Trends of investment institutions in the blockchain industry in the first half of June

In June 2022, the largest amount of financing in the blockchain industry was the $113 million financing of Indonesian crypto exchange Pintu. The second is the $100 million financing of Nfinite, the main immersive e-commerce solution. The financing of the current encrypted trading platform also includes Mara.

Congrats to Orderly Network, a decentralized trading protocol invested by Hoo Fund, which has completed a $20 million financing. In addition to Hoo, Three Arrows Capital, Sequoia China and Jump Crypto also participated in the investment.

In this issue of the DeFi sector, the largest financings include the DeFi lending protocol Euler Finance, which completed a $32 million financing, and the DeFi platform QUINT’s $25 million financing, which aims to build a financial solution that links fiat currency and cryptocurrency Tiptop Labs Completed $23 million in financing.

In the DAO sector, the decentralized software organization PartyDAO completed a $16.4 million financing, and the DAO salary payment system Utopia completed a $23 million Series A financing.

In the Metaverse section, the virtual community of fans completed a financing of about 19.22 million US dollars, and the user-to-crypto social platform Calaxy completed a financing of 26 million US dollars.

In the encrypted asset security management sector, Coinhous, a provider of digital asset management services, completed a $42.5 million financing, and Entropy, which aims to subvert the way digital assets are held through its decentralized self-custody solution, completed a $25 million financing. Asset custodian First Digital Trust closed a $20 million funding round, and data and trade execution service provider Skolem closed a $20 million funding round.

In the blockchain infrastructure segment, InfStones, an infrastructure provider that improves the efficiency and speed of developing and deploying decentralized applications on multiple protocols, has closed a $66 million financing round.

Larger financings at the blockchain application level include the sports media production company Regions of Sports, the enterprise-level blockchain data sharing platform Vendia, the blockchain agricultural technology and data analysis Agrotools, and the encrypted tax and accounting platform Ledgible.


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