Tiying Media and Qiji Network signed a strategic cooperation agreement to cooperate in the field of Metaverse advertising

Text | Zhu Wanqian

Editor | Si Gaoyan

On the afternoon of September 21, Ren Bin, founder and CEO of Beijing Tiying Media Technology Co., Ltd., and Gao Wei, founder of Henan Qiji Network Technology Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement to cooperate in the field of Metaverse advertising.

Tiying Media and Qiji Network signed a strategic cooperation agreement to cooperate in the field of Metaverse advertising

Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation of Xingluoqi Department

Henan Qijin Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and is an enterprise that applies Metaverse scenarios. The company takes social networking as the entry point. Its independently developed Xingluoqibu APP, through the collection, sorting and analysis ofmassive information , intelligently matches friends for users, recommends personalized information, pushes digital products and builds digital scenes, and develops social media in the Metaverse. , so as to help users realize the concept of future digital life, and extend the application to agriculture, tourism, education, culture, finance, technology, manufacturing and other industries.

Beijing Tiying Media Technology Co., Ltd. was established on March 22, 2017. It is the founder of elevator projection media and is positioned as a “high-end commercial building effect media platform”. The company independently developed elevator projection equipment with intellectual property rights, adding technologies such as projection touch and AR enhancement with ultra-high arrival rate.At present, Tiying Media has covered more than 60 cities around the world, with nearly 100,000 elevators, affecting nearly 100 million business white-collar people every day, and has successively received capital blessings from Baidu Ventures, Sequoia China, IDG Capital, and Tencent Investment.

Ren Bin said that this strategic cooperation is beneficial in many ways. First, this cooperation can move the Metaverse into the elevator, and build an open, real-time, virtual and reality advertising scene for Tiying Media, allowing consumers to experience seamless online and offline interconnection, enhancing Tiying Media’s industry competitiveness. Second, Tiying Media utilized 100,000 screen resources across the country to promote Xingluoqi Department, help it gain huge traffic, empower the brand, and boost Xingluoqi Department to become the head APP of the Metaverse. Third, there are a large number of Metaverse advertising scenes to be developed on the Xingluoqibu platform, which can expand the imagination space of Tiying Media and realize the layout of Tiying Media for the Metaverse advertising track.

The signing of this strategic cooperation is the strategic layout of Beijing Tiying Media and Henan Qiji Network in the field of Metaverse advertising. Explore new development models together to further enrich the Metaverse scene.

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