TSMC employees diagnosed with COVID-19, 10 isolated, global chip supply may be hit by another storm

Chip emergency

Recently, a TSMC engineer was diagnosed with New Crown Pneumonia and was in close contact with more than 10 people. TSMC officials announced that this incident does not affect the company’s operations. But recently, TSMC has also faced problems such as water shortage and power outage. In terms of chip supply, it has caused concern.

TSMC also “fallen”?

Recently, officials in Taichung City announced that a TSMC engineer was diagnosed with New Crown Pneumonia and had been in close contact with about 10 people.

TSMC said that it has strengthened disinfection of the employee’s work area and public areas, and that this incident does not affect the company’s operations.

Water shortage + power outage + epidemic, TSMC “fallen”?
According to the epidemic’s real-time big data, as of today, there are 3,166 confirmed cases in Taiwan, China, and 454 new cases were confirmed yesterday.

TSMC pointed out that the employee with the confirmed new crown had been in contact with the confirmed case from last weekend.

After entering the company on Sunday, he was notified that the contact was diagnosed and immediately left the site and isolated himself.

TSMC also traced the contact history of the diagnosed employee in the company and confirmed that he had close contact with about 10 people, all of whom had left the site on the same day and underwent a 14-day home quarantine and are currently free of symptoms.

TSMC emphasizes that the company will continue to actively cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention policy and strengthen epidemic prevention measures. In order to protect personal information and comply with regulations, the relevant details are based on relevant public information.

The recent power outage in Taiwan has made TSMC’s life difficult. Not only that, Taiwan’s water situation is tight, TSMC also had to raise the purchase of water and water truck dispatch fees.

The market rumor is that TSMC has raised the water purchase and water truck dispatching fee to 800 million NTD (about 184 million RMB) internally for this reason.

In just two weeks, water shortages, power outages, epidemics and other crises came one after another, and TSMC and other chip makers were repeatedly rumored to be facing major threats of production line shutdowns.

Behind all these things, it is all because of the poor infrastructure in the area where TSMC is located.

Many chip factories “infected”, chip supply crisis escalated
Not only TSMC, but also the world’s three most advanced Taoyuan factories and DRAM maker Nanya Technology, each have one employee diagnosed.

However, the three major manufacturers stressed that “it will not affect the operation”.

In addition, Advantech, an industrial computer manufacturer, also confirmed that an employee in the Lin Kou office area had fever symptoms on 5/19 and was confirmed positive on 5/21, and was also diagnosed by a PCR test and admitted to an isolation center.

The global shortage of core problem continues, automotive, computer, smartphone and other industries are highly dependent on the supply of Taiwan chip foundry production, especially TSMC.

As the world’s largest chip foundry, everyone is most concerned about whether this will affect TSMC’s capacity to produce chips.

Currently, Taiwan, China is one of the world’s major sources of supply of semiconductors. As the world’s largest wafer foundry, TSMC is the main source of 7nm/5nm.

It currently has a 56% share in the global chip foundry business, with major customers including Apple and Qualcomm.

According to Counterpoint’s statistical report, Apple is TSMC’s largest customer for 5nm chips, accounting for 53% of production.

TSMC employees diagnosed with COVID-19, 10 isolated, global chip supply may be hit by another storm

This indicates that TSMC chip production delivery delays may have an impact on Apple, Qualcomm and other technology companies.

Some time ago, Apple was all blown up because of the lack of chips, Macbook and iPad assembly products delayed.

Abandoned by ASML, TSMC advantage under threat
TSMC, Intel and Samsung are known as the “Big Three” in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. On the way of chip process gradually shrinking, the three giants are catching up with each other.

In terms of processing and manufacturing, although there is Intel, the old giant, but relatively speaking the technology has fallen behind.

Now TSMC has the world’s advanced 7nm and 5nm manufacturing maturity process. For the 3nm process, TSMC will also be mass production in the second half of next year, this progress in a great possibility to catch up with Samsung again.

Just mentioned, TSMC holds more than 50% of the global foundry orders, while Samsung only accounts for 20% of the global foundry orders. The main reason for this gap lies in the chip yield rate and the related performance gap.

TSMC has been focusing on the research and development of the chip process, each year will invest tens of billions of dollars in research and development, is expected to raise the research and development expenditure this year to more than 30 billion dollars.

Samsung is engaged in a wide range of businesses, previously did not put too much effort in the chip field, in the acquisition of photolithography, Samsung has a certain disadvantage.

At present, the market, 70% of the cutting-edge EUV lithography machine are given to TSMC, ASML’s capacity is extremely limited, Samsung to be sentimental in a short period of time, basically very difficult.

TSMC employees diagnosed with COVID-19, 10 isolated, global chip supply may be hit by another storm

Samsung made a plan to catch up with TSMC by 2030 and invested over $100 billion.

But the plot reversal is that ASML decided to go to South Korea to invest 240 billion won to build an EUV lithography factory.

TSMC originally planned to build one 5nm foundry in the U.S., but now it has been directly added to six. The investment was also added directly from $12 billion to $30 billion.

What is surprising is that TSMC has joined the U.S. Semiconductor Alliance, which means that TSMC has given up the idea of autonomy, and the decisions it makes afterwards will be restricted by the U.S. Semiconductor Alliance.

TSMC employees diagnosed with COVID-19, 10 isolated, global chip supply may be hit by another storm

Some time ago, IBM announced that it has developed its own 2nm chip. But IBM has always had in-depth cooperation with Samsung and Intel. This means that IBM has a high probability of authorizing Samsung to use the manufacturing technology of 2nm chips.

TSMC employees diagnosed with COVID-19, 10 isolated, global chip supply may be hit by another storm

Coupled with ASML’s lithography machine produced in South Korea, Samsung can be said to have gained a strong technological boost.

As the world’s largest chip foundry, how should TSMC respond?


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