To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

2022 is about to pass 4 months, and people are still waiting for the first Chinese comics to explode. However, the leading IPs in the Guoman field have extended their tentacles to a new field – digital collections.

Last week, a group of leading animation companies in China, such as Ruosen Digital, Zhongce Culture, 2:10 and Qichuangshe, jointly released their digital collection plan. Yuanshu Zang is sold in batches. Four digital collections are launched for each Guoman work, each limited to 5,000 copies.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

At almost the same time, Tencent Animation released a ten-year-limited digital collection, which covers well-known Chinese IPs such as “Under One Man”, “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” and “The King’s Life”. Tencent Animation App has directly become the platform for the sale of digital collections, taking the first step of their digital collections. These 4,800 digital collections were snapped up on the day they were launched, and even caused the Tencent Animation App server to go down for a time.

If we look a little further, it is not difficult to find that platforms such as Alipay, Tencent and Station B have already laid out the field of digital collections, and have promoted many Guoman IPs to join this market. For digital collection platforms like WhaleTalk, the annual transaction volume has approached 200 million. And this year, more animation production companies have also invested in the tide of digital collections to further realize their layout.

Is digital collection just a way to increase revenue for these Guoman IPs?

The heads of the digital collection business of some animation production companies told the Prophet Travel News (ID: yuyanjiayoubao) that digital collections have gradually become an important tool for IP marketing. The main target group of many digital collections may not have watched animation in the past, and animation companies can obviously take this opportunity to break the circle of their own animation IP. In addition, the strong user stickiness of digital collections can also help animation manufacturers build and expand their own communities.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

What digital collections are animation companies keen on? What IP will they choose to attract more outsiders? How do markets and platforms view high-profile digital collections? The Prophet Travel News visited a number of animation production companies and digital collection platforms, hoping to gain insight into the new possibilities brought by Guoman IP and digital collections.

Guoman IP develops digital collections, and monetization becomes the main driving force

In the past year, the popularity of digital collections has not been high.

According to the “2022 Digital Collection Research Report” released by the computing power think tank this month, a total of about 4.56 million digital collections will be sold in China in 2021, with a total issuance value of about 150 million. The scope of digital collections is also very wide, including cultural and creative, sports and ticketing digital collections. Among them, the cultural and creative field is undoubtedly the most important part. In addition, digital collections can be linked with popular fields such as digital education, digital social networking, and the Metaverse.

The growth trend of the digital collection market is obvious, but it is the pioneers who have made the animation manufacturers make up their minds to enter this market. They have already seen the enthusiasm of ordinary users for digital collections.

Nono, the head of related business of Qichuangshe, told the prophet: ” At present, the realization of domestic animation companies is a difficult problem for everyone. After the emergence of new things such as digital collections, everyone is willing to try them. After all, digital collections For IP copyright owners, the cost is not high, but the benefits are still very considerable.

As we all know, digital collections have a certain scarcity, and the characteristics of animation IP strengthen the cultural value of digital collections, so the sales prices and secondary market prices of many digital collections are very considerable. For example, “Wu Liuqi” and Uncle Fuji’s Tigers Down the Mountain, they have launched special Alipay payment code skins.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

The price of these Alipay payment code skins is not expensive, ranging from 10 yuan to 20 yuan. Generally, they will be sold out as soon as they are launched, no matter how many are on the shelves. When these Alipay payment codes can be circulated, the second-hand transaction price generally rises to about 60 yuan, and the value directly doubles five or six times.

Digital collections like the tenth anniversary of the launch of Tencent Animation App not only include illustrations of related animation IPs, but also custom IP-related audios. It is not unrealistic for such a monumental digital collection to increase the price by 100 times.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

Compared with digital illustrations and payment code skins, the production period of virtual figures is longer, but the benefits for animation manufacturers are also higher. In September last year, Aofei Entertainment launched 3 limited-edition virtual figures of the “Soul Street” IP, one of which sold 40,000 copies. According to the price of 25.9 yuan, this virtual figure alone has brought millions of sales to Aofei.

In addition to illustrations and virtual figures, some animation manufacturers have also implanted AR technology in digital collections, allowing fans to interact with purchased virtual assets, bringing them a different visual experience.

In November last year, Yihua Kaitian, together with GSV Digital Arts and other partners, launched the “Ling Cage” AR series of digital blind boxes. Through the combination of physical art style and AR technology.

After successful purchase, fans will first see an exquisite opening animation, and then the virtual figure of the character and related ecological animation clips. The fusion of digital collections and AR technology highlights the fact that Yihua Kaitian is trying to restore fans to a spiritual cage world they imagined.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

It is worth mentioning that the “Ling Cage” AR digital blind box was sold out immediately after its launch, and set an auction record of RMB 120,000 in the Yongle Auction Digital Collection.

It is not difficult to see from the above-mentioned cases that animation IP has become an important category in the field of digital collections. Whether it is an illustration, a virtual figure, or an AR blind box, it can bring a considerable amount of income to the IP copyright owner.

Digital collections drive Guoman IP to break the circle and become the starting point of marketing

The income that digital collections bring to IP copyright owners is well known, but this is not the entire meaning of Guoman IP’s entry into digital collections. With the dramatic expansion of the digital collectibles market, one can clearly see that the two groups of investors of digital collectibles and fans of animation IP do not completely overlap. And as sales continue, digital collections are bound to help Guoman IP break the circle.

The difficulty of breaking the circle has always been an important issue surrounding Chinese animators in recent years. The audience group is relatively fixed. Although the IP’s own personality and cultural value have the conditions to break the circle, the ability to cross borders still restricts many Guoman IPs to go further.

How to reach a wider user group through linkage with other IPs or brands has always been a headache for Chinese animators. This is why many Guoman IP licensors regard digital collections as the first step in the marketing of IP breaking the circle.

Nono revealed to the prophet that Qichuangshe has made a clear plan in the field of digital collections, that is, it hopes to further break the circle of IP in its hands with the help of digital collections.

The criteria for Qichuangshe to select IP as a digital collection is very simple, that is, to make the purchasing users willing to hold it for a long time rather than directly resell it out of interest. “Bump World” is precisely an animation IP with a fan base and high user stickiness. Fans have a very high degree of love and recognition for the characters in the works, and are willing to pay for them. In addition, the IP of “Bump World” itself was born in a virtual network, and such an attribute has an opportunity to combine natural and digital collections.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

In fact, Qichuangshe hopes to create a Metaverse IP work that connects online and offline, animation, games, physical peripherals, and virtual products. Digital collections are a new attempt in IP expansion. Nono even bluntly stated that the market for digital collections is still developing, but in the future mainstream animation IP will use digital collections as a starting point for IP development.

There is also “Under One Person” with a similar IP development strategy to Qichuangshe. As the first batch of animation IPs to cooperate across borders, “Under One Person” has almost tried almost all mainstream forms of cooperation and linkage on the market. From the simplest cross-border cooperation of food and daily necessities, to building Jiangxi Longhu Mountain into the first animation holy land, “Under One” has accumulated sufficient experience in cross-border cooperation and expanded their IP to as many as possible. in the crowd.

But the fact is that the IP of “Under One Person” still has great potential for market exploration, and the expansion of the user circle is far from reaching the ceiling, which is why they are willing to try to launch digital collections.

Running a successful Guoman IP has never been easy, but for latecomers, digital collections have become a great tool for them to break through the circle.

New community + new product form, two surprises await Guoman IP

Revenue and breaking the circle are undoubtedly very attractive to Guoman IP, but the possibility of digital collections is obviously more than that. With new community building and new product models, there are still many surprises waiting for the animation industry in the future of digital collections, and practitioners in it are also looking forward to these new things.

Liao Huainan, founder and CEO of OBS Chaoxing Force, believes that from the perspective of traditional brand marketing, if any product wants to achieve a breakthrough in sales, community maintenance is essential, and community-based publicity is compared to ordinary publicity methods. will also be more efficient. At the same time, the community will grow with the IP, so this will be a long-term business, not a short-term business.

At present, Guoman IPs that have been recognized by mainstream audiences will build their own community system. QQ group, WeChat group, Weibo group, animation companies in these communities can find high-quality fans for the next step of marketing. However, for some small companies and new IPs, it is still very difficult to build their own community.

Interestingly, the field of digital collections is inherently community-based. Whether it is a follow-up transaction or a spontaneous formation after purchase, the user stickiness of buyers of digital collections far exceeds that of other users.Liao Huainan said that when Guoman IP launched digital collections, in order to better boost sales, manufacturers themselves would start to focus on community maintenance.

Whether it is a new user for digital collections or fans of the original animation IP, as long as manufacturers can find a way to maintain the community, they can maximize the virtuous circle within the community, and finally obtain a relatively high-quality community . Liao Huainan also mentioned that when they released the IP digital collection of “Forbidden Thinking”, they observed that the related digital collection achieved a good response in the fan community of “Forgiving”, and also led to the joining of some new fans.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

It is worth mentioning that, with the development of the industry, digital collections have begun to derive new forms, and these new forms can even give birth to new industries.

For example, it has been recently reported that Douyin is about to launch a new business called “Beiji”, which mainly involves virtual clothing, virtual people, and virtual fashion. “Beiji” is a brand-new fashion community that integrates technology and humanities into fashion and builds a new market for the fashion industry.

In fact, in Liao Huainan’s view, there is essentially no difference between virtual clothing and digital collections. This new form derived from digital collections is also very easy to achieve linkage with Guoman IP. Liao Huainan revealed to the prophet that there are already some well-known top-ranking Guoman IPs that have begun to prepare for the linkage with virtual clothing, and will officially announce it to the outside world when the time is right.

To increase revenue, break the circle, and expand the community in 2022, Guoman IP will take root in digital collections

In the past six months, the sound of further supervision of digital collections has not stopped. However, the continuous growth of the overall market has given more confidence to more practitioners. The continuous addition of Guoman IP has allowed the outside world to see the marketing value of digital collections. Obviously, with the boost of more funds and new technologies, the future of digital collections still has unlimited room for imagination.

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