TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

Mi OV has been intercepted?

Large-size, high-resolution, high-refresh-rate screens, 5G, powerful chips, and rich functions have almost become the standard equipment of current smart phones. The stacking of hardware and more functions have further increased the power consumption of smart phones, and the power consumption rate will naturally increase.

In order to solve the problem of battery life, in addition to increasing battery capacity, manufacturers also have fast charging technology. Since last year, major manufacturers have announced their own fast charging technology of more than 100W, but there is still some time before the official commercialization.

What’s more interesting is that mobile phones that support 160W wired fast charging have recently been exposed online, which come from a domestic manufacturer TRANSSION. According to reports, TRANSSION Infinix Concept Phone 2021 supports 160W fast charging technology. At present, the foreign media Android Authority has conducted fast charging tests on this phone.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

According to Android Authority, TRANSSION’s 160W fast charging head can fully charge a 4000mAh battery cell phone in 11 minutes. During the charging process, the battery temperature is also well controlled. In addition to supporting 160W charging power, the charging head of this phone is also compatible with 100W PD and PPS fast charging protocols, which can charge other brands of mobile phones.

At the same time, Android Authority also tested the charging speed of other mobile phones. For comparison, it takes 21 minutes to charge the Xiaomi Mi 10 UItra (4500mAh) with the Mi 120W charging head. After calculation, Transsion Infinix Concept Phone 2021 charges 363mAh per minute, while Xiaomi 10 UItra charges 214mAh per minute. Obviously, the charging rate of Transsion’s 160W fast charger is faster.

Moreover, during the fast charging process, the battery charging temperature of Transsion Infinix Concept Phone 2021 can be kept below 42 degrees, which is lower than the charging temperature of Xiaomi’s 120W and OnePlus 65W.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

In fact, TRANSSION’s phone is named Infinix Zero X concept machine, which not only supports 160W wired fast charging, but also supports 50W wireless fast charging, and adopts a rear three-camera solution: 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra-wide angle +800W pixel telephoto lens, but equipped with MediaTek 4G low-end processor Helio G95.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

“The King of Africa” ​​Voice Transmission

To domestic friends, Transsion’s mobile phone brand may sound unfamiliar. After all, the brand is only active in overseas markets. But it is undeniable that Transsion Holdings is a Chinese company.

In fact, TRANSSION’s predecessor was Bird. In 2000, 700,000 mobile phones were sold, making it the number one brand in China’s mobile phone sales. In the early years, it was known as “Bird, the fighter in mobile phones”.

In the 2G era, foreign chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Samsung do not pay much attention to the low-end market. MediaTek has shortened the time to market for mobile phones with integrated solutions, saving R&D costs for small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers in Mainland China, leading to the emergence of many knock-offs in Huaqiangbei Mobile phone brands. Because of the lack of core technology, Bird is not as well-known as Motorola, and the product price is not as cheap as copycat mobile phones. The end result is that Bird has left the mobile phone industry.

Zhu Zhaojiang, executive deputy general manager of Bird Mobile, believes that there is huge room for development in overseas markets. After the decline of Bird, he chose to leave and start a business, and then set up Transsion Holdings in Shenzhen.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

After Transsion Holdings was established, Zhu Zhaojiang decided to focus on Africa as the main market. The main reason was that the economy in Africa was not developed and cheap mobile phones were easier to promote. In addition, the penetration rate of mobile phones in Africa at that time was very low. Pay attention.

TRANSSION owns three mobile phone brands, Infinix (high-end), Tecno (mid-range) and itel (low-end). After officially entering the African market, it has opened the road to magic mobile phones, which can be divided into the following aspects:

1. Multi-card multi-standby mobile phone. The African region is very large and has a lot of operators. It is certainly not enough to use only one SIM card. It is easy to have the signal of Operator B in a certain area without the signal of Operator A, and most Africans buy it. Can’t afford a second cell phone. Therefore, Transsion has launched a dual-SIM dual-standby, or even a four-card four-standby mobile phone, which is very popular among African users.

2. Increase the battery capacity of the mobile phone. Electricity is a very scarce resource in Africa, so Transsion has begun to increase the battery capacity of mobile phones, so that the standby time can be extended to half a month.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

3. Increase the volume of the phone speaker. Africans are a very fond of dancing. As long as they hear music and drum beats, their bodies will move involuntarily. Under this circumstance, TRANSSION has specially enhanced the loudspeaker volume for mobile phones. The maximum volume can be comparable to portable speakers. Some mobile phones even come with headphones for free.

4. Exclusive beauty mode for blacks. As we all know, black people can only show their eyes and teeth when taking pictures at night, and it is difficult to take good-looking pictures. To solve this problem, TRANSSION has invested 300 million yuan in research and development funds to develop black beauty technology.

In addition to product localization, TRANSSION has also made great efforts in marketing. TRANSSION’s offline stores are opened in the depths of slums where many manufacturers are unwilling to go. Even if there is no decent place to open a store, the street stalls can also sell mobile phones, so that no matter where you go in Africa, you can see Transsion. Cell phone. At the same time, TRANSSION will also hold down-to-earth activities like buying mobile phones and sending chickens from time to time.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

All these factors combined together , make acoustic became the king of the African mobile phone market. Statistics from Counterpoint, a market research organization, show that in 2020, TRANSSION’s TECNO will rank first in the African mobile phone market with a market share of 18%. The other two mobile phone brands of Transsion have a market share of 12% and 7% respectively. In this way, the three brands of Transsion together account for 37% of the African mobile phone market.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

Transsion launched the concept machine just to “show muscles”?

The reason why Transsion was able to make a fortune in Africa quickly was because the company had an early layout in the African market. Before mainstream manufacturers entered the African market, Transsion had completed its channel layout and quickly opened up the market through low-cost feature phones. Became the highest-selling mobile phone manufacturer in the African market.

Feature phones can be said to be the trump card that Transsion started in Africa, but the current feature phones market has become saturated, and market demand is gradually being replaced by smart phones. According to the company’s financial report at the time, since 2018, the sales volume of TRANSSION’s function machine business has shown a negative growth, compared with 2017, a decrease of 1.53 million units. In 2018, TRANSSION’s global sales of mobile phones were 90.22 million units, of which smart phones accounted for 69.81%, and feature phones accounted for only 26.84%.

Behind the decline in sales of feature phones are changes in consumer demand for mobile phones. At present, the 3G network in Africa has basically been covered, and 4G has also covered the core area. The demand for smart phones is gradually increasing, while the demand for feature phones is declining.

TRANSSION released a big move, and the seat of the king of Africa has become more stable.

Although Transsion mobile phones also have corresponding high-end models, their products lack competitiveness compared with rivals such as Samsung and OPPO. Therefore, Transsion needs to launch a concept model to let consumers in Africa know that Transsion’s high-end models are also available, not inferior to other competing products, and at the same time create a high-end image for the brand.

Moreover, Transsion’s concept mobile phone supports 160W fast charging technology, which can just solve the pain points of African users. After all, electricity is a very scarce resource. It is best to fully charge the mobile phone in a short time. The concept phone is equipped with low-end chips, which may be an adjustment made by Transsion to meet the purchasing power and needs of African users.

TRANSSION’s success in the African market is not only about its early deployment, but also about optimizing and improving the product in time based on local consumer needs, which is equivalent to putting user experience first, as long as users need anything. , Transsion will give what, who else can such a caring manufacturer do?

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