Rabbit Book is collected. But unlike the latter, Rabbits Token has no real permanent ownership. It can be bought by other users, but you will not get any return. In addition, it is a charity project, and the proceeds from the token sale will be donated directly to UNICEF.

And this year, Ubisoft cooperated with blockchain game developer Planetarium to develop an open source RPG blockchain game “Nine Chronicles”. Planetarium is also a project in the fifth season of Entrepreneur Lab. It comes from South Korea. Planetarium’s Libplanet is a blockchain core written in C#/.NET, enabling blockchain and game clients to fully share code for developers You can create cross-platform decentralized games in a single Unity project.

At the end of April this year, Nine Chronicles launched a closed beta. The game has done a more complete picture, level settings, equipment upgrades and other details. At the same time, it adds a certain degree of gameplay on the basis of blockchain technology. In the game, players can upgrade step by step in 9 side-scrolling worlds, click and trade resources and dominate the game world, and each world and each BOSS has multiple levels. Players can make and trade customized equipment to create more Strong role.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

Currently, the game has launched its Play to Earn portal, where players can earn Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG, the game’s native cryptocurrency) by inviting friends to join the game. In August, Nine Chronicles also completed $2.6 million in financing, led by Animoca Brands, SkyVision Capital and Axie Infinity co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin and Aave CEO Stani Kulechov followed suit.

It is worth mentioning that Ubisoft is also the initiator and member unit of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). BGA was jointly established by Ubisoft, French blockchain game studio Ultra, independent game developer Fig, Enjin and many other blockchain and game companies. The alliance aims to provide game enthusiasts and stakeholders with an open forum to discuss the future development of blockchain and the game industry, where participants can share knowledge and research topics together, thereby promoting the innovation of gameplay.

Ubisoft's first NFT goes online tomorrow, the game giant's crypto attack road

In any case, blockchain technology is already one of the biggest outlets at present, and more and more funds and users are pouring in. Blockchain will create a more interoperable and transparent game ecosystem, and help game practitioners benefit through further innovation and ensuring economic feasibility. At the same time, innovations such as NFT and Play to Eran will also redefine the game experience through proof of ownership and earn while playing, bringing exciting innovative gameplay and economic incentives to players.

But on the other hand, even if the current very popular GameFi games are compared with traditional games, their playability is still not enough, and the loyalty of game users is still very low. Nowadays, blockchain games on the market are numerous and complicated, but they are basically the same in nature and gameplay. Many games use a part of cryptocurrency to buy or free Mint an initial NFT character, and then generate derivative value through “breeding”, etc., thereby enhancing the scarcity of the character’s quality and increasing the value of its existence.

In addition, part of the game is to guide the player Mint’s equipment that must have mining capabilities to mine the corresponding value in the game, and then the system uses the computing power to distribute the cryptocurrency in the game to the player according to the proportion. In general, the degree of innovation is not high, the homogeneity of the game is serious, and the imitation is rampant, and it is still in the very early stage of game development.

But now, the gunshots of changes in the game field have begun, and traditional large game companies headed by Ubisoft have entered the market. It is foreseeable in the future that large manufacturers such as EA and Blizzard will inevitably get a share of it. Perhaps the current hot NFT collections, GameFi and other games may not be the last laugh, but they can provide a clearer idea for latecomers. 

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