Tranchess Protocol: Encrypted Institutional Fund with Leverage Design

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Tranchess is a tokenized asset management and derivatives trading protocol. It was first proposed in early 2020, and it quickly developed to its current state. Inspired by the ability of some funds to meet users’ different risk preferences, Tranchess’ goal is to provide different risk/return matrices from a single major fund (such as BTC ) that tracks specific underlying assets . Its vision is to enhance the asset management capabilities of DeFi users, hoping to provide long-term solutions for users who hold encrypted assets for a long time.

At present, the project has been audited by Paidun and CertiK.



Tranchess currently mainly includes three products: QUEEN token is a higher-yielding bitcoin tracking product; BISHOP token is a neutral coin with income delta similar to a stable currency; ROOK is a BTC tracking with 2 times leverage Token.


Queen represents a fund of funds linked to the BTCB price index. Holding Queen is equivalent to depositing BTCB in Tranchess for BTCB single currency mining. Queen’s net worth is completely positively correlated with the value of BTCB. Investors can deposit their BTCB into the platform to mint into Queen, or directly use USDC to buy Queen. Holding Queen is equivalent to holding BTC, and Queen can participate in mining to obtain platform token CHESS.

Bishop is one of the sub-funds of the Queen of Funds of Funds (type A sub-funds, low-risk funds), which can be regarded as a USDC income product. Bishop holders charge interest at a specific interest rate that changes weekly. Every week, the platform will read the USDC interest rate from Venus and add the premium voted by the community to the interest rate. The resulting interest rate will become Bishop’s fixed interest rate next week.

Bishop is essentially a capital pool. Holding Bishop is equivalent to depositing USDC in Tranchess for USDC single currency mining.

Rook is the other half of the fund-of-funds Queen’s sub-fund (type B sub-fund, high-risk fund). Holding Rook is equivalent to depositing BTCB on the platform, and using the deposited BTCB as a margin, borrowing from Bishop holders and continuing to purchase Enter the Queen of Funds of Funds and pay a certain amount of interest to Bishop holders.


CHESS is its native token, with a total of 300 million issued. It is currently issued in BSC, but it follows the Erc-20 standard and is widely used for voting and incentives in the Tranchess ecology. CHESS holders will currently share 50% of the agreement fee income, and will vote to determine the internal interest margin imposed on ROOK holders. The team plans to put products on more blockchains in the future and add different types of underlying assets.


20% of the token supply will be allocated to the core team;

5% of tokens will be provided to seed investors;

15% will be reserved for future investors to use in subsequent rounds of financing;

50% of the tokens will be allocated to liquidity mining;

10% of the token supply is reserved for the Tranchess ecosystem/treasury-including but not limited to partnerships, third-party services, listing fees.

The purpose of CHESS is to slowly reduce circulation within 4 years. 50% of the community rewards will be distributed on Pancake and TranchesApp.

Of the 150 million tokens allocated for community incentives, 120 million are being distributed on the Tranchess app. The liquidity mining activity will continue until November 11, 2021. CHESS will be distributed to holders of QUEEN, BISHOP and ROOK in a fixed proportion of 3:4:2.

route map

In terms of products, it aims to track more underlying encrypted assets, add various fund structures through innovative synthetic derivatives, and achieve more use cases for its governance token CHESS. Tranchess is looking to expand to multiple chains and build a mature technology and marketing team to cooperate with other agreements in the ecosystem. The project plans to establish a community DAO by the end of this year to take over the governance of the agreement.

Financing process

In July, Tranchess Protocol completed a $1.5 million seed round of funding, led by Arrows Capital and Spartan Group, with participation from Binance Labs, Longhash Ventures, and IMO Ventures. The funds will be used to expand the product to the multi-chain system and transition to the DAO structure before the end of the year.


Tranchess is a team of blockchain and financial experts who have different backgrounds and experiences around the world, covering the U.S., Europe and Asian time zones. Most of the members of the Tranchess team come from investment banks, asset management companies and hedge funds, and have extensive experience in network security for exchanges and DeFi protocols.

Its co-founder is Danny Chong. Danny Chong has more than 16 years of banking experience. He was responsible for Crédit Agricole CIB’s foreign exchange and fixed-rate product (FX & Rates) sales SEA department.


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