To create a virtual digital human, Bora Networks enters the Metaverse

Since building the first 15,000-square-meter Birla video base in 2020, Birla Network has leveraged its digital technology advantages to apply big data technology, AI vision technology, cloud computing, etc. Empower. In the process, through market research, we learned that enterprises have great demand for virtual digital people and virtual anchors.

To create a virtual digital human, Bora Networks enters the Metaverse

virtual digital human

The so-called virtual digital human, covering modeling, driving, motion capture and other technologies, is an emerging technology in the Metaverse field. It can not only simulate the action and demeanor of real people, but also realize the “simulation” of real people through machine learning.

Birla Networks has been researching AI vision technology for many years. Through real-time dynamic monitoring and analysis of dozens of limb nodes in the human body, it is used in hundreds of application scenarios such as regional intrusion recognition, tooling recognition, parabolic recognition, and crowd gathering recognition. , this technology has been put into the application of smart agriculture and smart parks.

Based on the above technical reserves, Bora Networks is actively creating virtual digital people.

According to the relevant person in charge of Bora Networks, “virtual characters”, digital people can help companies build brand and product images, and can also be used for live broadcasts to bring goods, with extremely high IP value and business prospects. With the growing digital economy in my country, the digital marketing industry and digital technology have already been deeply integrated. The cross-dimensional and high IP-attributed virtual image of the digital human is more acceptable to the new generation, which will bring huge marketing opportunities and enhance the Corporate influence is one of the most cutting-edge technologies for digitally empowering enterprises.

To create a virtual digital human, Bora Networks enters the Metaverse

Technicians working on a motion capture operation

 At present, Birla Network is in the process of building a digital human image. Next, it will be widely used in brand marketing, online event promotion, live broadcast delivery and other fields through machine learning. At the same time, Bora Networks is also conducting business exploration and technical research in multiple Metaverse fields such as digital collection NFT.

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