TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

The TimeCoin community continues to grow on a global scale.

The TimeCoin protocol, a decentralized sharing economy platform, is bringing the DeFi and NFT ecosystem to eSports, a massively growing industry.

Reinventing the Sharing Economy with the TimeCoin Protocol

The TimeCoin Protocol is a new decentralized sharing economy platform, an interactive platform that facilitates the decentralization and monetization of e-commerce, skill sharing and e-money. Sellers can sell their skills and time through this platform, while buyers’ own needs and problems will be solved. In other words, the essence of the TimeCoin protocol is that a platform for sharing and matching skills, knowledge and time, where information differences between skills, time and needs are exchanged to facilitate the sharing of skills and the exchange of knowledge. This interactive process is accomplished through a decentralized protocol TCP (TimeCoin Protocol) that allows developers to build and operate decentralized applications (Dapps) and supports peer-to-peer transactions without the involvement of an intermediary, with a high degree of transparency and fairness.

The TimeCoinProtocol team talked about the fact that the most well-known sharing economy platforms are broken, such as Fiverr, Uber, Airbnb and WeWork. these platforms have established a dominant position in their respective fields. This means that competitors are having a hard time attracting buyers and sellers.

TimeCoinProtocol aims to make it easier for developers and entrepreneurs to create their own sharing economy apps and services. eSportStars’ continued success is expected to contribute to the popularity of the broader platform.

TimeCoinProtocol was developed by TimeTicket Inc, a subsidiary of Japanese technology group Globalway Inc. Globalway, an Internet and cloud application integration company currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has extensive experience in autonomous development and content site management, which is the main driving force behind TimeCoinProtocol.

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

GameTomodachi – Gamer Matching Service

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

TimeCoinProtcol is launching a new project called “GameTomodachi” on May 21, 2021.” Tomodachi” means friend in Japanese, and GameTomodachi is for gamers to find new gaming friends to play with/against. Not only finding new gaming friends, users can also enjoy playing games with influential people such as YouTubers, VTubers, e-sports pros and cute babes. As they play games online, they can communicate with each other on topics of common interest. Influencers can sell tickets to play games with their fans, share pictures/videos, and sell NFT merchandise as well.

Bringing the DeFi and NFT ecosystem to the eSports industry

TimeCoinProtocol’s flagship DApp is eSportStars. It is a platform that connects professional gamers and fans and already supports many of the world’s most popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Through eSportStars, players can participate in tournaments for all of these games. dApp’s alpha version already has 10,000 users. A number of new features will be added in the coming months to make the platform a more interactive place where users can enjoy each other’s company. Multilingual support is being prepared in 31 countries and the management team will register more than 1,000 games from all over the world.

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

The eSportStars team also wants users to play against highly skilled pros, and the platform will allow users to learn new tricks and receive coaching from pros to improve their strategies. In the future, this platform is expected to be the backbone of the sharing economy. It will focus on gaming and provide a user interface that will allow individuals with similar interests to compete. It will also give amateur gamers the opportunity to be recognized for their talents, or to be reviewed.

Make a living doing what you love – Eliminate the middleman with a distributed ENO system

eSportStars wants content creators to be able to earn revenue without having to take big fees from tech giants. The company plans to attract influencers.

Influencers will be paid using TimeCoin tokens (TMCN), a native Ether-based token that is at the heart of the TimeCoinProtocol. This virtual currency will be used as a means of payment for goods and services for all DApps built on the network, including eSportStars, for example, which in the future will allow users to play one-on-one with top YouTubers.

Another area that is being actively researched for acceptance in this process is the power of irreplaceable tokens, which could completely change the gaming landscape. Until now, gamers have not been able to gain ownership of the game items they purchase, nor can they move these assets between games or sell them to others; NFT could unlock all of these capabilities and enable eSportStars to operate as a marketplace. eSportStars as a marketplace.

In a related first effort, Timeticket launched the VTuber agency NeoRad in May.

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports
TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

NeoRad already has several VTubr members, including Uni Shirahari, a popular VTuber with over 100,000 channel subscribers, as well as other VTubr members.

The Growing TimeCoin Protocol Community

The TimeCoin protocol underwent an IEO through Bitforex in November 2020 for test marketing purposes. The token’s initial price of $0.70 rose to $11 shortly after launch and has continued to rise since then, reaching an all-time high of $8,500 on February 18, 2021, more than 12,000 times the initial price.

Since then, TMCN has also been traded on Bitmart and Biki. We are now preparing to buy back most of the tokens on BitForex and sell them on the OTC market at a discount of over 90% compared to the selling price on BitForex to keep the OTC token sales affordable.

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

The TimeCoin protocol has been mentioned in the media and by influencers around the world and is now forming local communities in the UK, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea and more.

TimeCoin: The Challenges of Implementing the DeFi and NFT Ecosystem in eSports

TimeCoinProtocol official website

Video interview with Masato Kakamu, CEO of TimeCoinProtocol protocol (Chinese code) https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTE1NDQ4OTk3Ng==.html

TimeCoinProtocol Ecosystem Explanation Video (Chinese version)

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