Twitter is offering Bitcoin and Ethereum tips for content creators

In May of this year, Twitter officially stated that it hopes that users can better support each other in addition to following, forwarding, and liking each other. Therefore, the platform will introduce the TipJar function-allowing users to send and receive tips to each other.

Now, this matter has the latest development. According to reports, Twitter is preparing for Bitcoin tips for content creators. According to MacRumors, the platform is currently being tested against the operating system iOSBeta. Twitter’s latest beta update introduces the “TipJar” feature to allow content creators to receive Bitcoin tips in the future. The code in the Twitter beta seems to indicate that this feature is in the works.

Previously, Twitter allowed users to add links to Bandcamp, CashApp, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo to their profile. According to the Twitter beta update, the tipping function will use the Lightning Network for small bitcoin payments, and will support both custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Twitter is offering Bitcoin and Ethereum tips for content creators

Italian mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi posted a screenshot on Twitter, stating that the latest TwitteriOS beta contains code to make Bitcoin a part of “TipJar”, which means that Twitter is working on the function of users to receive Bitcoin tips.

It is reported that Twitter will use Strike to generate Bitcoin lightning invoices, so users need to connect their accounts to accept Bitcoin tips. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted at this move in July. This move may make cryptocurrency and token tipping become mainstream in order to realize one of the important use cases of cryptocurrency. However, it is not clear when the feature will be officially released.

Twitter is offering Bitcoin and Ethereum tips for content creators

According to predictions, if the above-mentioned functions are launched, Bitcoin’s two-layer solution will be further developed, and the capacity of the Lightning Network will be greatly increased.

The introduction of the Bitcoin tipping function is just one of the applications developed by social media giants Twitter and Jack Dorsey with a focus on Bitcoin. In July of this year, Jack Dorsey revealed that Square is developing “assisted custodial” hardware wallets and Bitcoin-based DeFi services for Bitcoin. At the beginning of August this year, Jack Dorsey stated that it would build a decentralized trading platform for Bitcoin. Jack Dorsey described Bitcoin as “the key to the future of Twitter,” and said the company intends to integrate Bitcoin into services such as commerce and subscriptions.

Twitter is offering Bitcoin and Ethereum tips for content creators

According to the latest screenshot released on September 3 by the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, there are Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address options in the settings toolbar of the Twitter app version.

Twitter is offering Bitcoin and Ethereum tips for content creators

Although the news at this stage is not officially disclosed by Twitter, the head of Twitter product Kayvon Beykpour reposted Alessandro Paluzzi’s September 1 post about the Bitcoin tipping function, and also used lightning and arrows to imply that this will happen soon.

Considering that Jack Dorsey is a typical Bitcoin maximalist (BTCmaximalist), the plan to support Bitcoin as a tip for content creators can be said to be expected, but he was not interested in Ethereum in the past (he has repeatedly stated that he will not Invest in Ethereum), and this tipping function supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This also shows from the side that Ethereum is winning the acceptance and support of Bitcoin maximalists with its broad consensus and strong use cases. In the future blockchain world, Bitcoin and Ethereum are indispensable.


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