Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Blockchain games are completely changing the game world, setting new security standards for gamers, and unleashing an exciting potential-monetization.

One of the main advantages of blockchain games is token economics, that is, players earn tokens as a reward for achieving game goals or participating in game ecosystem governance (DAO).

Tokens can also be used to buy, sell or create digital assets, which can then be minted into NFTs.

This monetization for players is called Play to Earn (or P2E).

Another advantage is the security and transparency provided by blockchain.

Here are the 10 most popular blockchain games (data: DappRadar) ranked by the number of users as of August 5, 2021.

These user numbers are defined by DappRadar as “the number of unique wallet addresses that interact with DApp’s smart contracts”.

Games can also be ranked on DappRadar by economic volume or balance (in US dollars).

1.CryptoBlades ( plus dense blade) 391 000

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players can obtain tokens by participating in raids and defeating enemy monsters.

They can hire additional characters (heroes), build unique weapons (blades), and trade their characters and weapons.

It is also possible to recast one weapon into another by spending tokens.

Protocol: BSC

Game type: role playing

Token: SKILL (can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and traded on Binance)

Alien Worlds ( Alien World) 295 000

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Explorers play mining and fighting games to earn tokens. They can also buy and own land and collect rent.

In addition, players can participate in DAO governance in this DeFi meta-universe.

Protocol:  WAX and Ethereum (cross-platform)

Game type: role playing

Token: Trilium/TLM (ERC20 token)

3. Splinterlands ( splinterlands ) 33,000

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players build a series of cards and use them to fight other players in skill-based matches to solve tasks and conquer the world. Split Land is described as a mixture of Pokemon (card) and World of Warcraft (character).

Protocol: Hive

Game type: role playing

Token: DEC

Upland ( Highlands) 26. 9K

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players can map real addresses to digital land, and can buy, sell, and trade as digital land owners; build their ideal houses; develop neighborhoods; and start various virtual businesses.

Agreement: EOS

Game type: role playing

Token: UPX (based on legal currency, such as US dollars)

5. Axie Infinity  26,000

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players collect, breed and sell creatures called Axies, inspired by Pokémon, they will fight, build and find treasures.

They can earn tokens through proficient gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem, as well as the love potions needed to grow Axies.

Protocol: Ethereum

Game type: role playing

Token: AXS (governance)

6. Galaxy Blocks ( Galaxy block) 17,000


In this building block game similar to Tetris, players destroy bricks and earn more tokens by erasing them and erasing the same color in quick succession.

Protocol: ThunderCore

Game type: Puzzle

Token: BLOCK

7.MOBOX : NFT Farmer 12.0k

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

In this DeFi revenue agriculture game, players put tokens into a liquidity pool-a smart contract used to lend out digital currency.

They can obtain NFTs that can be used in other current and future MOBOX games, as well as MBOX DAO (Ecosystem Governance) tokens.

Protocol : BSC

Game type: income agriculture

Tokens: stable coins or digital currencies; MBOX DAO; Momo NFT.

8. R-PLANET: Evacuate 8.1k

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players try to invent new elements from the combination of air, soil, fire and water.

They can use unused NFTs in other games, including Upland and Alien Worlds (see above), to mine “aether” (used to create air, fire, etc.).

协 议: Wax

Game type: role playing

Token: Aether

9.MyDeFi Fri 7.4k

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

In this virtual game that combines decentralized finance and collectibles, players collect and breed pets, and earn tokens by defeating monsters. Players can improve their pets, trade them and fight with them: they can also place tokens in the pool to earn new eggs or more tokens.

Protocol: BSC

Game type: role playing

代币: DPET

10.CryptoZoon 6.8k

Top 10 blockchain games by number of users

Players breed, nurture, and train digital creatures called Zoans to fight against Yaki monsters.

They earn tokens by winning battles in this Pokémon-inspired game.

They can also farm and place their Zoans in the correct pool in exchange for rewards.

Protocol: BSC

Game type: role playing

Token: ZOON


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