TOP3 Weekly Report of NFT Trading Market (7.4-7.11)

【0704 – 0711】Weekly Summary:

1. The transaction volume of the NFT market rose steadily last week, and the X2Y2 weekly transaction volume ranked first, with a share of 48.7%.

2. The number of active users last week rose sharply compared with the previous week. The average daily active monthly users was about 53,000, an increase of about 15.2%. Opensea accounted for 85.9%, maintaining its leading position.

3. Last week, the token market stabilized and rebounded. Looks rose 14.3% to close at 0.32U, and X2Y2 rose 19.7% to close at 0.18U.

4. In terms of token pledge APY, the annualized rate of return of Looks is about 57.8%, and the annualized rate of return of X2Y2 is about 94.0%.


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