To replace the iPhone in 10 years and target 1 billion users, Apple is betting heavily on AR headsets

Guo Mingchi predicts that Apple will release AR headsets next year.

According to reports, in a recent research report sent to investors, well-known analyst Guo Mingchi who has been following Apple for a long time stated that Apple’s “computerized” head-mounted AR device will be as powerful as Apple’s Mac computer in terms of performance. The product will be released at the end of next year.

To replace the iPhone in 10 years and target 1 billion users, Apple is betting heavily on AR headsets

1 Comparing computing power to Mac, replacing iPhone in 10 years

Guo Mingchi pointed out that Apple plans to launch AR headsets in 2022, equipped with processors of the same level of computing power as Macs. The report pointed out that from the processor, it can be seen that there are several biggest differences between Apple’s AR headset and other competitors:

  • Possess Mac-level computing capabilities;
  • Can run independently, without relying on Mac or iPhone;
  • Can support a wide range of applications, not limited to specific applications.

Guo Mingchi believes that this AR headset will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022, equipped with two processors. “The computing power of the high-end processor is similar to that of the Mac’s M1, while the low-end processor will be responsible for sensor-related calculations.” Regarding the screen, Guo Mingchi predicted that it will be equipped with two Sony 4K micro OLED displays, which shows that this device It can also support VR.

Guo Mingchi also said: “If AR headsets are only positioned as Mac or iPhone accessories, it will not be conducive to the growth of the product.” The independent operation of AR headsets means that it will have its own ecology and provide the most complete and flexible User experience.

Guo Mingchi said that Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR devices in 10 years, so AR devices will support a wide range of applications rather than specific applications. Currently, the iPhone has more than 1 billion active users. If Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR devices in 10 years, it means that Apple will sell at least 1 billion AR devices within 10 years.

2 Support Wi-Fi 6E to improve user experience

On November 1, some media said that Guo Mingchi mentioned in a report that Apple’s AR/VR headsets will have Wi-Fi 6E support to obtain higher bandwidth and low latency. As the analyst explained, one of the biggest problems with current mixed reality headsets is the need for a wired connection to the computer, which affects the user experience. In order to avoid this problem, it is expected that Apple’s head-mounted devices will support the Wi-Fi 6/6E protocol.

On November 17, Guo Mingchi issued a report again, stating that iPhone 14 and Apple headsets are expected to support WiFi 6E, and mainstream headsets will be upgraded to Wi-Fi 7 in 2024. According to the report, the head-mounted device supports high-speed wireless transmission-this is the key to improving the user experience of Meta Universe. He predicts that the mainstream Wi-Fi specifications adopted by head-mounted devices in 2022, 2023, and 2024 are Wi-Fi 6/6E, Wi-Fi 6E/7, and Wi-Fi 7.

To replace the iPhone in 10 years and target 1 billion users, Apple is betting heavily on AR headsets

Picture from: Antonio De Rosa

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi, which is more optimized for mobile devices and the Internet of Things. The new protocol not only supports faster speeds, but is also sufficient to support more connections. Wi-Fi 6 is significantly better than Wi-Fi 5 in terms of transmission speed and power consumption, so the use of Wi-Fi 6 is of great significance for improving the stability of the device. Wi-Fi 6E provides the features and functions of Wi-Fi 6, including higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates, and extends to the 6GHz frequency band. The additional spectrum provides more airspace beyond the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, thereby increasing bandwidth and reducing interference from devices that support Wi-Fi 6E.

Guo Mingchi once stated that Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 is the basic requirement for the wireless experience of head-mounted devices and the key to improving the user experience of Metaverse and promoting the hardware. The supply chain will benefit significantly in the next 10 years. He said that the high bandwidth, update frequency, and low latency connection requirements of head-mounted devices are significantly higher than those of smartphones and laptops. If you want to improve the wireless experience, you must support the latest Wi-Fi specifications. It is expected that most wireless devices will be wireless in 2-3 years. The headset will support the latest Wi-Fi specifications.

There is no conclusion yet on the issue of pricing. In September of this year, the media said that Apple’s headset prices will not be cheap (at least not at first). It is reported that it will be equipped with at least 15 camera modules, may have eye-tracking and iris recognition functions, and the cost will be between 2,000 and 3,000 US dollars. In August, Guo Mingchi had predicted that the price of this device would be At around $1,000.

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