TronLoot launches TRON, paves the Metaverse “highway”

With less than 11 days left on October 24, the blind box redemption activity of the text NFT application TronLoot is entering the countdown. From the opening day of September 24 to the present, there are still 5787 8,000 TronLoot blind boxes on the market. Yuan universe “molecular level” NFT application Loot from Ethernet Square born on the block chain, which has been extended cast boom and development in the field of wave chain.

Loot, a highly productized NFT application on the Ethereum ( ETH ) chain, has brought the evolution of the NFT track. The non-homogeneous token Loot in the form of a text box brings programmability to the original NFT .

Ecological developers on TRON, one of the world’s three largest public chains, quickly seized the opportunity. This time, TronLoot changed the distribution method and entered the market with the popular “open blind box” gameplay. Using APENFT’s governance token NFT, players can directly open the blind box on the Tron chain, cast TronLoot, and get different text boxes at random. Players can either re-develop on the TronLoot text NFT, or directly sell the minted TronLoot in the official trading market.

Redevelopment and re-innovation are the value of the Loot concept project. Compared with the current Ethereum network efficiency, the low cost of the TRON network is obviously more friendly to developers. This is the advantage of TronLoot. But compared to Ethereum Loot, TronLoot is still a blank sheet of ecology. An invisible “Easter Egg” is the APENFT Foundation, the partner behind the project. It has accumulated a number of super NFT works, which will pave the way for the TronLoot ecosystem. The emergence of TronLoot also shows the ambition of TRON to deploy the meta-universe.

Transform the distribution method TronLoot blind box to attract players

NFT enthusiast Sophie (pseudonym) missed the ETH-Loot casting at the end of August. “When I got the news, I had already grabbed it. Finally, I heard that the gas fee used to synthesize Loot is very high. Some people even spent 1ETH to congest the network. “Get the goods.” The high cost eliminated Sophie’s regret that he didn’t get Loot.

On September 27th, on the third day of TronLoot’s launch, Sophie opened the TronLoot exchange page with the mentality of collecting. A total of 8,000 text NFTs are now on sale. More than 2,000 TronLoot has been minted, ” and Unlike ETH-Loot, the official team did not reserve it for itself, but opened all NFTs to the outside world. “

In addition to the different deployment networks, the two projects have different distribution methods. “ETH-Loot allows users to randomly synthesize equipment bags through wallets directly on the Ethereum network. The cost is network gas fees; while the TronLoot adventure equipment collection is on the Market page. , Open the equipment by redeeming blind boxes and randomly casting. “

TronLoot launches TRON, paves the Metaverse "highway"

On the official TronLoot page, link the wallet to open the text NFT blind box

Collecting the TronLoot text box requires the governance token NFT of the APENFT Foundation. The floor price of one TronLoot is 20 million NFT tokens, which can be purchased in the secondary market. After transferring the NFT token to the wallet supported by TRON, you can connect to the TronLoot official website and open the blind box.

After experiencing it, Sophie concluded that compared with ETH-Loot’s on-chain casting and random distribution, TronLoot’s blind box opening method has more product operation thinking, “For ordinary players, it is more interesting and expectant.”

The user really got the purpose of the project. The developer of TronLoot told Honeycomb Finance that using the blind box method to distribute TronLoot mainly considers the fun and playability of the NFT. “This is a very popular game method in the online and offline game market, and it is easier for young people. Acceptance is also in line with the way TronLoot generates based on random hash values.”

After the blind box is opened, players can directly sell it in the built-in trading market of TronLoot, “This is also more direct than ETH-Loot, because the secondary market of ETH-Loot is the third-party platform OpenSea , and players trading Loot is a lot more. It also costs a processing fee, so TronLoot’s transactions are more convenient.”

TronLoot market data shows that as of October 8, TronLoot has sold 2,213 units. On September 27, TronLoot’s highest transaction price in the secondary market reached 220 million NFT, which was valued at US$572, which was a premium to the floor price of the primary market. The rate is 1100%, and the price of unfilled pending orders has a premium rate of dozens to hundreds of times higher than the floor price.

As of October 7th, the TronLoot with the highest order price is text box 3, with a unit price of 9 billion NFT and a value of US$31,230. This blind box that has been opened contains equipment such as giant scimitar, giant leather armor, and big helmet. , Gorgeous perfect belt, sacred slippers, gloves, demon roaring neck and power silver ring, the rarity of each equipment is higher, which is the reason why the unit price of No. 3 TronLoot is higher.

TRON chain provides a low-cost environment for TronLoot development

For Sophie, the more important thing besides the gameplay is “it’s cheap.”

When Sophie opened the TronLoot blind box, the NFT used to redeem the blind box was worth 0.0000026 US dollars, and it took 20 million NFT to open a blind box. In this way, a TronLoot blind box was worth 52 US dollars; and the gas fee she spent It was about 40TRX. At the time, TRX was quoted at US$0.08, that is, her gas fee for opening the blind box was about US$3.2. To redeem a TronLoot blind box, Sophie spent a total of $55.5 in cost.

TronLoot launches TRON, paves the Metaverse "highway"

 It takes 20 million NFT to redeem a TronLoot equipment bag blind box

Although TronLoot requires an additional fee to open the blind box, the overall cost is much lower than ETH-Loot. On September 27th, the secondary market price of an ETH-Loot was already 14 ETH, equivalent to 47,180 US dollars. Sophie heard that when ETH-Loot was officially released, someone spent a gas fee of 1 ETH to synthesize it. At that time, ETH was worth more than $3,000. “Because Loot’s panic buying has caused network congestion, the gas fee has also risen.”

In addition to the low cost, Sophie also found that TronLoot does not set a limit on the number of blind boxes for the user’s address, that is, one user address can open multiple blind boxes.

The developer of TronLoot said that considering that some ecological players or re-innovative teams may need a lot of Loot, there is no upper limit setting on the address.

Both ETH-Loot and TronLoot use a text box-like programmable form, which makes Loot full of imagination. It packs equipment bags and weapon bags, and provides innovative basic elements, head, neck, and chest. , Limbs and other elements constitute composability, so that NFT is no longer a top-down collection and artwork that users passively accept, but a product-level application that supports the re-creation of equipment package holders.

Compared with a single NFT collection, the composability and programmability of Loot determine its complexity. Only by making good use of the properties of Loot can this text-based NFT exert greater value. As Dom Hoffman, the founder of ETH-Loot, said, “The value of Loot depends on how the person who holds it interprets it.”

The complexity of programming determines that Loot-like NFT needs a low-cost and efficient block network support. Compared with ETH-Loot, TronLoot’s on-chain environment is more friendly to developers.

For a blockchain network that “each step of operation costs gas”, the average gas fee for each transaction on Ethereum is about 0.005-0.008 ETH. This is when the network is smooth, and the current ETH is 3,500 US dollars. According to the price calculation, the USD price of each transaction is around 17.5-28 USD; and the gas fee for each transaction on the TRON chain is about 3-5 TRX. Calculated according to the value of TRX 0.09 USD, the USD fee for each transaction is Around 0.27-0.45 US dollars.

For Loot products that condensed the complexity of development, the development cost is high and the judgment is made.

What ecological imagination does TronLoot have?

Although TronLoot, which has the advantages of the developer environment, is still in the distribution stage, the ecological imagination is still brewing. ETH-Loot has produced some tools and community ecology.

Currently, ETH-Loot has formed its own community, has its own community token AGLD, and has derived other projects. Community members are discussing the direction of innovation in the Discord social group; it also has 15 developer tools, more than 80 derivative projects; 8 guilds, and guilds are mostly named after equipment, such as Divine Roles guilds and crowns ( CrownDAO) Association, etc.; the community has also developed 10 tracking tools for users to check the scarcity of Loot in circulation.

With ETH-Loot in the front, theoretically, TronLoot can also build a similar derivative ecosystem in the early stage. According to the project developer, the team and the APENFT Foundation have been assisting players in developing related tools and scenarios, which are built on the TRON chain. TronLoot is a more efficient and convenient testing ground.

Dom Hofmann, the founder of ETH-Loot, once reminded the community on Discord about the direction that the community may construct for Loot, including collaborating with artists to build artistic NFTs; making picture projects based on Loot; interpreting the value of equipment in Loot and providing equipment upgrade plans ; Divide the entire equipment package into independent equipment, rebuild the original Loot around the new theme; develop games, etc.

These directions are exactly what the APENFT Foundation, the promoter of TronLoot, has already explored.

The APENFT Foundation was established in March 2021. It is based on Ethereum and TRON as the underlying technical support, combined with the distributed storage system BTFS to build an NFT operation platform. According to the official website, APENFT’s main business includes investment and layout of leading NFT platforms and works, and is committed to NFT and blockchainization of the world’s top artworks, providing a bridge for traditional artists to enter NFT.

TronLoot launches TRON, paves the Metaverse "highway"

APENFT Foundation is committed to NFT the world’s top artworks

The first batch of NFTized artworks of the APENFT Foundation mainly came from the donations of Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, including the world-renowned traditional artist Picasso’s “Lying Nude Wearing Necklace”, encryption artist Beeple’s “OCEAN FRONT” series of works and so on. With the support of the world-renowned public chain Ethereum and the underlying technology of TRON, combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS), the APENFT Foundation also took the lead in publishing Picasso’s “Lying Nude Girl Wearing a Necklace” ”And Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits” were NFTized, introducing traditional artists into the blockchain world. At present, the value of APENFT Foundation’s collection has exceeded 300 million yuan.

From artwork NFT to avatar NFT, the APENFT Foundation has almost the most popular NFT content on the market, and they are all regarded as the basic elements of the meta-universe construction on the chain.

The virtual world built using a series of technologies including the Internet and VR is called meta-universe. This concept was born in the 1970s, but it hasn’t landed for a long time. With the development of technologies such as VR, AR, 5G, and blockchain, Metaverse is becoming possible.

In the meta-universe ecosystem, AI, 5G, computer hardware, and software systems are all necessary external equipment, and the blockchain is regarded as an economic system that builds the meta-universe ecology, and has the meaning of top-level design to provide the meta-universe world. An ideal decentralized environment and economic system environment, and NFT provides a feasible path for the confirmation of digital assets generated in the meta universe. The APENFT Foundation is committed to NFT and blockchain the world’s top artworks. Try along this path.

According to Coingecko’s data, the total market value of the NFT market has reached 22.97 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 1.2% of the global cryptocurrency market value, with a 24-hour trading volume of 3.25 billion, and it is still maintaining a strong growth momentum.

In such a market environment, TronLoot once again added a place for NFT application experiments, and with the blessing of the APENFT Foundation with its content strength, TronLoot opened the curtain for the meta-universe layout of TRON.

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