TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

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Looking back at last week, various Internet majors deployed new products in their own business scope again. This time, the main content is mainly about some product dynamics of ByteDance overseas and the layout of Himalaya on social.

Last week, Byte’s product dynamics overseas were a mixed bag. The good side is that TikTok took the lead in launching the PC version compared to the domestic Jitterbug, and focused on creating a live function within the PC version, which also means that TikTok will lay out the live market on the big screen end to create an overseas version of Douyu. At the same time, with the rise of live-streaming with goods overseas, the PC version will also carry part of the user and business demand for watching live e-commerce.

The worrying side is reflected in the byte overseas heavy game market did not achieve the effect of opening the door, was expected to MOBA class hand game “Strike Royale” will face the situation of shutting down, which also cast a shadow for its national version on line. The game may be replaced by another MOBA game “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”, which was acquired by Byte soon.

Himalaya, on the other hand, tested a low-key voice chat product called “My Club” last week, which is benchmarked against the overseas “Clubhouse”. It can be seen that Himalaya, which is the top ranking product in the domestic audio market, hopes to copy the miracle of “Clubhouse” and further open the gap with competitors such as Dragonfly FM and Lychee.

Byte Jumping launched live streaming platform overseas

Bytes has been frequently deployed overseas, not only in music with the launch of Resso, novels with the launch of Fictum, and now in the live broadcast also made moves.

Product dynamics.

Since last year, Byte has been working to build a plan called Newsroom. It is understood that the plan integrates the key news, hotspots, live news, international, military and other content business, from the user demand, to support the operation of hotspot content of today’s headlines, Jitterbug, watermelon video and other platforms.

But the plan is not just for domestic content operation, but also overseas content operation. According to sources familiar with the matter, the overseas live streaming platform created by bytes this time is part of Newsroom plan, a version of TikTok on the PC side.

The product picture shows that the main function of this product is more sideways to live streaming, but also incorporates information and social functions.

The platform’s design for live streaming is largely consistent with that of a general live streaming platform, with a large screen of live videos in the middle and a rotating video set up on the right. At the bottom of the page, there is a window for popular anchors that are live, arranged horizontally.

In addition, the platform will also recommend the relevant popular anchors in the right window column, arranged from highest to lowest attention, so that users can easily choose.

TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

Live content is rich and diverse, and the content of the live broadcast contains games, food, life and other content.

In addition to watching the live broadcast, users of the platform can also see the short video or picture dynamics sent by the anchors they have followed on their personal homepage, and they can like, comment and forward, and discuss and communicate with other users.

TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

Overall, the platform is very minimalistic in terms of features, but highlights the dual attributes of live streaming and social networking more prominently, which is conducive to improving user retention.

Update highlights.

The biggest highlight of TikTok’s PC version is the integration of live streaming and short videos, while the importance of the live streaming function has been raised.

In addition, users are not limited to only swiping short videos and watching live streams on mobile, but can also complete the above operations on the big screen. Compared to mobile, the PC version of TikTok is much better, for example, the short video interface on the PC is not filled with small functions, such as commenting interface, retweet button, etc., as in mobile, it looks more refreshing. There is also a faster and more intuitive switch in the live broadcast, and the viewing effect of the large screen is also better.

It is not surprising that TikTok launched the PC version, TikTok increased PC version, in addition to expanding the product users, there can be more space in the expansion of functions and the provision of services, for different terminals to provide differentiated services, in addition, will increase their own business opportunities.

Nowadays, live streaming with goods is becoming a windfall in the overseas market. According to Bloomberg, TikTok is working with brands like Hype to test new features and offer new direct shopping options within the app. This means TikTok will enter the next phase of e-commerce testing, a key shift for the platform. The PC version of TikTok will provide a new traffic window for merchants to bring live goods through the live streaming feature, and become a platform for users to have a better viewing experience.

At the same time, Ali is also stepping up the layout of overseas live with goods. Ali’s three major overseas e-commerce platforms: Alibaba International Station, Global Express and Lazada, are registered on TikTok with their own enterprise number, of which, the Indonesian station of Lazada, from last March registered to date has accumulated more than a thousand video content, a total of more than two million fans, the content of the number of likes also reached nearly 25 million times, the effect Considerable, Ali also spent a lot of effort and financial resources on TikTok advertising and account operations, mainly because TikTok in overseas has not yet formed a closed loop of e-commerce industry.

Now, with the TikTok test shopping cart, and the PC version of the live function online , will accelerate TikTok’s closed loop in the e-commerce industry, and the PC version will also make up for the users not reached by the mobile terminal, becoming its second growth curve in terms of user volume.

Byte in overseas first MOBA class hand game “Strike Royale” faces shutdown

Tech Planet has exclusively learned that the MOBA class hand game “Strike Royale”, which has been laid out by Byte Jump for more than two years overseas, will be shut down.

Product dynamics.

We learned from multiple “Strike Royale” player groups that some players received a notice that “Strike Royale (Chinese name: 火力对决)” will be shut down in a month or so, which also means that Byte’s first MOBA class hand game overseas has not been successful.

TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

Strike Royale is a handheld game that combines elements of MOBA+TPS and focuses on 3v3 competitive gameplay.

TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

It is a relatively simple tower pushing game with no soldier line defense towers throughout the game, promoting players to fight multiple battles.

The market of this game is mainly in Southeast Asia, but the user volume is not high, so it takes longer to match, and the system often mixes some bots in the team to replenish, which leads to a bad game experience, which has laid the groundwork for “Strike Royale”.

It can be seen that the loss of this game is caused by a number of reasons, the main reason is that it failed to obtain extensive publicity in overseas, the visibility is too low, and failed to attract the attention of players. In addition, this is for the late entry, and in the gameplay is not outstanding “Strike Royale”, because there are few MOBA games in the overseas market, the gameplay of each is similar, homogeneous “Strike Royale” is difficult to have highlights to say.

The operator of Strike Royale had revealed on TapTap in February this year that the game’s version in China was called “Firepower Duel” and that the national version of “Firepower Duel” would soon be online. However, it has been 3 months since then, the news of reservation page and other releases did not appear, which also makes the national version of this game a variable.

Update highlights.

The biggest highlight of this game is that the heroes within the game are updated faster and users have more choices. In addition, the mechanism of this game is the 3V3 confrontation system, which will be faster in terms of game time due to the reduction of players, and the game can be finished in 5 to 10 minutes, which is more like a fast food version of “King’s Glory”, suitable for casual players to play for fun.

As the first MOBA class hand game of Byte, the task it carries is mainly for Byte to feel out the MOBA class game market and find a more suitable development path for Byte. With “Strike Royale” about to close, his mission will be completed. He will be replaced by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Endless Battle, MLBB).

This year, on March 22, Yuan Jing, CEO of Pupil Technologies, issued a letter to all employees announcing that Pupil Technologies had entered into a strategic acquisition agreement with Byte Jump’s game business brand, Dynasty Lightyear. After this acquisition, Pupil Technologies will remain independent, with Yuan Jing remaining as CEO and all of Pupil’s reporting lines remaining unchanged.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is a MOBA game developed and published by Pupil, and has become one of the most popular MOBA games in the world (excluding mainland China) with more than 90 million monthly users worldwide since its launch. Also according to SensorTower, as of August 2020, MLBB’s total overseas revenue exceeded $730 million.

This game far surpasses Strike Royale in terms of quality, number of users and ability to draw money.

From Byte’s move to acquire Mu Pupil Technology, we can see that Byte hopes to make Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the League of Legends for global players in a short period of time. In order to keep the game’s operations team intact, Pupiltech will remain independent after the acquisition, just like Tencent’s acquisition of Fist, League of Legends has become the top game in the world through Tencent’s financial support and promotion while remaining independent. There is a high probability that Pupil Technology will enjoy special care from Byte, just like Fist.

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that bytes will draw on the R&D experience and technology of Pupil Technologies to create a self-developed and differentiated MOBA game, which would be a win-win situation for both sides.

Himalaya launches Clubhouse-like product: MyClub

Tech Planet recently learned that Himalaya is internally testing a Clubhouse-like voice social product called MyClub.

Product dynamics.

According to MyClub’s official introduction, the product is positioned as a shared knowledge and interest community application. “Let users join the circle of fellow users based on common interests, voice chat together with friends, so that interesting souls collide with sparks of wisdom, thus expanding their insights, learning interesting knowledge, enriching free time, establishing deep connections and gaining warm companionship.”

This is also the first audio derivative business app launched under Himalaya outside of its main functional products (Himalaya, Himalaya Kids Edition, Himalaya Extreme Edition, and Himalaya Sleep) and smart speaker auxiliary products.

The popularity of Clubhouse had made the domestic audio and social-related enterprises follow in a short time. But in fact, from the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform data, the number of downloads of Clubhouse has been in decline since it peaked at 9.6 million in February 2021, and in April, the downloads will be less than one tenth of February, only 920,000.

TikTok computer version online; Byte overseas first MOBA-type game will be shut down

In March this year, 11 companies, including Yingke, Xiaomi, Himalaya and NetEase Cloud Music, were interviewed for failing to perform security assessment procedures for voice social software and applications involving “deep forgery” technology. This directly led to a wave of similar Clubhouse products being shelved in China. After that, the fervor of such products is gradually fading.

But essentially, the widespread attention Clubhosue has received means that there is still demand for real-time audio social and voice social products in the market, but the question is how to promote users’ self-sharing and content accumulation.

Update Highlights.

MyClub continues the invitation method of Clubhouse, you need to add the inviter’s cell phone number before you can initiate an invitation to each other, for invitation-based registration.

From the product experience, MyClub hopes to make more targeted content recommendations for audio content based on more segmented interest categories. At the same time, the live previews are placed on the top of the home page to facilitate quicker attention and listening to the live rooms.

Compared with previous real-time audio social products, MyClub has set up an audio circle “Mai Circle”, which subdivides audio topics in this way, such as “Podcast Circle”, “Science Editor’s Story “Podcast Circle”, “Classical Music”, “Lunar Couchman”, etc. Each wheat circle will be briefly introduced, similar to the Douban group, but the product is currently in the internal testing stage, and most of the circles are concerned about the number of 100 people.

At the same time, it can be noted that Himalaya has also opened the function of circle establishment for some audio creators. “Podcast ‘culture limited'”, “2040 bookstore FM listeners”, audio theater “that is, slag” etc., are all derivative wheat circles of Himalaya-related audio programs. From this dimension, MyClub may become a channel for the content creators on Himalaya to build an exclusive listening circle and enrich the audio content form.

The large amount of content is a large pool that can attract users, and the interest will then filter the crowd, and the interest-based circle is also more conducive to users to find similar products more quickly.

But real-time audio products have an important characteristic, is to burn after listening. This means that even if you join an audio circle, the content fails to accumulate in the platform. This means that if you want the product to retain users, what is still needed is a large number of real-time audio rooms. This is a challenge that previous products have still not solved.

For Himalaya, its advantage is that the platform already has a large number of users with basic knowledge of audio content and mature audio creators, which will be more conducive to the accumulation of users and activation of content in the early stages of MyClub.

For Himalaya, this is a good story that can be told to the capital market before going public. However, at a time when the popularity of Clbhouse is fading day by day, whether users are still willing to try it and whether the attempt of interest-based classification can promote retention have become potential challenges.

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