Tianjin: Selecting outstanding doctorates from world-ranked universities focusing on cutting-edge fields such as blockchain

The key to managing China’s affairs is the party, the key is the people, and the key is the talent.

Since the launch of the “Haihe Talents” action plan, Tianjin has introduced nearly 400,000 outstanding talents of various types, and Tianjin’s talent innovation vitality and urban competitiveness have continued to increase. In the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, in order to further do well in the work of talents in the new era, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government issued the “Opinions on Deepening the Implementation of the Talent Leading Strategy and Accelerating the High-Quality Development of Tianjin” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”) to create “Haihe Talents” “The upgraded version of the action plan provides solid talent guarantee for the realization of Tianjin’s high-quality development and the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist metropolis.

The policy of attracting talents is more open ── Accelerate the gathering of outstanding talents at home and abroad

The “Opinions” aim at the various needs of foreign talents and returned overseas students, and provide more facilitation measures in innovation and entrepreneurship, project declaration, work and residence, etc., and strive to enhance Tianjin’s attractiveness to overseas high-level talents.

Support the innovation and entrepreneurship of returned overseas students. Increase support for the launch of innovative and entrepreneurial projects for newly returned full-time students who come to Tianjin for employment and entrepreneurship. For those returning from studying abroad with outstanding growth potential to declare for talent projects, the requirements for age, overseas experience, and time limit for returning to the country can be appropriately relaxed.

Implement measures to facilitate the work and residence of foreign talents. Actively apply for the national innovative and breakthrough talent policy for trial implementation in Tianjin. Support the application of work permits for foreign talents during the start-up period, and promote the incubation of innovative and entrepreneurial projects in Tianjin. Fully implement electronic licenses to improve the convenience of license application and use.

Innovative talents and team introduction methods. Through holding activities such as the World Intelligence Conference and Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, we will vigorously attract talents from home and abroad. Publish talent policies and demand information to the world. Adopt the methods of revealing the ranking system, putting the commander in charge, and scientific research crowdsourcing to recruit talents and teams who can solve the “stuck neck” technical problems.

More precise measures for cultivating talents── Accelerate the cultivation of a high-level talent team

The “Opinions” centered on the positioning of “one base and three districts”, focused on key industrial fields such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy, and new materials, and accurately played a “combined punch” in the implementation of special talent cultivation projects and the construction of high-end industrial platforms.

Accelerate the cultivation of leading talents in innovation and entrepreneurship. Improve the leading talent training system and promote more leading talents to be selected into the national talent plan project. Relying on frontier science and technology centers, major technological infrastructures, and cross-science centers, gather and cultivate a group of leading talents and innovative teams with important influence at home and abroad. Create a good environment that highlights the real economy and respects and cares for entrepreneurs.

Extensive reserve of innovative talents. Focusing on cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, each year, a group of outstanding doctors at home and abroad are selected from the world’s top universities (disciplines). In-depth implementation of the Tianjin Youth Talent Support Project, organize the selection of Tianjin Youth Science and Technology Award in accordance with relevant regulations, and train and cultivate a group of young academic and technical leaders who can be among the world’s technological frontiers.

Carefully cultivate outstanding manufacturing talents. Focusing on the goal of establishing a market in the manufacturing industry, we will formulate and promulgate policies to support talents in key industries. Accelerate the creation of an integrated circuit industry, a distinctive artificial intelligence industry, and a biomedical industry talent highland with international comparative competitive advantages. Strengthen the training of talents in the fields of new energy, new materials, and new infrastructure.

Actively cultivate basic talents in the industry. Speed ​​up the construction of high-skilled talents, strengthen the construction of corporate public training bases, skilled master studios, etc., extensively carry out vocational skills competitions, and increase the promotion of high-skilled talents. Improve the evaluation mechanism of skilled talents and strengthen the construction of demonstration enterprises for the independent evaluation of skilled talents.

Cultivating professional talents by category. Comprehensively improve the quality of basic education, strengthen the construction of health professionals, increase the training of social work professionals, and strengthen the training of high-end professionals in the fields of financial services, business exhibitions, and port operations.

The talent utilization mechanism is more flexible-precise support for talent innovation and entrepreneurship

The “Opinions” focus on promoting the integration of the “five chains” of the talent chain, industrial chain, project chain, technology chain, and capital chain, accelerate the construction of talent innovation and entrepreneurship alliances in the ten major industries, reshape the talent innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provide a platform for talent innovation. There are scenarios for technology applications and a market for product sales.

Improve the carrier function of innovation and entrepreneurship. Build a pilot area for scientific research and innovation, promote the construction of major innovation platforms such as large-scale earthquake engineering simulation research facilities and the National Dawn Advanced Computer Industry Innovation Center, and give play to the role of major scientific research facilities as “building nests and attracting phoenix”. Accelerate the construction of biomedical industry ecological zone, drone piloting aviation test base, “Beijing-Tianjin Medical Valley” and “Xinchuang Valley”, further promote the integrated development of production and education cities, and support central urban areas to focus on fostering platform economy, sharing economy and other new developments. The economy, new business formats, and new models will build a “specialized, special and innovative” crowd-creation space.

Improve the mechanism for the use of talent evaluation. Do not regard the honorary title of talent as a restrictive condition for undertaking scientific research projects, obtaining scientific and technological awards, title evaluation, job employment, and determination of salary and benefits. Implement a representative work evaluation system, improve the evaluation of talents for technology transfer and transformation, and add new features to the engineering technology series. Professional technical brokerage titles, talents with outstanding performance can directly apply for senior titles without being restricted by academic qualifications, qualifications, and lower-level titles. In the professional frontier fields with international influence, liberalize the restrictions on the part-time job of “double shoulders” talents in public institutions. Properly extend the retirement age for qualified professional and technical personnel in accordance with regulations.

Implement a distribution mechanism oriented to increase the value of knowledge. Universities and research institutes can independently determine performance appraisal and performance distribution methods within the total approved performance salary. Implement an annual salary system, an agreement salary system or a project salary system for the persons in charge of universities and scientific research institutes who undertake full-time and full-time core technical research tasks in key areas of the country and our city, improve the profit distribution mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and improve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of scientific researchers. policy. Implement policies such as tax reduction and exemption for cash rewards for the conversion of job-related scientific and technological achievements.

Establish a smoother talent flow mechanism. Establish the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund, and accelerate the construction of major platforms such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Alliance and Tongwulang Talent Integrated Development Demonstration Zone. Deeply promote the construction of talent innovation and entrepreneurship alliances in ten major industries such as drones and new materials, intelligent rail transit, and intelligent networked vehicles. Encourage entrepreneurs and corporate scientific and technological talents with innovative practical experience to work part-time in universities and scientific research institutes. Implement grassroots service projects such as boosting the professional development of rural teachers and college graduates “three branches and one support”, and recruit outstanding rural full-time party workers nationwide.

Implement stronger financial support policies. Implement the National Financing Guarantee Fund, Tianjin Municipal Financing Guarantee Development Fund, government financing guarantee institutions and financial institutions risk sharing mechanisms. Encourage financial institutions to develop and provide innovative products such as talent loans, talent investment, and talent insurance, promote the incremental expansion of intellectual property pledge financing, and support talent start-ups to be listed on the main board, SME board, and science and technology innovation board at all levels of capital markets.

Service guarantee is more intimate-to create a talent development ecosystem

The “Opinions” also put forward more targeted policies and measures in terms of housing and housing, spouse employment, medical care, and passenger car indicators to solve the worries of talents working and living in Tianjin.

Optimize public services for talents. Upgrade the “Haihe Talents” website to realize the “one-line overview” of policy release, job recruitment, talent docking, and project cooperation. Establish the “Haihe Elite Home”, establish a team of talent service specialists who are familiar with policies, proficient in business, and good at communication, and develop and launch the “Haihe Elite Service Code” to realize the “one-code integration” of talent service projects.

Strengthen the housing security of talents. Multi-channel planning and construction of talent apartments. Implement supportive price policies for water, electricity, and heat for talent apartments. Broaden the financing channels for rental housing to meet the staged housing needs of talents.

Strengthen personnel service guarantee. Provide exclusive services for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial talents to transfer, store and use personnel files. Apply for medical and health care certificates for qualified leading talents and enjoy corresponding medical and health care services in designated health care hospitals. Leading talents can directly apply for a small passenger car quota after being identified. Guarantee the enrollment rights of the children of leading talents.


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