Tmall launches meta-universe art exhibition, Ali leads Internet giants vying for layout

Yesterday, Tmall launched the “Tmall Double 11 First Meta Universe Art Exhibition”, search for “Meta Universe Art Exhibition” in the Taobao App search box to enter. According to the page, the participating brands include Alienware, Burberry, Xiaopeng Automobile, Wuliangye, etc. This event mostly takes the form of purchasing related products and getting gifts of Metaverse. Interested friends can check out the APP.

Tmall launches meta-universe art exhibition, Ali leads Internet giants vying for layout

Looking back at Ali’s fate with Metaverse and NFT, time is not short, Ali also belongs to playing these new technologies plainly.

On June 23, Alipay and Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute issued two NFT payment code skins “Dunhuang Feitian” and “Nine Color Deer” based on AntChain, marking Ali’s first step in the NFT field and opening Aliyuan The gate of the universe.

Tmall launches meta-universe art exhibition, Ali leads Internet giants vying for layout

In September, Alibaba Singapore Holdings Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of a number of trademarks such as “Ali Yuan Universe”, “Taobao Yuan Universe” and “Dingding Yuan Universe”. The international classification involves 9 types of scientific instruments and 41 types of education and entertainment.

Tmall launches meta-universe art exhibition, Ali leads Internet giants vying for layout

The 2021 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference will open on October 19th. Users can scan the code to mint exclusive commemorative coins for the conference and get an extra chance to win the Yunqi Blind Box.

Tmall launches meta-universe art exhibition, Ali leads Internet giants vying for layout

The conference also launched the “Meta Universe Exhibition Area” for the first time. In the exhibition area, visitors will be guided by digital humans through the meta universe tunnel, starting from understanding concepts, gradually understanding application scenarios and imagining trends, and then through VR games, holographic imaging and other technologies. An immersive experience, first experience the changes brought about by the meta-universe at the Yunqi site.

Just like the Facebook we wrote yesterday, Alibaba’s high investment in Metaverse will also lead to a certain place in the future Metaverse ecology. Many Internet giants, including Tencent and ByteDance, are competing for layout, which proves the future value of Metaverse!

“Meta universe” is a set of virtual spaces in which you can create and explore together with others who are not in the same physical space as you. You will be able to hang out, work, play, study, shop, create, etc. with friends. This is not necessarily about spending more time online-it is about making your time online more meaningful.

Meta universe is not a single product that a company can build on its own. Just like the Internet, no matter whether Facebook exists or not, the meta-universe will exist. It will not be built overnight. Many of these products can only be fully realized in the next 10-15 years. Although this frustrates those of us who desire direct input, it gives us time to ask questions about how they should be structured.

—— Facebook’s latest definition of “meta universe”

The following is Ali’s explanation of digital collections and related technologies:

What is a digital collection?

Digital collections are specific digital works, artworks and commodities that are uniquely identified using Ant blockchain technology, including but not limited to digital paintings, pictures, music, videos, 3D models and other forms.

Digital collections are virtual digital commodities, not physical objects. Once sold, they cannot be returned or exchanged. Each digital collection is mapped to a unique serial number on a specific blockchain, which cannot be tampered with, indivisible, and cannot be substituted for each other. Each digital collection represents a specific work, artwork and commodity or a single digital copy issued in a limited amount, and records its immutable rights on the chain.

Therefore, digital collections and virtual goods are essentially different from equivalent tokens. They are supported by the actual value of specific works, artworks, and commodities, and do not have any monetary attributes such as payment functions.

What does the uniqueness of digital collections mean?

Digital collections are unique because they are based on blockchain technology and have established a unique mapping relationship with specific works, artworks and commodities from their birth. Each digital collection has a unique serial number on the chain, which can be used as a number. The collection is a corresponding and unique proof of right on a specific blockchain.

In the state of limited release of digital collections, together with a few other collectors, you will own digital collections with different serial numbers on the chain. At the same time, during the transaction process, the transaction information of the digital collection will be recorded and stored on the chain through smart contract records, enabling credible traceability.

However, it is important to note that unless the issuer has a special agreement, a digital collection is only unique on the current specific blockchain.

What is the ant chain?

This digital collection is supported by the AntChain platform. AntChain is a representative technology brand of Ant Group, committed to building a new infrastructure of trust in the era of digital economy. The ant chain platform refers to a platform based on public cloud technical services provided through ant blockchain technology, that is, ant chain independently developed and operated, and provides virtual certificate information technology services for issuers on the issuance/transaction of digital goods and virtual certificates. A blockchain open platform for trusted deposit technology services and blockchain technology services.

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