To create pure plant food, British brand “Wicked Kitchen” received US$14 million in Series A financing

Use plant ingredients such as mushrooms and beans to replicate the taste of meat

Wicked Kitchen was founded by American chef brothers Derek Sarno and Chad Sarno. In 2018, it launched more than 20 vegan foods at Tesco, the largest grocery chain in the UK, aiming to replicate the taste of meat using plant ingredients such as mushrooms and beans. At present, Wicked Kitchen has launched chilled foods such as enchiladas, pies, pizzas, cupcakes, mayonnaise, spicy mustard and other condiments, as well as ice cream, doughnuts and other snacks. Among them, the price of cake products is about 9.6 pounds/kg, the price of sauce products is about 1 pound/200ml, and the price of ice cream products is about 1 pound/200ml.

To create pure plant food, British brand "Wicked Kitchen" received US million in Series A financing

Wicked Kitchen products (photo courtesy of the official website)

The Sarno brothers have long-term plant-based cooking and related industry experience. They founded the Wicked Healthy Plant-based Diet blog to share healthy plant-based recipes and published many recipe books such as wicked health cookbook and whole food cookbook. Chad Sarno is the co-founder and vice president of the plant-based seafood brand “Good Catch”. The brand is committed to imitating the taste of seafood meat through plant-based protein, providing seafood-like taste and nutrition while protecting the marine ecosystem. Derek Sarno has founded Mahalo’s Catering and Mizuna’s and other well-known restaurants in the United States. The Sarno brothers have both joined Whole Food Market, an American multinational supermarket chain that specializes in health food, as food research and development and supplier cooperation.

According to Wicked Kitchen CEO Pete Speranza, the performance of the UK market has proved that Wicked Kitchen vegetarian products have been recognized in terms of taste and philosophy , and will further enter the US market in the future. Similar to the way it entered the British market, Wicked Kitchen also chose to enter the supermarket chain first. At present, it has launched 25 products in 340 stores in 23 states of Sprouts, a natural organic food supermarket.

According to a survey by Sprouts, nearly half of Americans use more plant-based foods than meat. Among the 2000 24-39-year-old respondents, 54% believe that they are flexible vegetarians. By. Derek Sarno said that the US market will be an important part of Wicked Kitchen’s market strategy, and the cooperation with Sprouts will help the brand seize opportunities in the US vegetarian food market.

Chris Kerr, the founder of Unovis, the lead investor, said that Wicked Kitchen’s products meet consumer health and taste requirements. At the same time, the two founders have rich experience in research and development and promotion of plant diets, and have the opportunity to become the head of the plant food field in the future. Brand.

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