Touch sensor company Passini Perception Technology received Lu Qi angel round financing, touch technology is the focus of Metaverse

PaXini Technology (PaXini Tech.) has completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, and the lead investor is the Qiji Innovation Forum founded by former Baidu President Lu Qi.

The main product developed by Passini Perception Technology is the three-dimensional intelligent tactile sensor PX Chip, which is the only multi-dimensional tactile sensor company in China. At present, domestic tactile sensor products are mainly single-dimensional resistance-capacitance film types. For example, multi-array and multi-dimensional sensors rely on foreign imports for 95%, and are expensive, bulky, and difficult to integrate and apply.

Founder Xu Jincheng graduated from Japan early paddy University, under the tutelage of Professor Japanese robot academic authority Kanno heavy tree under the command of Sugano Lab. In the Sugano Lab, was the birth of the world’s first humanoid robot. Dr. Xu Jincheng’s team has more than 7 years of accumulation of high-precision tactile sensors and robotic arm dexterous hand direction technology. At the same time, it has implemented many projects with Japanese FANUC, EPSON and other leading companies. The core team members all come from leading companies in the advanced manufacturing field, with entrepreneurial and merger experience.

Because domestic products are restricted by materials and processes, tactile sensors have been difficult to commercialize, and due to their short life and poor accuracy, tactile information and feedback are not rich enough in precision machinery manufacturing, resulting in a lack of automation. Automated production and robotics industries have great demands for high-endurance and high-precision sensors. Xu Jincheng introduced that the PX Chip tactile sensor has a service life of 200 times that of current products on the market, and a durability of more than 200,000 times. PX Chip™ is a multi-array three-axis tactile sensor. Its core technology includes high-precision, low-noise tactile signal analysis system, bionic skin structure design, three-dimensional three-dimensional sensing technology and tactile database.

Touch sensor company Passini Perception Technology received Lu Qi angel round financing, touch technology is the focus of Metaverse

Product picture, the picture comes from the official company

The Passini tactile sensor PX Chip™ currently contains three key modules, namely the independently developed magnetic field sensing circuit soft board and elastic composite material and the first PX Db tactile database. By feeling the physical surface characteristics, the touch sensor of Passini Sensing Technology has five sensing dimensions of softness, friction, texture, thermal conductivity, and surface viscosity. The accuracy can reach 0.01N~19N, and the response speed is 0.1ms. The tactile resolution is approaching the limit of human skin perception of 1.2mm (human skin can distinguish between objects up to 1mm).

In 2004, the Department of Science and Technology of Keio University in Japan has begun to use soft silicone to make a hemispherical sensor that can analyze the roughness and shape of the surface of the contacted object, which is mainly used for robot fingers.

In the past two years, the scope of application of tactile sensors has expanded to the field of VR in addition to robots. After Facebook changed its name to Meta, it also recently announced a new tactile perception ecosystem. They developed a tactile sensor DIGIT low cost, and with the development of cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University, touch-sensitive “skin” ReSkin, the robot can make more sense of precisely known outside the community, to provide realistic data environment for learning AI, understanding Be realistic and interact better.

At present, the application scenarios of tactile sensors are very wide, no matter in the sensing of robot manipulators, there are also extensive market demands in the fields of automation, medical treatment, wearable devices, aerospace and so on. Passini Perception Technology has obtained cooperation from several leading customers in the advanced manufacturing and textile industries, focusing on providing the only customized product of three-dimensional tactile sensors with an accuracy of 0.01N to 50N in China, analyzing tactile sensation and providing tactile digitization service.

In addition to the bionic skin, Meta also released VR gloves that can give users an interactive experience, which is also one of the directions that Passini is developing. “It is difficult for a tactile sensor to form a closed loop, but through a tactile feedback device, it actually forms a closed loop for interaction with the user.” Xu Jincheng said.

Mao Shengbo, partner of Qiji Ventures, said: “Tactile perception may be one of the most important ways for humans to interact with the physical world. Without touch, human perception will be very limited and even doubt the existence of the ontology. At present, the field of tactile research is still At the initial stage, we are very optimistic about the top-level tactile sensor development and commercial implementation capabilities of Passini Perception Technology. The team independently developed the only thin and light multi-array three-dimensional tactile sensor in China, which has been the first to land and realize deployment. Applications related to tactile sensors The scenarios are extremely wide, ranging from industrial flexible logistics production to tactile feedback in a true virtual environment, tactile analysis and tactile digitization will be a crucial part of the development of the world.”

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